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2013 Aug 09
Removing password complexity requirements under Samba4
...tried the samba-tool method initially, as well as a GPO, and were baffled when neither worked. I think we had our minumum password age at the default value (1 day) and were trying to reset the password the same day we created the accounts. In any case, we''re able to change passwords with reckless abandon in our test environment at the moment. Mark -- To unsubscribe from this list go to the following URL and read the instructions:
2006 Sep 29
Re: compiz Digest, Vol 7, Issue 20
...doesn't serve me too well because everyone (myself included when I am the user, not the programmer) wants the quick fix, the temporary solution, the instant gratification. So I think the fork is a good thing, because so far, what I understand is that Beryl is a tad bit more radical (not to say reckless at all), while Compiz is more calculated. I think it provides both sides of the plane: one, the long-written, efficient method and two, the quick, evolving, creative method. I will be going with Beryl personally, because I want instant gratification and cool effects before pretty code. That's h...
2018 Feb 18
Draft proposal for Searching R Packages
...( ????? You are all invited to rewrite it in any way you think is more likely to produce the most useful result.? Wikimedia invites contributors to "be bold but not reckless", writing from a neutral point of view citing credible sources.? I do NOT want to do this project:? I think the world will be better if it is done, and I think others are better equipped to actually do it -- or manage others doing it -- than I am. ????? If you read this, you will see th...
2012 Sep 11
CentOS 6 early panic on ESXi 4.1.0 build 800380
I run VMware vSphere 4 Essentials with three almost identically configured ESXi 4.1 hosts and a mix of 32 and 64 bit guests including Windows 2003 and 2008 as well as CentOS 5 and 6. Recently I updated one of the hosts to build 800380. The new build runs Windows and CentOS 5 VMs fine, but CentOS 6 guests won''t come up. I tried two different CentOS 6 VMs. Both have the latest standard
2009 Oct 08
Change Allowed Workstations with pdbedit
Dear Samba Users, I have a Samba 3.2.5 Server running on Debian. I use tdbsam as a password database and wonder how I can change the "Workstations" value in order to control the allowed workstations for a particular user. Last year I had a configuration with ldap using the smbldap tools where it was possible to set this value. But how can I set it without LDAP just using pdbedit?
2010 Feb 07
Re: Wine 3D performance - where does the bottleneck lies and how
The performance of WineD3D depends on the application and display drivers. It is hard to say where we are losing the performance and whether it is WineD3D which has to be blamed. To find out where the performance is lost you need to profile the app using e.g. sysprof or oprofile. Then you can see where the time is spent. Typically we don''t spend a lot of time in Wine code but outside
2011 Aug 18
Circular RPM dependencies...
Hi. I encountered a following problem, if I state for example: package{"aspell-en": ensure => absent, } package{"aspell": ensure => absent, } I get error in logs because of dependencies. It seems that puppet uses ''yum'' for installation on CentOS and ''rpm -e'' for removal of packages, so it cannot handle this kind of dependencies:
2006 Aug 13
does rails enforce referential integrity???
Hi, Is rails supposed to support referential integrity? That is rails either support to be able to ensure that when a new contact is created this can only happen if a valid suberb is associated with it, and which mechanisms of the below are supposed to do this? (a) using DB foreign key constraints information as a basis? (b) using the "has_one" line in the model file to enfore? If
2006 Jan 05
Naming convention for foreign keys
Hi, In "Agilge Web Development With Rails" on page 217, an example of foreign keys is shown. I am however unable to find a definition of wheater the naming of the index is significant. On the above mentioned page, this line is shown in the example: constraint fk_items_product foreign key (product_id) references products(id) In "fk_items_product", "items" is
2012 Apr 09
[PATCH] Btrfs: use i_version instead of our own sequence
We''ve been keeping around the inode sequence number in hopes that somebody would use it, but nobody uses it and people actually use i_version which serves the same purpose, so use i_version where we used the incore inode''s sequence number and that way the sequence is updated properly across the board, and not just in file write. Thanks, Signed-off-by: Josef Bacik
2000 Feb 29
After the recent attacks on the major servers on the web my ISP has decided to stop all ICMP messages from his ISP. I have red the RFCs and it seems that he cant do that... As a result pings and traceroutes will not work. I need a friendly person out there to tell me a way to break the news to him that he has to allow ICMP packets through his network... any suggestions would be helpfull [mod: