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2006 Jul 12
AICc vs AIC for model selection
Hi, I am using 'best.arima' function from forecast package to obtain point forecast for a time series data set. The documentation says it utilizes AIC value to select best ARIMA model. But in my case the sample size very small - 26 observations (demand data). Is it the right to use AIC value for model selection in this case. Should I use AICc instead of AIC. If so how can I modify
2011 Sep 30
Implementing Silverman's Negative Reflection
Hi! I'm trying to implement in R in an easy way the negative reflection method described in Silverman (1986) on p.31, ie I have a non-negative dataset and would like to estimate the density by applying a reflection method where the reflected points have weight -1. I thought there should be a way to evaluate the wanted kernel at the required points, in other words to calculate formula (2.16):
2005 Apr 12
adding R site search to Rgui
From: Gabor Grothendieck > On Apr 11, 2005 11:28 AM, Martin Maechler <maechler at> wrote: > > > > If you use R 2.1.0 beta (which you should consider seriously as > > a good netizen ;-), this is as simple as > > > > > RSiteSearch("String manipulation---mixed case") > > A search query has been submitted to
2012 Mar 22
trouble for parsing HTML files
Hi all, Using the XML package, I'm not able to parse some html webpages. Here is my code and the error message: library("XML") url <- "" doc <- htmlParse(url) Error: Namespace prefix ??? of attribute (null) is not defined I've searched a lot on the Internet, but it's really
2008 May 01
Optimal knot locations for splines
Suppose I have two variables, x and y. For a fixed number of knots, I want to create a spline transformation of x such that a loss function is minimized. Presumably, this loss function would be least squares, i.e. sum (f(x)-y)^2. The spline transformations would be linear, quadratic or cubic. I know I can solve this problem using some optimization function in R, but I was wondering if anyone
2006 Aug 09
NLS and IV
Hello All, I'm looking to test a variable in a logit model (glm(..., binomial(link="logit"))) for exogeneity (endogeneity). At this point I am planning to try implementing Jeffery Grogger's "A Simple Test for Exogeneity in Probit, Logit, and Poisson Regression Models", Economic Letters, 1990. To do this, I need to be able to do an instrumental variables NLS
2006 Oct 16
The old question: R vs MATLAB vs Mathematica vs ...
Hi, This question seems to be old, however I am asking it from a different point of view. R introduces itself as a 'statistical' language and environment. There are many discussions about comparing R to MATLAB or mathematica (or other similar software). It seems to me that these other software have a broader range of applications. For example, in Mathematica one can solve a partial
2009 Apr 03
Curve fitting,FDA for biological data
Dear all, Another newbie just got attracted to this mailing list. I am a biologist currently working my way through R, had sort play around with python earlier this year. I have some data exhibiting periodicity ** my data consists of peaks and valleys, with peaks arising due to the presence of a repetitive structural unit,** with x being a reference grid (position along a chromosome) and y
2009 May 20
How to google for R stuff?
Hi! I'm new to R programming, though I've been programming in other languages for years. One thing I find most frustrating about R is how difficult it is to use Google (or any other search tool) to look for answers to my R-related questions. With languages with even slightly more distinctive names like Perl, Java, Python, Matlab, OCaml, etc., usually including the name of the language
2011 Dec 28
Census ARIMA x-12 seasonal adjustment in R?
Hello, I am new to usin R - which is a great tool - and would like to know if R has a seasonal adjustment program for time series and/if it incorporates the Census Bureau's ARIMA x-12 seasonal adjustment program in any way? Thanks so much! Tony [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2018 Jan 19
how to search r-help?
Also indicates that RSiteSearch() within R searches R-help but in my install (3.4.3) RSiteSearch() only searches? "help pages, vignettes or taskviews" On 19/01/18 10:47, Mark Dwyer wrote: > > I am new to this listand am unable to get the search tools listed on >
2009 Mar 31
How to generate natural cubic spline in R?
Suppose I have two var x and y,now I want to fits a natural cubic spline in x to y,at the same time create new var containing the smoothed values of y. How can I get it?
2006 Nov 07
multivariate splines
Hi, I am looking for an R package that would calculate multivarite (mostly 2d and 3d, tensor) cubic interpolating splines, so that I could evaluate these splines (and their derivatives) at many points (unkown at the time of calculating the spline polynomials) repeatedly. To make things concrete, I have an array V with dim(V) = k and gridpoint vectors grid=list(...), length(grid[[i]])==k[i],
2006 Sep 18
Simulation of a Dirichlet Process.
I'm just getting started with R, having a lot of original work on modeling and exploring the simulation by MCMC. I want to simulate the prior and the posterior distribution of Dirichlet Process by MCMC. Is there anyone in NYC that might be a good tutor for me? -- Dr. P. NGOM, Facult? des Sciences et Techniques D?partement de Math?matiques et Informatique Universit? Cheikh Anta Diop Dakar -
2005 Aug 24
Panel regression in R
I am currently trying to replicate the results I got from RATS for a panel regression. The codes in RATS looks like this: * Final equation for Office Cap Rate Spread * Regression, Panel Data preg(effects=time, method=random) CapRate # CapRate{1} RentCycle{1} VacancyChangeYTY InflationYTY RealGDPyty Just wonder what R package also allow me to have the options like (effects=time, method=random).
2006 Aug 25
Quickie : unload library
Dear list, I know it must be obvious and I did my homework. (In fact I've RSiteSearched with keyword "remove AND library" but got timed out.(why?)....) How do I unload a library? I don't mean getting ride of it permanently but just to unload it for the time being. A related problem : I have some libraries loaded at startup in .First() which I have in .Rprofile. Now, I...
2009 Dec 13
debug an error that incapacitates R?
Dear all How should I attempt debugging this error? > sosInit() Error: invalid connection When this happens R refuses to run anything: > 2+2 Error: invalid connection > sessionInfo () Error in stdout() : invalid connection Debugging it seems impossible. > options(error=recover) > sosInit() Error: invalid connection Error during wrapup: invalid connection The error also
2010 Jun 22
Verify the linear regression model used in R ( fundamental theory)
Hi, folks, As I understand, Least-squares Estimate (second-moment assumption) and the Method of Maximum Likelihood (full distribtuion assumption) are used for linear regression. I do >?lm, but the help file does not tell me the model employed in R. But in the book 'Introductory Statistics with R', it indicates R estimate the parameters using the method of Least-squares. However it
2011 Nov 09
raking weighting
Hi everyone, Does anyone know if there is a package to compute raking weights using R? What I need is to create a variable with weights base in some demographic variables (e.g. sexo, age group, area) using the raking procedure. Thank you in advance! -- Sebasti?n Daza
2008 Jan 10
load tcltk
Hi All! Can someone help me with the following problem? Lade n?tiges Paket: tcltk Loading Tcl/Tk interface ... Error in dyn.load(file, ...) : kann shared library '/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Versions/2.6/ Resources/library/tcltk/libs/ppc/' nicht laden: