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2013 Jun 08
Call for Papers to SETIT 2014. 24-28 March 2014 Malaysia
...icipant sans communication 175$ 25$ Participant avec communication sous forme d'un poster 180$ 30$ Participant avec communication courte 180$ 30$ Si vous souhaiterez participer et b??n??ficier de cet appui financier, veuillez remplir le formulaire suivant : Si vous souhaiterez soumettre un poster, veuillez visiter le lien suivant : (Les th??matiques de soumission ?? la session poster ne se limite pas aux domaines de l'IHM). Si vous souhaiterez soumettre un papier r??g...
2010 Dec 10
Extended Deadline and Financial Support
...ented to The 6th International Conference: Sciences of Electronics, Technologies of Information and Telecommunications SETIT 2011. This deadline is extended to December 31, 2010. This conference will be held in Tunisia, 23-26 March 2011. The paper submission is on-line at: In this conference; 300 participants will benefit from a financial support. This Financial support, of amount 250 euro, will be available to help participants from developing or emerging countries as well as young researchers to attend SETIT?2011. The financial support form i...
2009 Feb 17
Invitation to attend SETIT2009
...09) that will be held in TUNISIA from March 22-26, 2009. The criteria used for the allocation of the financial support are: Country of residence (developing country, country with poor currency?) Occupational status. The financial support form is available on the web site It should be filled in in details and sent by e-mail to the SETIT organization committee financialsupport.setit at who examines on a case by case basis all requests and provides a response over 1 week. Our receipt for your request will be sent within 48 hour...
2008 Oct 17
Extended Deadline Submission (SETIT'O9)
...are solicited in the following areas: Information Processing Signal Processing Image and Video Multimedia Telecommunications and Networks Electronic Your propositions are welcome (they can be made either in English or in French). The paper submission is on-line at: We are waiting for seeing you in SETIT 2009. NB: In order to receive information about activities and events of this conference (4 to 6 times per year), please provide your contact information to our mailing list
2011 May 01
Deadline submission for the SETIT 2011-TUNISIA-
...o do it before June 1st 2011. This conference will be held in Tunisia, 26-29 October 2011. It is technically sponsored by IEEE and the SAI. Until now, more than 750 papers have been proposed among which 350 have been retained for publication. You can find more details in: All papers in conference proceedings will be included in the IEEE Xplore. The selected best papers will be published in one of our partener journals . See you in Sousse, Mohamed Salim BOUHLEL General Co-Chair, SETIT 2011 Head of...
2005 Jun 04
smbldap-tools and joining workstation to domain
...------------------ So whats the deal - misleading howto document or bug in smbldap-useradd script or I'm getting something wrong here? Cheers, -- ---------------------------------------------- Andres Toomsalu, juhataja - general manager, O? Active Systems Lille 4-205, P?rnu 80041, phone +372 44 70 595 GSM +372 56 496 124, IM:
2007 Jan 16
patch to enable ssh use sock fd 3,4
...e $sfd; open 3,"<&Cfd"; open 4,"<&Cfd"; if(! grep fileno(Cfd) == $_,(3,4)) { close Cfd;} exec {ssh} qw(ssh -D2085 -oProxyCommand=:socket: user at sshd_host); So if you pass -oProxyCommand=:socket: to ssh it will not make a new child but use those 2 fd. diff -rNu openssh-4.5p1/sshconnect.c openssh-4.5p1-ssh-socket/sshconnect.c --- openssh-4.5p1/sshconnect.c 2006-10-23 20:02:24.000000000 +0300 +++ openssh-4.5p1-ssh-socket/sshconnect.c 2007-01-16 14:06:31.000000000 +0200 @@ -310,8 +310,14 @@ debug2("ssh_connect: needpriv...
2011 Feb 02
Updated information about SETIT 2011
The scientific and organization committees of SETIT have decided to postpone the conference to May 12-15, 2011. So the submission is reopened to February 15th 2011. Updated information about the conference can be found at: ============================================================================= This email is sent out to all those on the SETIT database. If you want to be removed from this database, please send an email to unsubscribe.setit at with subject Unsubscribe. ===============================...
2006 Apr 22
bug & patch in ServerAliveInterval (openssh 4.3-p2)
...CountMax have some bug. Basically the ssh-alive check function (that verify the peer is alive) is called only if no data at all gets into ssh (when it should work only for server channel).I am pretty sure developers know about this ..anyway I have tried to fix this issue. Here is the patch: diff -rNu openssh-4.3p2/clientloop.c openssh-4.3p2-alive-fixed/clientloop.c --- openssh-4.3p2/clientloop.c 2005-12-31 07:22:32.000000000 +0200 +++ openssh-4.3p2-alive-fixed/clientloop.c 2006-04-22 19:32:17.000000000 +0300 @@ -456,7 +456,7 @@ client_wait_until_can_do_something(fd_set *...
2008 Jun 30
Rebuild of kernel 2.6.9-67.0.20.EL failure
Hello list. I'm trying to rebuild the kernel, but it fails even without modifications. How did I try it? Created a (non-root) build environment (not a mock ) Installed the kernel.scr.rpm and did a rpmbuild -ba --target=`uname -m` kernel-2.6.spec 2> prep-err.log | tee prep-out.log The build failed at the end: Processing files: kernel-xenU-devel-2.6.9-67.0.20.EL Checking
2010 Dec 31
Happy New Year 2011
Assalaam 'alaikum This animated card has been viewed times An year ends is a stone thrown into the depths of the space of time with the farewell resonances and gives birth to a new year with joyful screams. Happy new year Best wishes SALAM yours. Mohamed Salim BOUHLEL General Chair, SETIT 2011 Director of the Higher Institute of Electronics and Communication of
2013 Aug 26
Call For Papers : International Conference on Cryptography and Security / July 2014 - Bangkok/
Appologies if you received multiple copies. Please consider to contribute and encourage your team members and fellow scientists to contribute to the following events. Thanks for forwarding the information on this Call for Submissions to those potentially interested to submit. Call for papers International Conference on Cryptography and Security 2014 18-20 July 2014 Holiday Inn Silom, Bangkok,