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2018 Feb 09
Covariates in fuzzy RDD with rddtools in a fuzzy RDD model in R with rddtools. I run the following commands: library(rddtools) data.complete2 <-, GR.rate, fitval.firstStage)) colnames(data.complete2) <- c("GDPpc.rel", "GR.rate", "FitTreat") data.RDD<-rdd_data(x=data.complete2$GDPpc.rel, y=data.complete2$GR.rate, z=data.complete2$FitTreat, covar=dummytime, cutpoint = 0.75) data.RDD1<-rdd_data(x=data.complete2$GDPpc.rel, y=data.complete2$GR.rate, z=data.complete2$FitTreat, covar=cbind(dummytime, dummyreg), cutpoint = 0.75) reg_para <- rdd_r...
2018 Feb 18
Instrument in rddtools
...derstand where to specify the instrument to be used to clear my treatment variable from endogeneity. The command I used to perform the regression is the following: rdd_reg_lm(rdd_object=rdd_gr, covar.opt = list(strategy = "include"), order = 4) where rdd_gr is defined as: rdd_gr <- rdd_data(x= GDPpc_rel, y= GR.rate, data=data.complete1, covar=Z0, cutpoint = 0.75, z= Treat) Any help would be very appreciated! [[alternative HTML version deleted]]