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2016 May 09
CentOS-6.7 problem updating kernel
We have four identical hardware system. On one of them the most recent kernel update yields this error: # yum history info 332 Loaded plugins: etckeeper, fastestmirror, priorities Transaction ID : 332 Begin time : Wed May 4 10:21:07 2016 Begin rpmdb : 831:9ef9185577e3d2adb2d1ff0045619e1e0d9ed23a User : root <root> Return-Code : ** Aborted ** Command Line : update -y
2006 Jan 23
xend fail to start
Hi all, I resintalled my Debian from scratch. I download Xen 3 sources, compiled them, ... I reboot my computer and try to start xend. xend fail to start. My log file contains : jmcaricand@amande:~$ cat xend-debug.log Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/sbin/xend", line 111, in ? sys.exit(main()) File "/usr/sbin/xend", line 93, in
2002 Mar 28
how to run .r batch file
I am completely new to R, but have some bg in cs and stat. since R has an interactive programming environment, I thought I could write my command in a file and run it in batch mode in the Rgui. but it didnt work. I checked the doc. it said Rcmd BATCH inputfile. it didnt work either. Can someone help? thank you. thank you. also if you can shed some light on passing command line arguements (like