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2010 Aug 28
star models
Hi, I am traying to implement an STAR model, but I have some problems. I am following the instruction of the model, that they are in: that they are from: The model is: star(x, m=2, noRegimes, d = 1, steps = d, series, rob = FALSE, mTh, thDelay, thVar, sig=0.05, trace=TRUE, control=list(), ...) I have i...
2012 Sep 26
Broken Links on
I was not sure who I should contact about this, so I am posting this here. There are a few broken links on the R website. 1) -> link to the Nabble R Forum. I belive the correct/new URL should be: 2) -> link to "Auswertung ?kologischer
2009 Mar 18
Three Parameter FRECHET Distribution
Dear R Helpers Which package is available for estimatine the parameters of three parameter FRECHET distribution. Also, how to generate the random numbers for Frechet using these three estimated parameters. Thanking in advance Maithili
2011 Dec 02
Willkommen bei der "R-help" Mailingliste
Hello everbody, I am new to this mailing list and hope to find some help. I'm trying to get into the spatstat package and encountered two problems. First a graphical one: There is an example dataset called "finpines" which has several marks ( When I pass the given code from the website to R data(finpines) plot(unmark(finpines), main="Finnish pines: locations") plot(finpines, which.marks="height", main="heights") plot(finpines, which.marks="diamete...
2012 Jan 30
Reg : Hello all.. help needed regarding heatmaps
...score for every month . I tried to generate a heatmap with this data and got some good results. Can some one help me on how to generate the legend next to heatmap please... can some one send me a sample code ..? Some of the useful link that i found on web : Thanks in advance. [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2011 Feb 11
censReg or tobit: testing for assumptions in R?
Hello! I'm thinking of applying a censored regression model to cross-sectional data, using either the tobit (package survival) or the censReg function (package censReg). The dependent variable is left and right-censored. My hopefully not too silly question is this: I understand that heteroskedasticity and nonnormal errors are even more serious problems in a censored regression than in an
2012 Jun 16
Plotting tidal speed and direction in R
Hi, I have had a look around the forums and I can't seem to find anything that works with my data. I have lats, longs, time, tidal speed and direction and need to plot this in an xy plot to determine changes over time. contour and cloud have been recommended to me as a way to do this but I can't figure out how to get 5 dimensions into this. I want lat and long as my x and y, time as my
2008 Dec 19
Akaike weight in R
..."Akaike weight" with R? I know the description, > but is there any function to generate by R on the web-site or R library? > I am using GLM or GLMM (family=binomial), so would be appreciated if you > help me. You could have a look at this. Which is in the OAD package Graham
2010 Nov 15
rotate column names in large matrix
Dear List, I have a large (1600*1600) matrix generated with symnum, that I am using to eyeball the structure of a dataset. I have abbreviated the column names with the abbr.colnames option. One way to get an even more compact view of the matrix would be to display the column names rotated by 90 degrees. Any pointers on how to do this would be most useful. Any other tips for displaying the
2009 Dec 16
R graphics
...ironmetrics ExperimentalDesign Finance Genetics gR Graphics HighPerformanceComputing MachineLearning MedicalImaging Multivariate NaturalLanguageProcessing Optimization Pharmacokinetics Psychometrics Robust SocialSciences Spatial Survival TimeSeries Other URL: -- Share your knowledge on our R group at:
2010 Nov 18
Help me with R plotting
Hello everyone. I want some help with plots. I have some robots in an area. Every robot is placed on x,y coordinates and every robot has a power consumption of some watts. I would like to show where are the robots by showing in a map dots (where every dots is the x,y coordinate). Below that dot it would be nice to write the watt consumption but also use some colors to denote different classes of
2010 Feb 06
Plot of odds ratios obtained from a logistic model
Hi all! I am trying to develop a plot a figure in which I would like to show the odds ratios obtained from a logistic model. I have tried with the dotplot option but no success. Could you help me? Is there any option when modelling the logistic model in R? Thank you in advance
2008 Oct 18
Error: could not find function "readMat"
Hi All, I installed this R.matlab package and tried using the sample code > > path <- system.file("mat-files", package="R.matlab") > > # - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - > # Reading all example files > # - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - > for (version in 4:5) { +