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2008 Mar 04
package for repeated measures ANOVA with various link functions
R 2.6.0 Windows XP At the risk of raising the ire of the R gods . . . I am looking for a package that will allow me to perform a poisson, quasipoisson, or negative binomial regression with adjustment for repeated measures. I have looked at glm, it does not appear to allow repeated measures. Although I can''t get any help for lme or lme4 I remember that those packages perform repeated
2004 Dec 28
R: repeat loops
To whoever this may concern I am trying to write a repeat loop and can''t make out from the documentation on the website how exactly to construct the repeat, break structure of the loop. Below is the function sim2.dat that I am trying to create, in which firstly I create n random uniform(0,1) numbers. From there I assign values to k, P and F. From then on for each random number u[j] of u,
2006 Nov 09
Repeated Measures MANOVA in R
Can R do a repeated measures MANOVA and tell what dimensionality the statistical variance occupies? I have been using MATLAB and SPSS to do my statistics. MATLAB can do ANOVAs and MANOVAs. When it performs a MANOVA, it returns a parameter d that estimates the dimensionality in which the means lie. It also returns a vector of p-values, where each p_n tests the null hypothesis that the mean
2010 Nov 09
"repeated"repeated measures in ANOVA or mixed model
dear List I have a dataset with blood measurements at 5 points in TIME (0,30,60,90,120) taken on 3 VISITS (same subjects). the interest is to compare these measurements between Visits, overall and at the different time points. I have problems setting up repeated measures ANOVA with 2 repeated measures (VISIT and TIME) (and then doing post hoc testing) or doing it with a linear mixed model ( both
2004 Oct 22
grouping for lme with nested repeated measurements
I am using lme to handle repeated measurements. So far i can follow the examples from the book from pinheiro and bates. Now i get the problem , that i have "nested" repeated measuremnts, and i cant find out how to do the grouping part of the lme formula. 1.The simple problem ist that i have different Samples , from which i make repeated measurements (each sample is measured 6 times) and
2008 Aug 15
post hoc tests two way repeated measures anova
Hi, is there a specific/appropriate function/package to perform post hoc tests when running a two way repeated measures anova? I''m looking for something that will be equivalent to the ''TukeyHSD()'' for between subjects anova (with ''aov()''). For one way repeated measures anova, the ''pairwise.t.test()'' function seems to work
2007 Apr 05
MANOVA with repeated measurements
Hello, I have a question regarding performing manova. I have an experiment where I want to measure 10 output variables for 3 different measurement methods. Since each of the methods requires some user interaction, I would also like to include repeated measures for each of the output variables to include intraobserver variability in the design. How can I perform such a repeated-measures
1999 Sep 02
unresolved symbols in growth and repeated libraries
I am having trouble using Jim Lindsey's libraries because of unresolved symbols. I am currently using R 0.65.0, but had this problem in earlier releases as well. I have a RedHat 6.0 Linux on i386 and use egcs (upgraded to that distributed with rawhide, after first failures with the libraries): egcs-g77-1.1.2-19 egcs-1.1.2-19 Installation of the libraries works but on loading >
2009 Mar 03
repeated measures anova, sphericity, epsilon, etc
I have 3 questions (below). Background: I am teaching an introductory statistics course in which we are covering (among other things) repeated measures anova. This time around teaching it, we are using R for all of our computations. We are starting by covering the univariate approach to repeated measures anova. Doing a basic repeated measures anova (univariate approach) using aov() seems
2009 Dec 13
Repeated Measures Analysis - GLM
Hello to the R world... I have some problems regarding a GLM - repeated measures analysis. I want to test overall differences between AgeClass and Treatment (between subject) with OpenR1+OpenR2+OpenR3 (repeated measures, within subject). The table looks kind like this: AgeClass Treatment OpenR1 OpenR2 OpenR3 1 1 0 0 12.63 1 1 12.67 3.83 45.67 1 1 38.46 65.38 75.21 1 1 14.46 0 17.96 1 2 27.83
2008 Aug 25
A repeated measures, linear mixed model (lme) WITHOUT random effects...
Hello, I am trying to fit a repeated measures linear mixed model (using lme) but I don''t want to include any random effects. I''m having trouble (even after consulting Pinheiro & Bates 2000) figuring out how to specify the repeated measure without including it in the specification of a random effect. My data consist of repeated "counts" in "plots"
2011 Aug 12
sapply to bind columns, with repeat?
...", "dat_2", "fl1_2", and "f2_2" and so on until all the data for all rows has been allocated. Then, move onto the next row and repeat. I think I should be able to do this with some sort of sapply or lapply function, but I''m struggling with the format for repeating the initial columns, and then skipping through the next columns. Thank you, Katrina
2009 Jan 31
problem with acd udma mode
i cannot read or write any disk inserted in my acd0 <PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-111D/1.29> when this device in udma mode. kernel endlessly repeat that acd0: setting up DMA failed and I can access my data on dvd or cd only if I set atacontrol mode acd0 pio4 Does anybody have such a problem too? is there any ways to bring this device into udma mode again? dmesg: ... atapci1: <ATI IXP600
2009 Jun 24
o2net_connect_expired:1637 ERROR
Hi, I have OCFS2 Cluster of 5 nodes running on RHEL 5.2 (kernel version 2.6.18-128.1.10.el5). I am getting error like Jun 24 09:26:54 alf2 kernel: (2095,0):o2net_connect_expired:1637 ERROR: no connection established with node 2 after 30.0 seco nds, giving up and returning errors. Jun 24 09:27:54 alf2 last message repeated 2 times Jun 24 09:29:24 alf2 last message repeated 3 times Jun
2008 Jan 14
What is connect-debounce wrt usb?
I get the following message on a Centos 5 system (really a Trixbox 2.4 build on Centos 5): Jan 14 00:12:28 sip2 kernel: hub 1-0:1.0: connect-debounce failed, port 1 disabled What does this mean? This message occurs about 30 times/sec for about 45 sec. Then my Bluetooth token starts up. Jan 14 00:12:28 sip2 kernel: hub 1-0:1.0: connect-debounce failed, port 1 disabled Jan 14 00:13:00
2006 May 08
Repeatability and lme
Dear R-help list members I gathered longitudinal data on fish behaviour which I try to analyse using a multi level model for change. Mostly, I am following Singer & Willett (2003), who provide also the S/R code for their examples in the book (e.g. Of course I am interested in change over time, but I am
2004 Sep 14
repeated measures and covariance structures
Hello- I''m trying to do some repeated measures ANOVAs. In the past, using SAS, I have used the framework outlined in Littell et al.''s "SAS System for Mixed Models", using the REPEATED statement in PROC MIXED to model variation across time within an experimental unit. SAS allows you to specify different within-unit covariance structures (e.g., compound symmetric, AR(1),
2008 Jan 15
Repeated Measures/Split-Plot Anova
Hi, My name is Dan Ott and I recently learned R mainly for the purposing of running ANOVA''s and linear regression. I just started using a data set where I want to run a repeated measures anova as well as a split-plot anova. My question is: What is the syntax for repeated measures and split-plot anova''s? I did a little searching online and it appears that aov might be
2006 Jul 22
nested repeated measures in R
R help, How would I input data, verify assumptions, and run a nested repeated measures ANOVA using R? I have STATION nested in SITE nested in BLOCK with measurements repeated for five YEARs. All are random variables and it''s only slightly unbalanced. I''m trying to characterize spatiotemporal variation in stream habitat variables. Thanks for your help! Eric Merten
2006 Jun 16
Menu using Scriptaculous Effects = OnMouseOver bug
I am trying to achieve a Flash-like menu with OnMouseOver effects on 3 divs below. Unfortunately, the javascript resets when the mouse is rolled over the text and if you go mouse crazy on the divs, the script seems to remember where it cut off, and doesn''t roll down completely afterwards. Is it a good place to ask for help? I couldn''t find any Scriptaculous forum (only