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2001 Mar 03
[PATCH] PrintLastLog option
Some time ago, Ben wrote about a PrintLastLog patch: > If the person who originally submitted it wants to write a complete > patch and submit it. Then we would be happy to debate if it will be > included. Well, here it is, because: "You Asked For It!" PS: I'm tired of maintaining my own version of Debian's ssh just to have this option available, so I hope you find
2000 Jul 03
rhostsauthentication fails. (Or why I hate poorly documented software.)
I have a ssh enabled server and client machine (we'll call them "server" and "client" respectively...) They both have proper RSA and DSA keys,using protocol version 2 works fine between them. (so ssh itself and the network is working fine) However, I want to get something that will work with rsync without having to manually enter passwords, passphrases, or enter such