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2006 Jul 16
RJS problem
I have an odd problem while trying to use a simple rjs. _test.rjs : page.alert "test" test.rhtml: <script><%=render_partial(''test'')%></script> When I am attempting to view controller/test the page comes as if it was a text file. So i am actually seeing: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-/...
2006 Jan 11
RJS and layouts
Hi all, I''ve been using RJS more and more for my app and I have sorta run into a possible issue. My app has different user roles that require different layouts. So far, this has worked fine, but now that I''m using rjs more and more I''m finding that the two don''t really work together since I have...
2006 May 04
What do you use RJS for?
I''ve read an intro or two for RJS, but I don''t fully get what it may be used for - AJAX? Please post what you currently use RJS for. Thanks! Joe -- Posted via
2006 Apr 16
RJS templates not found
I am running Rails 1.10 and wanted to check out the RJS templates. Rails doesn''t seem to find them. I did issue the rake comment update_javascripts and that did not correct the problem. RJS is part of 1.1 right? Any ideas? Thanks. -- Posted via
2006 Jun 13
strange RJS behavior
I used RJS extensively in my last web app with no problem. I''m just beginning a new one and having a very odd problem. The called method, get_names, retrieves some values from the database, then ends: render :layout => false the get_names.rjs file is rendered into Javascript, but then is j...
2008 Nov 22
"syntax error, unexpected tIDENTIFIER , expecting kEND" in RJS response
I get a "syntax error, unexpected tIDENTIFIER, expecting kEND" when the following RJS template is rendered: page.insert_html :bottom, :requisite_table, :partial => "insert_jobrequisite_select", :locals => {:job => @job, :counter => @counter} page.alert("hi") The same RJS template is rendered without errors as soon as the rjs file has only one singl...
2006 Feb 08
RJS templates before, during and after
RJS templates are nifty. They let you put all sorts of fun effects all over your bland html pages without too much work. The link_to_remote function also lets you run scripts before, during, and after an AJAX call is run by using callbacks. There does not seem to be an equivalent method for runn...
2006 Mar 14
Starting with RJS - not working
Hi, I''m trying to work with RJS and folowed Cody Fauser''s tutorial ( I''ve started by creating a new rails applications and executing rake freeze_edge rake rails:update:javascripts rake rails:update:scripts After that I...
2006 Mar 18
RJS - not working in IE
I searched thru all the postings about RJS, and I didn''t find one person who complained of problems specific to IE, but that''s what I''ve got. My environment is: Rails 1.0 + RJS Plugin Updated Javascripts to Scriptaculous 1.5.3 (for evalScripts support) Monkeypatched in_place_editor to support evalScripts I ha...
2006 Mar 31
RJS templates outputting bloated code?
I''m an RJS newbie. I just did the tutorial at, and then used wget to look at the output the RJS template generates. This is what I got: try { new Insertion.Bottom("list", "<li>Fox</li>...
2005 Dec 25
RJS not working?
I''ve been attempting to add a simple rjs ''delete'' method to my project. However, no matter what I try, it simply doesn''t work. Even the easy, easy stuff seems broken. (Yes, <%= javascript_include_tag :defaults %> is being included in the template.) For example, from: http://www.codyfauser.c...
2006 Apr 22
rjs woes, any hints?
I''ve pared my rjs experiment down to what seems a bare minimum. When I click on my link_to_remote, the rjs executes, returns the correct javascript to the browser, but it doesn''t update the div I''ve specified. What appears to be coming back from the controller is: Element.update("my_form&quot...
2007 Jan 16
RJS - What the the advantages? / Why use?
Hi, I''ve read up on RJS and understand the concept/how-to-use. It''s still not clear in my mind when and why to use RJS? Can anyone drop in a couple of bullet points re advantages + when/why would RJS make sense? Thanks --~--~---------~--~----~------------~-------~--~----~ You received this message be...
2005 Dec 23
how to in RJS
is there any way to Form.reset (clear all fields of the form ) in form_remote_tag generated form? I want to reset fields after ''submit'' in .rjs. -- Hiroshi Takagi <>
2006 Feb 08
Using shared RJS templates
I''ve got an action in my application controller that needs to call a shared RJS template. Typically it''s actually being called by subclasses of the application controller. I''ve tried this.. def action ...code.. render :partial => "shared/template" end with ''_template.rjs'' existing in the shared folder. The proble...
2006 Jan 13
Rendering an RJS template within another RJS template
Is there a way to render an RJS template within another? I''ve put my simplified code below. No errors are generated, but the partial isn''t rendered. I also tried using render :action => ''update_actions'' destroy.rjs--- page.visual_effect :fade, comment_container( # update t...
2006 May 04
RJSCallback 0.1
Announcing RJSCallback 0.1 The RJS Callback plugin is being developed to provide Ruby On Rails with the ability to easily call RJS templates for the various callbacks associated with AJAX function calls (e.g., :before, :loading, :complete). Currently this plugin automatically detects, loads, and renders RJS...
2006 Apr 11
I am trying to use RJS as shown in this tutorial : However it does not seem to work. I am not getting any excpetions in the logs. Here is what the logs say : Parameters: {"action"=>"add", "contro...
2006 Aug 01
Getting Started on RJS Templates
I definitely need to use RJS templates for my current application. I''ve used Google for the past twenty minutes or so, yet I can''t find a good resource that will get me started and show me what the page object can do. Any links? When an Ajax link is clicked, I''m trying to change the background of a...
2006 Apr 21
rjs in multiple ajax page
Sorry for the long explanation but I''m having trouble integrating rjs into my form page. Here''s my page: <div id="posts"> <ul id="post_list"><%= render :partial => ''list_results'', :collection => @posts %></ul> <p><%= link_to_remote(''+'', :url => {:action =...