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2013 Jan 17
Fwd: Re: Inconsisten declaration of ssh_aes_ctr_iv()
...lack of GCM support. > > Please try this diff: > I applied the diff you supplied, along with the previous diff. The regression tests got further along, but now fail in run test ... test integrity: hmac-sha1 @2300 RSA_public_decrypt failed: error:0407006A:rsa routines:RSA_padding_check_PKCS1_type_1:block type is not 01. key_verify failed for server_host_key. unexpected error mac hmac-sha1 at 2300 test integrity: hmac-sha1 @2301 RSA_public_decrypt failed: error:0407006A:rsa routines:RSA_padding_check_PKCS1_type_1:block type is not 01. key_verify failed for server...
2006 Jan 20
stack level too deep from has_many / belongs_to relationship
I have the following 3 models (2 models joined by an intermediate): 1. class Exercise < ActiveRecord::Base 2. has_many :routines, :class_name=>''RoutineExercise'' 3. end 1. class Routine < ActiveRecord::Base 2. has_many :exercises, 3. :class_name=>''RoutineExercise'', 4. :order=>''position'' 5. end 1. class RoutineExercise < ActiveRecord...
2006 Mar 10
[PATCH] - xc_core.c/xenctrl.h - refactor slightly to allow user specified output routines
The existing xc_domain_dumpcore is very specific to disk/file based output. Refactor the code slightly to allow more user-specified control. This is done by adding a parallel xc_domain_dumpcore2 (naming isn''t always my strong suit), which allows the specification of a callback routine and an opaque argument block. The existing dumpcore routine is modified to use the callback for
2008 Nov 29
2D density tophat
...ciently (I have a routine, but it''s very slow). I tried to create one based on using crossdist to create a distance matrix between my data and the sampling grid, but it doesn''t take a particularly large amount of data (or hi res grid) for memory to be a big problem. The 2D density routines I have been able to find either don''t support a simple tophat, or don''t use the absolute distances between the sampling grid and the data. Should anyone know of more general 2D density routines that might support circular tophats, or know of a simple and efficient method for creat...
2006 Jan 23
Code coverage tools in Ruby?
Can anyone help me find a code coverage tool in ruby? What I want is: given a set of tests that I run, what lines of my code and what routines are covered. And also a list of uncovered routines and tests. I couldn''t find an open source one out there... --
2007 Oct 02
R routines vs. MATLAB/SPSS Routines
...ded to try to teach some of its basics (reading in data, manipulation and classical stats analyses) to my fellow grad students at the University of Toronto. I sent out a mass email and have already received some positive responses. One student, however, wanted to know what differentiates the routines that R uses, from those that MATLAB and SPSS use. In other words, in what respects do R routines work faster/more efficiently/more accurately than those of MATLAB/SPSS. I thank you in advance for any answer you can give me (or rather, the inquiring student). Cheers, Matthew Dubin...
2005 Jun 16
Computing generalized eigenvalues
...tion in base doesn''t do it and I can''t find a package that does. As I understand it, Lapack __can__ computer them ( and R can use Lapack. If there is no function already, can I access Lapack from R and use those routines directly? Thank you, Joshua Gilbert.
1999 Jul 07
Calling S-Plus routines from C or Fortran
I am told it is common practice to call C/Fortran routines from one's S-PLUS/R. However is it possible to call S-Plus routines into C and Fortran programs using them as executable functions/subroutines ? Grateful for any answers to this. Regards Ray P.S. Please direct emails directly to rayg at as I am not on the mailing list....
2002 Jan 31
Leaps and bound
Hi, I used the bic.surv function, S-PLUS functions developed by Chris Volinsky, without problems with S-PLUS. I have to use it with R but I am face with a problem: this function call a fortran routine named "leaps" (answer <- .Fortran("leaps", arguments)). I loaded the leaps library, and the leaps function work
2005 Feb 03
filling a string buffer in a C routine
I am trying to write a C function that reads lines from a file and passes them back to R. Here is a simplified version: --- C code --- #include <R.h> void read_file(char **filename, char **buf, char **buflen) { FILE *infile; infile = fopen(*filename, "r"); fgets(*buf, *buflen, infile); fclose(infile); } --- R code --- buffer = "xxxxxxxxxx" #
2010 Mar 10
pvSCSI question - can a gref describe more than one page?
Porting the pvSCSI backend driver to the pvops kernel is turning out to be a bit harder than first thought, mostly because all the Linux routines that might be useful are written with the assumption that they would be passed a mapped buffer and they would then build an sg list out of that. pvSCSI already has an sg list, and all the routines that it makes use of have been deprecated since 2.6.18 (all the comments on the patches that remove th...
2006 Jul 08
another tcl/tk query
...I would like to use the new input in the same routine that created, used, and destroyed the widget. I can?t seem to do that. The routine executes with what it has. I must wait for the calling routine to end before I can use the new info, which is correctly place in the workspace, in subsequent R routines. Is there a way I can use the updated values in the same routine that created the widget? Thanks for your advice ? and patience. Charles Annis, P.E. PS - I did read Prof. Ripley''s post of Wed 8/31/2005 "Re: [R] tcl/tk return problem" but was unable to benefit fro...
2002 Oct 05
Implementation of S-Plus "nlmib" routine in R
Where can I find a package with an R implementation of the S-Plus "nlmib" general minimzation routine described in Venables & Ripley''s "Modern Applie Statistics with S-Plus", 3rd Ed., pp 267 - 270? Thanks, David Stamps stamps.d.a at -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- r-help mailing list -- Read
2004 Feb 25
lapack routine dgesdd, error code 1
Hello R-users, during one of my analyses that involve a SVD, I get the following error message: Error in La.svd(x, nu, nv, method) : error code 1 from Lapack routine dgesdd With a search on the R web site, I only found references to error codes 17 and 3 for this particular routine. I also found the Lapack web site, but could not find a list of the possible error messages. If somebody knows what
2007 Apr 27
partitioning variation using the Vegan CCA routine?
Hello I am using Jari Oksanen''s CCA routine from the Vegan package on some estuary data, following a technique applied in (Anderson, M.J. & Gribble, N.A., 1998, Partitioning the variation among spatial, temporal and environmental components in a multivariate data set, Australian Journal of Ecology 23, 158-167). Some steps in the process require that the dependent matrix be constrained
2009 Nov 19
dtracing a forked process OR dynamic library
Hi, I am tracking down a problem and would like to know how I can follow a forked process with my dtrace script, or how I can trace a dynamic library. Here is the problem. I am tracing dtlogin, and specifically I am trying to determine what error libpkcs11`<routine> is returning. It turns out dtlogin forks a lot of processes, and I believe the second forked process is the one that winds
2009 Apr 17
Dovecot broken with newer OpenSSL
After updating my system from OpenSSL 0.9.8j to 0.9.8k Dovecot has stopped functioning properly with TLS sessions. The version of Dovecot does not seem to matter as I tried 1.1.11 - 1.1.14. Other programs using SSL/TLS such as Postfix and lightty still work fine when built with the newer release of OpenSSL. The IMAP client doesn''t matter. For the time being I have gone back to .13
2003 May 15
Unable to load lapack.dll when using RExcel add-in
I am having trouble using R routines from the RExcel add-in, that use lapack.dll. As an example if I start the R kernel from within Excel and execute "x<-rbind(c(1,2),c(1,-1)) z<-solve(x)", I get the following error: "Error in solve.default(x): lapack routines could not be loaded. In addition: Warning messag...
2010 Nov 04
Calling a method directly from a test => no method error
I''m trying to get a test to pass and keep getting a "no method error" I''m using the routines from Chapter 8 of "Security on Rails" and can''t get the test to pass. I keep getting "no method error" for decrypt. Can someone help me with the correct "address" for decrypt so I can call it directly. Here is the routine definition: module Encryptor modul...
2000 Jul 12
Compiling R on RS6000 AIX 4.3
...the R help archives and came across only one AIX compilation question in March, which received no public responses. I'm currently having the same problems with the "Illegal instruction" and core dump of running R 1.0.1 on AIX 4.3. Firstly, the R distribution was missing some FORTRAN routines, which I found on the net and added, by modifying src/appl/ and src/appl/ROUTINES (otherwise ld complains about missing symbols). The ten routines were: dasum, daxpy, dcopy, ddot, dnrm2, drot, drotg, dscal, dswap and idamax. (I found this strange. I would have thought tha...