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2007 Nov 08
Best practice for users/groups on solaris
Hi all, I''m a new puppet user and I''m running into some weirdness around creating users on solaris. (puppet version 0.23.2) The virt_all_users way of managing users seems pretty reasonable, but I don''t see how to deal with user specific groups with that. I have: class virt_all_users { @user { "seph": ensure => "present",
2009 Sep 18
Using variables in virtual resources
Hi. I''ve defined a virtual user "kenneth", and depending on a variable in the node definiton I''d like to add the users to different groups. Consider this example: ###### Code start node "" { $server_type = "typeA" realize User[kenneth] } @user {"kenneth": ensure => present, uid => 1000, gid => 1000, groups => $server_type ? { typeA => "wheel", default => undef, }, home => "/home/kenneth", shell => "/...
2004 May 26
how to realize "MLPPP LFI"
Hi,all I am using iproute2/tc to manage bandwidth and control traffic.I must realize these two tricky functions in mips linux(kernel 2.4.17): 1.The device MUST support the capability to fragment AF and BE traffic in order to constrain the perturbing impact of AF and BE packets on EF traffic delay, for example using a mechanism such as MLPPP LFI.(RFC1990) 2. The packet size thresh...
2007 Sep 27
...would like to write up brief tutorial/documentation on how to manage /etc/passwd using puppet. While this may seem pretty straight forward to some...the documentation is not. We have been able to create a manifest that defines all of our users "virtually" and are able to "realize" users and add them to the system(s) running puppetd. Is there a way to simply realize all users in the virtual_users file? Or must I specifically realize each and everyone in a separate class? How do we delete users? Specifically when I remove a user from the manifest it does not get deleted...
2008 Mar 17
Realizing Users in Nodes
I''m trying to work with Users and the realize function, and it''s driving me batty. Puppet is 0.23.2. My definition looks something like: class virtual_users { @user { fred : uid => 500 ... } @user { derf : uid => 501 ... } } node base-node { include virtual_users } node "testnode.domain.local" inherits ba...
2009 Apr 21
realizing virtual ssh_authorized_key
...h_authorized_key { "seph-2008": ensure => present, key => "...", type => "ssh-dss", name => "seph@macbook-2008", user => seph, } } class user::unixadmins inherits user::virtual { realize( User["seph"], ssh_authorized_key["seph-2008"], ) } node test { include user::unixadmins } I correctly get the user seph, but not the ssh authorized key. If I switch to a real ssh_authorized_key by removing the @, then it creates /home/seph...
2008 May 25
n Realizations of a Stochastic Process assigned to dynamically generated variable names?
I am interested in creating multiple (say 1000) time series, from a given stochastic process, of length 250. I want to refer to each realization with its own variable name, of the format say, tsn, where n is the n''th simulation. i.e. ts1, ts2, ts3, ts4, .... , ts1000 The way I am thinking of doing this is placing the following code within another loop, and the ''tsn''
2007 Jul 02
0.23.0 puppet dependancy issue
Hello, I use some define in classes like class foo { define bar() {} } before in .22.4 i had require => Bar[''mybar''] on object and it worked. Now i have : err: Could not apply complete configuration: Could not retrieve dependency ''Shorewall-realize[shorewall.conf]'' at /etc/puppet/manifests/classes/shorewall.pp: for exemple. Do anyone knwo why it fails now as i do not see what in the changelog could have this effect ? -- Cordialement, Ghislain _______________________________________________ Puppet-users m...
2012 May 14
defaults for virtual defined resources from hiera.
...Up to now I''ve had a large file of virtual resources and then enabled them on demand on various services. The very standard. @metric{''1234: one => 1 two => [1,2] } @metric{''abcd'': one => a, two => [b,c] } and then somewhere realize potentially with an override <| title == 1234 |> { one => 2 } metric is something like define metric ($one, $two) { # do stuff. } Attempting to move the data of virtual resources above into hiera now and a few questions. metric1234: one: 1 two: -''1&...
2008 Jan 24
Can use a Variables when Realizing Resources
hi ,all When realizing a resources ,can use this syntax like this ? File <<| tag == $idc | >> I had try it ,but can''t work. and not get error from the puppetmaster. -- Huang Mingyou
2008 May 30
Best practice for user accounts
...users that will only ever occur on one server. I can either make them virtual in the central file, or I can make them real in the per-node file. The former has the attraction that I can make sure that my UID usage is consistent and non-overlapping, while the latter means I can never accidentally realize an account onto a server where it doesn''t belong. Anyone have a suggested best practice for this? --~--~---------~--~----~------------~-------~--~----~ You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Puppet Users" group. To post to this group, send em...
2007 Aug 22
Virtual resource not found
...ifests/(classes|definitions). test1a:~ $ sudo puppetd --server --test notice: Ignoring cache err: Could not retrieve configuration: Failed to find virtual resources Network_interface[test1a-eth1] warning: Not using cache on failed configuration node test1a inherits test_server { realize Network_interface["test1a-eth1"] } node test_server inherits basenode { include network_dmz_virt } (all basenode classes are working) class network_dmz_virt { $domain = "" $broadcast = "" $network = ""...
2018 Jun 15
[virtio-dev] Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH] qemu: Introduce VIRTIO_NET_F_STANDBY feature bit to virtio_net
...presence of the primary, and > > > hot plug the device as needed before or after the migration. > > > > I do not really see how you can manage that kind of stuff in QEMU only. > > So right now failover is limited to pci passthrough devices only. > The idea is to realize the vfio device but not expose it > to guest. Have a separate command to expose it to guest. > Hotunplug would also hide it from guest but not unrealize it. So, this would not be real hot(un)plug, but 'hide it from the guest', right? The concept of "we have it realized in QEMU,...
2016 Nov 24
llvm optimizer turning musttail into tail
I've got some calls like: musttail call void bitcast (i32 (i32, i8*, %Type*)* @MyMethod to void (i32, i8*)*)(i32 %0, i8* %1) ret void Into something like: %8 = tail call i32 @MyMethod(i32 %0, i8* %1, %Type* null) ret void I realize I'm losing a parameter there, but this is an interface jump trick I use and relies on the end code being a 'jmp' (x86). I realize i can probably use noopt & noinline to do this trick, but I do want llvm to optimize and inline calls if it can prove it always calls a given method....
2007 May 15
Purging issue
...rewall/puppet/rules/200]/require: requires File[/etc/shorewall/puppet/rules] debug: //[backupserver-to-host]/File[/etc/shorewall/puppet/rules/200]/notify: subscribes to Component[shorewall-realize[rules]] debug: //[monitoring-to-host]/File[/etc/shorewall/puppet/rules/201]/require: requires File[/etc/shorewall/puppet/rules] debug: //[monitoring-to-host...
2007 Jun 16
facter lsb* on Fedora
I just realized that if you don''t have redhat-lsb on your (Fedora 7) box, all those lsb* facts don''t show up. Should I make redhat-lsb a requirement for the facter rpm to guard against that ? David
2011 Feb 26
A problem about realized garch model
Hi, I am trying to write the Realized GARCH model with order (1,1) The model can be describe bellow: r_t = sqrt( h_t) * z_t logh_t = w + b*logh_(t-1) + r*logx_(t-1) logx_t = c + q*logh_t + t1*z_t +t2*(z_t ^2 -1) + u_t and z follow N(0,1) , u follow N(0, sigma.u^2) But I''m troubled with the simulation check for my code....
2007 Oct 02
Just a quick thanks for all being here. I started to type up a message and realized my problem, so instead I'm saying thanks for all the good information you all pass through my mailbox every day and giving me a place to realize my error before I even ask the question. -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: http://lists.digium....
2012 Jun 15
cross server dependancies
I have an application package that needs to be installed on certain application servers but before it can be installed, database access has to be setup on a database server. I have figured out how to export a resource on the app server that gets collected and realized on the database server, but I cannot figure out how to make the package on the app server depend on the exported resource that gets realized on the database server. I have tried something like this: @@numerex_percona::database_grant { $::mysql_hostname: > user => ''r...
2012 Aug 30
ZFS ok for single disk dev box?
...r PC and was thinking about loading Solaris on it for a development box since I use Studio @work and like it better than gcc. I was thinking maybe it isn''t so smart to use ZFS since it has only one drive. If ZFS detects something bad it might kernel panic and lose the whole system right? I realize UFS /might/ be ignorant of any corruption but it might be more usable and go happily on it''s way without noticing? Except then I have to size all the partitions and lose out on compression etc. Any suggestions thankfully received.