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2009 May 03
[RFC] The reflink(2) system call.
Hi everyone, I described the reflink operation at the Linux Storage & Filesystems Workshop last month. Originally implemented as an ocfs2-specific ioctl, the consensus was that it should be a syscall from the get-go. Here''s some first-cut patches. For people who have not seen reflink, either at LSF or on the ocfs2 wiki, the first patch contains
2012 Jun 20
[PATCH] Allow cross subvolume reflinks (2nd attempt)
Hello, This is the second attempt to bring in cross subvolume reflinks into btrfs. The first attempt was NAKed due to missing vfs mount checks and a clear description of what btrfs subvolumes are and probably also why cross subvolume reflinks are ok in the case of btrfs. This version of the patch comes from David and is in SUSE kernels since a long time, so it is te...
2013 Oct 16
[BUG] Reflinking fails for files >2GB on 32-bit platform
I want to make you aware of a possible bug in the reflink handling of btrfs: When I reflink a file larger 2GB (on the same subvol), the reflinking fails. But it works fine for files smaller 2GB in size. I was able to track this down to btrfs with great support of Martin Raiber who created a small demo code: Source:
2013 Aug 24
check for reflink capability and for shared data
Hi, how can I do the following in a shell script: - check whether my file system supports cp --reflink? - check whether two files share the same data on disk, i.e. one has been created by cp --reflink of the other? Thank you! Thomas Koch -- To unsubscribe from this list: send the line "unsubscribe linux-btrfs" in the body of a message to More majordomo info
2013 Sep 27
[Bug 10170] New: rsync should support reflink similar to cp --reflink Summary: rsync should support reflink similar to cp --reflink Product: rsync Version: 3.1.0 Platform: All OS/Version: All Status: NEW Severity: normal Priority: P5 Component: core AssignedTo: wayned at ReportedBy:
2012 Apr 01
cross-subvolume cp --reflink
Gl├╝ck Auf! I know its been discussed more then ones, but as a user I really would like to see the patch for allowing this in the kernel. Some users tested this patch successfully for weeks or months in 2 or 3 kernel versions since then, true? I''d say by creating a snapshot, it''s nothing else in the end. More then one file or tree sharing the same data on disc, or am I wrong?
2012 Mar 27
Create subvolume from a directory?
Hi all, Just a quick question but can''t find an obvious answer. Can I create/convert a existing (btrfs) directory into a subvolume? It would be very helpful when transferring ''partitions'' into btrfs. I found a similar question way back in google, but that site is down now generally. Thanks in advance. -- To unsubscribe from this list: send the line
2013 Nov 22
Fwd: [virt-devel] btrfs NOCOW for VM disk images
----- Forwarded Message ----- From: "Stefan Hajnoczi" <> To: "Eric Sandeen" <> Cc:, "Kevin Wolf" <> Sent: Friday, November 22, 2013 9:20:51 AM Subject: [virt-devel] btrfs NOCOW for VM disk images Hi, In upstream QEMU we''re discussing patches that set the NOCOW flag
2012 Feb 13
Cross-subvolume reflink copy (BTRFS_IOC_CLONE over subvolume boundaries)
It''s been nearly a year since the patches needed to implement a reflinked copy between subvolumes have been posted ( ) and I still get "Invalid cross-device link" error with Linux 3.2.4 while I try to do a cp --reflink between subvolumes. This is a *very* useful feature to have (think offline
2009 Dec 13
cp --reflink with Btrfs
I am testing a Btrfs root file system with Debian (kernel 2.6.32) under KVM. jason@vrtl:~$ touch testfile jason@vrtl:~$ cp --reflink testfile /tmp cp: failed to clone `/tmp/testfile'': Invalid argument This is with GNU Coreutils 8.0 taken from debian Sid. Is this a Coreutils issue, a Btrfs problem or something in my local configuration? All the other issues that I have
2009 Nov 26
Ask for backport reflink feature of the ocfs2 to the sles11
Hellow, everyone I''m from HuaWei, China. We are looking for the candidate of virtualization platform among several vendors. Learned from Oracle people, the latest version of ocfs2 has integrated reflink feature which was commited to the the linux 2.6.32 kernel. But as we know, the sles11 integrated the linux 2.6.27 kernle, so the relink feature is not avaiable on the sles11 platform.
2010 Jul 20
File cloning across subvolumes with BTRFS_IOC_CLONE ioctl
It seems that the BTRFS_IOC_CLONE ioctl fails when trying to do a cross-subvolume clone of a file. Chris Mason suggested in the past ([1]) that this should be possible. Am I missing something? [1] -- To unsubscribe from this list: send the line "unsubscribe linux-btrfs" in the body of a
2012 Feb 29
Copy and remove performance impacted by COW reflink rewrite (2)
Hi All, (retrying to post again - somehow message got blocked) I am running 3.2.7-1.fc16.x86_64 (latest FC 16 kernel) I posted regarding this problem earlier, but after some research and found improvement with new kernel version. so I decided to repost in a new thread to clean things up... The intention of this post is to hopefully be useful and point out some performance numbers that devs can
2013 Jun 28
[PATCH V3] ocfs2: xattr: fix inlined xattr reflink
Inlined xattr shared free space of inode block with inlined data or data extent record, so the size of the later two should be adjusted when inlined xattr is enabled. See ocfs2_xattr_ibody_init(). But this isn''t done well when reflink. For inode with inlined data, its max inlined data size is adjusted in ocfs2_duplicate_inline_data(), no problem. But for inode with data extent record, its
2010 Jan 27
Re: cp --reflink with Btrfs
* Sage Weil ( [091216 17:55]: > On Wed, 16 Dec 2009, Li Dongyang wrote: > > > Have a look at line 998, ioctl.c, inside btrfs_ioctl_clone(), > > the src->i_size(the size of the testfile created by touch) is just 0, and this > > will cause btrfs_ioctl_clone just return -EINVAL. > > I''m not sure if it makes sense to clone a file which
2009 Jun 04
Patches that adds delayed orphan scan timer (rev 3)
Resending after implementing review comments.
2010 Dec 06
"Appending" data to the middle of a file using btrfs-specific features
Hello, I''d like to know if there has been any discussion about adding a new feature to write (add) data at an offset, but without overwriting existing data, or re-writing the existing data. Essentially, in-place addition/removal of data to a file at a place other than the end of the file. Some possible use-cases of such a feature would be: (a) Databases (currently hack around this
2009 Jun 02
Anything I''m missing for 2.6.31?
Hey everyone, We''re coming up on the next merge window, and I only have a couple tiny fixes for ocfs2. I thought I''d list up what I know is outstanding, and I was hoping to find out if I was missing anything. If I am, I need to get it in linux-next and set for the merge window ASAP. - metaecc-stats This is a trivial patch I put together to track errors seen by the
2009 Mar 18
[RFC] metadata alloc fix in machines which has PAGE_SIZE > CLUSTER_SIZE
Hi Mark/Joel, I meet with some meta allocation bugs when I implement reflink these days. And after some investigation, I think we should have the same problem when we have PAGE_SIZE > CLUSTER_SIZE. So I create a scenario today in one ppc box and try. the box panic as I expected. ;) The scenario is that: Create a file with the disk layout like this(with bs=512, and cs=4K). debugfs:
2009 Mar 27
[PATCH 00/42] ocfs2: Add reflink file support. V1
Hi all, So I have finally finished the v1 of reflink for ocfs2. It has some bugs that I am still investigating, but the schema is almost there. So I''d like to send it out first for review. And Tristan and I will continue to work on the stability of the code. The general information for reflink, please see