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2006 Jul 18
searching with chinese chars
...###################### Is the error message above suggesting I should specify a chinese locale and not UTF-8? I thought UTF-8 would actually handle chinese and anything else one could throw at it as long as it''s a human language. Any help is appreciated. -- Julio C. Ody
1998 Jul 10
Re: RedHat 5.X Security Book
[mod: This discussion has been going on "offline" with an occasional CC to linux-security. By the time I got around to do another "moderation round" this one was the latest. Everyone is keeping good context, so I think you all will be able to follow the discussion. --REW] >>>>> <> writes: >> The only thing I can see coming out
2013 Feb 27
openssh tunnel log info
hi list, i'm currently working on audit for some servers that also act as proxy using ssh tunnel feature and i noticed that tunnel connections don't log very much information. googling i've found an old patch from rootshell[1] which seems to work for latest release. do you think this can be merged to mainstream release? thanks [1] sz -- /"\ taste your favourite IT consultant \ / gpg: http://ww...
1998 Jul 15
Re: RedHat 5.X Security Book; >> I still fully agree its a good idea to make your system as secure as you >> can, but the statement that any system is 100% secure against publically >> known bugs just doesn't mean much. It means the average idiot who knows >> how to use a web browser and reaches probably can't hack >> you...but someone just a little higher up the food chain might not have >> any trouble at all hacking you. > >A system administrator needs to be aware of information as soon as it is >available in regards to system security in order to protect his...
1998 Jul 14
Different Forms of attack...
Question, there are the teardrop, ping of death, DoS and a host of other forms of attacks. While all of the research that I have been doing concerning another form of an attack.... I became sorta stumped on an idea... is there anywhere.... a description on what to expect or what happenes during any one of these or other attacks listed somewhere? If so, could someone please direct me in that
2006 Jul 11
Ferret Wiki Spam - Solutions Anyone?
Hi All, As some of you may have noticed, the Ferret Wiki has been getting spammed like crazy. And I haven''t been able to do anything about it because I just don''t have the time. I''m getting pretty close to releasing 0.10.0 which has been the major draw on my time for the last couple of months so I''m going to have some time to look into this soon. I was
2020 Mar 28
[klibc:update-dash] dash: eval: Add vfork support
...ash/trap.c @@ -181,16 +181,19 @@ void setsignal(int signo) { int action; + int lvforked; char *t, tsig; struct sigaction act; + lvforked = vforked; + if ((t = trap[signo]) == NULL) action = S_DFL; else if (*t != '\0') action = S_CATCH; else action = S_IGN; - if (rootshell && action == S_DFL) { + if (rootshell && action == S_DFL && !lvforked) { switch (signo) { case SIGINT: if (iflag || minusc || sflag == 0) @@ -255,7 +258,8 @@ setsignal(int signo) default: act.sa_handler = SIG_DFL; } - *t = action; + if (!lvforked) + *t = ac...
2007 Apr 08
Ferret and non latin characters support
I''ve successfully installed ferret and acts_as_ferret and have no problem with utf-8 for accented characters. It returns correct results fot e.g. fran?ais. My problem is with non latin characters (Persian indeed). I have tested different locales with no success both on Debian and Mac. Any idea? (ferret 0.11.4, acts_as_ferret 0.4.0, rails 1.1.6) -- Posted via
2006 May 17
RJS referring to window.parent
...quotes. If that worked, Prototype would find the element just fine. The only other choice I have here is actually fetching all the JS output, and writing it all in the view, changing the target for the Prototype functions. But that sounds cranky to me. Any ideas? -- Julio C. Ody
2007 Feb 15
wildcard fields
...; ''bar'', :description2 => ''bar2''} I''d search:"description*: search query") I understand the example above is silly, but it''s enough to make the question understandable :-) Thanks. -- Julio C. Ody
2007 Jan 10
LazyDoc over DRb
...;].load.to_hash, but what you get from that is again a Ferret::Index::LazyDoc, and not a Hash. I suppose I could manually copy the elements from LazyDoc to a new Hash, but that''s hacky. Before I resort to it, does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance. -- Julio C. Ody
1999 Nov 26
openssh & XEmacs gnuclient issue
In switching to openssh from ssh-1.2.27, I have encountered the following problem with the way openssh handles its XAUTHORITY files separately from ~/.Xauthority. XEmacs has a gnuserv process that runs and allows commands to be issued to a remote XEmacs process. The trouble is when the command is to make a new frame ( window ) on a different X display, it fails because the Xauth cookie is
2005 Jul 03
no sound. "Failed to write frame"
...c:550 ast_readaudio_callback: Failed to write frame == Spawn extension (default, s, 5) exited non-zero on 'SIP/julio-f0ed' Again, asterisk seems to be unable to write any sound to the frame. Any ideas on why that could happen? Thanks for any advice. -- Julio C. Ody
2005 Jul 04
no sound. "Failed to write frame" (2nd post)
...ile.c:550 ast_readaudio_callback: Failed to write frame == Spawn extension (default, s, 5) exited non-zero on 'SIP/julio-f0ed' Again, asterisk seems to be unable to write any sound to a peer. Any ideas on why that could happen? Thanks for any advice. -- Julio C. Ody
2005 Jul 11
Rating application for Asterisk
...ldn't find any functionality of checking a database of rates - applying the values to Asterisk's CDR data - dumping to another DB. Any tips? Advice? Disclaimer: I searched the list archives. There seems to be some critics/comments, but no conclusions. -- Julio C. Ody
2007 Sep 13
hardware raid vs fake raid
Hi, Does anyone know how I can find out if an ibm serveraid 8k sas storage controller (zero channel RAID) is a real hardware RAID controller and supported in the standard CentOs kernel or is it a fake raid controller. I am trying to decide if I should get the serveraid controller or go get a 3ware controller. Regards, -- Tom Diehl tdiehl at Spamtrap address mtd123 at
1999 Jun 10
ipop2d vulnerability
...leased or is working on a patch yet for this pop2d vulnerability, Our site has been hit twice this week before we found what was causing it. Apparently a remote user can crash pop2d out into a shell account for user nobody. description of the exploit and code can be found at. Thanks
1998 Aug 21
Named Overlow Concern
I am running Linux 2.0.30 (Redhat 4.2) and have recently been hacked. I have tightened up security but still feel vulnerable. In running the program mscan which was kindly left on my system I get this. VULN: linux box vulnerable to named overflow. VULN: redhat linux box running imapd. This is after upgrading to the versions as below. bind-4_9_7-0
2007 Apr 25
Centos 5 Reproducible Reboot
Guys, I've just setup 5.0 and can reproduce a crash/reboot every time. Details; x86_64 Install Using Xen Kernel System fully updated including Xen Kernel (latest 1.1 update) Intel Dual Core E6400 4gb RAM I've installed vmware server 1.0.2 from rpm. It has been configured and is ready to create new machines. I have successfully created a new machine but when I attempt to power-on
2007 Mar 03
Question about stubborn RPM
Hi, I've made mysqlf a RPM and installed it. After that i did what i shouldn' do: remove the files it installed. Now, i wnat to install it agai and i can't. Already rebuilt the rpm database ( rpm -vv --rebuilddb), used --force, --replacepkgs, --replacefiles, --justdb, --erase, --initdb, but no good. Been at, but found nothing that i already know. Any help would be