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2008 Jun 13
Warhammer Online - Age of Reckoning Anyone else awaiting the release of this game as eagerly as I am? Heres hoping it will function well in wine :P
2002 Jul 09
broken inline exp in glibc/x86??!
I read the following in acinclude.m4: ## R_PROG_CC_FLAG_D__NO_MATH_INLINES ## --------------------------- ## In current glibc, inline version [x86] of exp is broken. ## We fix this by adding ''-D__NO_MATH_INLINES'' to R_XTRA_CFLAGS rather ## than AC_DEFINE(__NO_MATH_INLINES) as the former also takes care of ## compiling C code for add-on packages. Is this documented anywhere
2010 Dec 20
Sine Regression in R
Hi everyone, I am trying to fit a sine function on one year of wind data. I have two questions below. Looking around on the net I managed to get the following: Sine Equation: y = a + b * sin( c + d*x ) b is the amplitude, c is the phase shift, d is something deal with periodicty of data*.* This can be linearised by sin( c+dx ) = cos(c) * sin(dx) + sin(c) * cos(dx). If one calls dx = x1 y
2013 May 11
dahdi driver not getting install
Dear, I have redhat enterprise linux 6.3. after "uname -a" i am getting Linux genesys-dell 2.6.32-279.el6.x86_64 #1 SMP Wed Jun 13 18:24:36 EDT 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux now when i am trying to insall dahdi driver on my server i am getting below error. [root@genesys-dell dahdi-linux-complete-2.6.2+2.6.2]# make all make -C linux all make[1]: Entering directory
2006 Jun 09
Adding routes from plugin
Can anyone tell me how to add routes from plugin? I know it is possible because of this changeset: but i didn''t find way how to do it. retro -- Posted via
2006 Mar 17
[RFC] mke2fs with DIR_INDEX, RESIZE_INODE by default
I''ve been thinking recently that we should re-enable DIR_INDEX in mke2fs by default. When it first came out, we had done this and were bitten by a few bugs in the code. However, this code has been in heavy use for several thousand filesystem years in Lustre, if not elsewhere, and I''m inclined to think it is pretty safe these days. Likewise, RHEL/FC have had RESIZE_INODE as
2008 Mar 05
matrix inversion using solve() and matrices containing large/small values
Hello I''ve stumbled upon a problem for inversion of a matrix with large values, and I haven''t found a solution yet... I wondered if someone could give a hand. (It is about automatic optimisation of a calibration process, which involves the inverse of the information matrix) code: ********************* > macht=0.8698965 > coeff=1.106836*10^(-8) >
2017 Aug 07
DWARF: Ranges base address specifier entries & Gold's gdb-index 32 bit bug
Context: In r309526 (with a followup fix in r309529) I implemented the use of DWARF's debug_ranges base address specifier entries to reduce the number of object file relocations needed for debug_ranges*. * in a particular binary internally, an optimized build had a 70% reduction in debug_ranges.reloc, a 16% decrease in total object size (with compressed debug info and fission) Nico noted
2006 Apr 05
validation on before_add callback
problem: validation error is not functionning in callback callback for many-to-many association: # keyword.rb :before_add => :reject_self_related def reject_self_related(related_keyword) if (related_keyword == self) # this does not work: errors.add(:name, "Relating a keyword to itself is forbidden!") raise "Relating a keyword to itself is
2006 Apr 11
As is often the case when I tackle a new platform/language, I get the big picture very quickly (because frameworks are frameworks are frameworks) but its the nitty-gritty of the language that bogs me down... So I have some similar methods on a few of my model classes that I wanted to push into a helper. Now I reckoned that the Ruby way was to create a module and mix it in with include.
2006 May 22
System freeze on laptop: power saving daemon doing harm?
Hi, I have CentOS 4.3 installed on my Fujitsu Siemens Amilo D laptop (Pentium IV 2.4 GHz CPU). Everything runs just fine, but I have one problem. When I leave the machine unattended for something like an hour or two, my desktop has "frozen". Unable to recovery anything, even [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Backspace] refuses to quit X, so I have to hard-reboot by pressing PowerOn/Off for 10
2008 Oct 28
How to add a data line (series) to a plot using add=TRUE
Hello, I''d like to use the add=TRUE parameter to add a second data line (series) to an existing plot, but R is giving me an error (see below). This code: > rap<-plot(aspen_sort,ylim=c(1,10000),log="y") ...produces the plot to which I''d like to add the second line. But this code: > rap<-plot(pine_sort,add = TRUE) ...produces this error: Warning
2007 Jul 17
Deciding when to adjust the window size
...t the window size as soon as it has fallen below the maximum packet size. What worries me is a potential deadlock, in which one party does not send anything, because the window is too small for its next window space-consuming packet, while the other does not adjust the window on the grounds that it reckons it size still is large enough. How are such situations avoided?
2006 Feb 28
Status of fragment support, advantages of having fewer indoes
Hi, There wasn''t much information regarding fragment support of ext2/3 since 2003 [1], Andreas stating that there were problems with the xattr implementation. Has this changed in the meanwhile? My second question is regarding the bytes-per-inode ratio: What benefits would I gain from having fewer inodes? I reckon it''s only diskspace (if so, how much?). best regards,
2008 Aug 19
Command and Conquer 3 -issues
Ok, not sure why this is happening, havent updated wine or made any changes to cause this issue... Starting moaing about msvcr80.dll So i decided to un-install CNC3 and re-install... it reckons it un-installed it, but hasnt, now if i try to install it - it only gives me remove or modify... Removing again doesnt work, and neither does modifying.. How can i fix this so i can reinstall it..??
1999 Sep 13
Samba reporting its in domain workgroup
Hello, Samba-2.0.5a built on Solaris 2.7 using gcc 2.8.1. workgroup = eleceng is set in the smb.conf file, but smbclient (and the Win95 PCs) reckon that the machine is in domain WORKGROUP. Has anyone else seen this problem? Tom. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tom Crummey, Systems and Network Manager, EMAIL: Department of
2007 Aug 24
Anyone out there know the THEOS OS
...tes from Wyse Terminals, serial port muxes and Kilostream (which is costing us an arm and a leg) to PC clients over broadband. We have put the clients in place (desktop PCs with a client app - easy) but need to understand how complex it is to setup the remote printing - the support company involved reckons it''s *so* complex they need to send an engineer to each site (3 sites, 2 printers on each) and it will take 2 days + travel + accommodation just to make the printers work! We have remote access to all the client PCs + routers etc. so I want to get some insight into what exactly is involved...
2006 Apr 06
recommendation for post-hoc tests after anova
Greetings all, I''ve done some ANOVAs and have found significant effects across my groups, so now I have to do some post-hoc tests to ascertain which of the groups is driving the significant effect. Usually one would do something like a Newman-Keuls or Scheffe test to get at this but based on googling and browsing through the r-help archives R doesn''t support these and they seem
2005 Dec 27
XML Not Working in Explorer 6
I''m playing with XML using Builder but seem to be having some trouble in Explorer 6. My sample code: xml = xml.instruct! xml.instruct! ''xml-stylesheet'', :href=>''/stylesheets/style-xml.css'', :type=>''text/css'' xml.declare! ''DOCTYPE'', :html, :PUBLIC,
2005 Sep 25
...requires that your kernel and iptables have ROUTE target support
good day to you i have compiled evertything related to ip tables as modules, but still i get this error when trying to use /etc/shorewall/routes can someone tell me the spicific module i need to have? here are my info intranet linux # shorewall version 2.4.2 intranet linux # uname -a Linux intranet 2.6.12-gentoo-r10 #10 SMP Sun Sep 11 15:01:49 SAST 2005 i686 AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2400+