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2017 Nov 17
RStudio blank upon opening
I'm having a problem: RStudio (on ?desktop comp) blank upon opening (after I update Win7). I tried different things (reinstalled R and RStudio, backuping? RStudio settings folder... etc)! C an I launch Rstudio direct from RGui(32bit)? or some else way to solve this problem? Thanks! P.S. I? launch RStudio with Ctrl-RStudio (that is set the path to R) [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2009 Jul 31
Error: uninitialized constant MysqlCompat::MysqlRes
Hi, I installed the "kwatch-mysql-ruby" gem on my Debian server but when I try to run the "db:migrate" task I get the following error: ** Invoke db:migrate (first_time) ** Invoke environment (first_time) ** Execute environment ** Execute db:migrate rake aborted! uninitialized constant MysqlCompat::MysqlRes
2008 Oct 15
R-help Digest, Vol 67, Issue 31 SAS Institute funds its own wiki > at The catch is they have editorial influence and can > use offerings there for commercial purposes. > > > The surprising thing is you can actually create a wiki in wikipedia itself. > Just adopt a convention lets say Rproj for beginning of each wiki page. > > Note this would mean volunteers parsing the back and forth of messages into > structure ( maybe it exists already) > > However wikis are a bit outdated. The latest is as it gives > you the right to make document editable, or...