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2018 Feb 09
Covariates in fuzzy RDD with rddtools
Hello! I am having trouble including covariates in a fuzzy RDD model in R with rddtools. I run the following commands: library(rddtools) data.complete2 <-, GR.rate, fitval.firstStage)) colnames(data.complete2) <- c("GDPpc.rel", "GR.rate", "FitTreat") data.RDD<-rdd_data(x=data.complete2$GDPpc.rel, y=da...
2018 Feb 18
Instrument in rddtools
Hello! I have encountered some problems in implementing the function "rdd_reg_lm" (for the fuzzy case) in the rddtools R package. By looking at the function, I understood that an IV regression is actually implemented automatically by the function but I did not understand where to specify the instrument to be used to clear my treatment variable from endogeneity. The command I used to perform the regression is the f...