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2012 Sep 19
Rcmd check problem
...with R 2.15.1 32bit and win7. I basically follow the routine in Steven Mosher's blog After I fixed the path, and built the skeleton of the package, I started command prompt and used the following commands in building my package Rcmd check myPackageName Rcmd build myPackageName Rcmd check myPackageName.tar.gz Rcmd INSTALL --build myPackageName.tar.gz Rcmd check The last check command return me an error Rcmd check Error in rawToChar(block[seq_len(ns)]) : embedded nul in string: 'P...
2004 May 27
Rcmd check, windows xp, perl (2)
Thank you for your help. I??m sorry that I found not the right entries in the R-devel. Now, I have again a problem. After installing all needed things I have run Rcmd INSTALL -l ../mypkg and respectively make mypkg By running Rcmd check I get following message: * checking for working latex ...Error: environment variable TMPDIR not set (or set to unusable value) and no default available. At D:\Programme\R\rw1090\share\perl/R/
2003 Feb 11
Problems with Rcmd check on Win 2000 & rw1062
When I run Rcmd check on a package on my Windows 2000 machine, I get a series of error messages like the following: * checking generic/method consistency ...c:\DOCUME~1\R5018~1.WOO\LOCALS~1\Temp/R utils138414013: cannot open c:DOCUME~1R5018~1.WOOLOCALS~1Temp/Rin138408157: no s uch file It looks as if...
2006 Jul 08
strange limitation on rcmd()
The manual page says, that rcmd() is only to be used by root''s processes. On other OSes (Solaris, AIX), trying to call rcmd() without being root simply fails. FreeBSD, however, tries to be helpful and invokes rcmdsh in this case, which is inefficient and leaves the stderr''s filedescriptor (fd2p) unfilled. W...
2006 Oct 12
Rcmd not working on Windows
I changed the path to include C:\Program Files\R\R-2.3.1\bin, but Rcmd check [package] just returns an error: 'Rcmd' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. Any ideas? I want to be able to compile this package on Windows. [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2001 Sep 19
Building a dll for windows
...mentation. I want to build a dll for windows from a fortran program to be loaded with dyn.load. I can do it easily for linux with: g77 -shared -o foo.dll foo.f The g77 compiler (mingw-1.01) for windows does not recognise the -shared option. In windows the Writing extensions manual tells to use Rcmd SHLIB but I can't find Rcmd Any help would be appreciated. Victor Moreno Catalan Institute of Oncology -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- r-help mailing list -- Read Send "in...
2001 Dec 11
Rcmd SHLIB problem
Dear R-help, I'm having problem creating a dll using Rcmd SHLIB with R-1.3.1 on WinNT4: C:\TEMP>Rcmd SHLIB tryf.o make[1]: `libR.a' is up to date. make: *** No rule to make target `'tryf.o', needed by `tryf.a'. Stop. C:\TEMP>Rcmd SHLIB tryf.f make[1]: `libR.a' is up to date. make: *** No rule to make target `'tryf.o',...
2001 Dec 11
Rcmd SHLIB problem
Dear R-help, I'm having problem creating a dll using Rcmd SHLIB with R-1.3.1 on WinNT4: C:\TEMP>Rcmd SHLIB tryf.o make[1]: `libR.a' is up to date. make: *** No rule to make target `'tryf.o', needed by `tryf.a'. Stop. C:\TEMP>Rcmd SHLIB tryf.f make[1]: `libR.a' is up to date. make: *** No rule to make target `'tryf.o',...
2013 Feb 26
R documentation, how to force Rcmd Rd2pdf to automatically break an overfull line in examples R-like section?
Hi all, My package passed Rcmd check successfully. but in constructed PDF format of R documentation, within the examples section, half of the line (R code) is out of the paper. I also found another CRAN submitted package, ftsa , that suffer from overfulling in a line too, see ftsa Reference manual. I guess this problem roots...
2004 Sep 28
package error message
Hi, I am trying to make my own package in Windows XP with R 1.9.1. using Rcmd build/ Rcmd. The initial Rcmd build compiles ok with no error messages. However, when I run Rcmd check it runs ok up until * checking for file 'GammaTest/DESCRIPTION' ... OK * checking if this is a source package ... OK * checking whether package 'GammaTest' can be instal...
2003 Feb 19
Rcmd check does not recognize formal generic function as code object
Dear all, I am trying to write a package using formal methods and classes from the methods package. I have not been able to get the package to pass rcmd check without warnings, because rcmd check does not recognize my generic functions as code objects and therefore queries why they have documentation entries. I have isolated the problem in a very small trivial example which I give below. I have one file test.R in the R directory and one file t...
2004 Oct 17
question about Rcmd SHLIB
Dear R-people: I tried to create a shared library in Windows XP. However I got error messages which attached below: C:\lasso>Rcmd SHLIB all.f cox.f gcc all.o libR makeMakedeps all.dll -o all gcc.exe: libR: No such file or directory gcc.exe: makeMakedeps: No such file or directory make: *** [all] Error 1 I have created shard libraries successfully before. Also for the same fortran files: all.f cox.f, I can create the obj...
2005 Oct 13
RCMD help
Hi dears, I have difficulty to build a package ! I use Windows XP HOME, with and Intel PVI 2.66Ghz processor and 512MB of memory I use RCMD check pyra1 and I got this : * using log directory 'C:/DOCS/R/pyra1.Rcheck' * using * checking for file 'pyra1/DESCRIPTION' ... OK * checking extension type ... Package * this is package 'pyra1' version '1.0' * checking if this is a source package .....
2002 Aug 24
link my own C library using Rcmd SHLIB
Hi All, I have already used gcc to creat a library, for example, it is called "test.a", which includes many c objects. How to link my main "a.c" function to this library when I used Rcmd SHLIB to complier my main c program? I tried "Rcmd SHLIB a.c test.a". It does not work this way. Does anyone have idea about this? Thanks, Xiaoping -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- r-help mailing list -- Read
2001 Dec 14
PATCH: Kerberos password authentication w/o KDC verification
Folks: We use an old AFS cell with Kerberos 4. Our use of Kerberos 4 is fairly limited; we have never needed to implement rcmd host principals for most of our systems. Indeed, given that Kerberos 4 strips off the domain name portion of a hostname when determining the rcmd instance, we would not be able to do this, since we do have duplicate hostnames in multiple subdomains. For AFS password authentication, OpenSSH fi...
2006 Aug 19
problem with Rcmd check and fortran95, makefile
...e export table, hence I can use the dll in R. But as it should become part of a package I wrote the simple src/Makefile F95=g95 prog: test90.f90 $(F95) -shared -o test90.dll test90.o test90.f90: test90.f90 $(F95) -c test90.f90 which looks totally equal to the 2 commands above. If I run now Rcmd check --no-latex test90 Rcmd install test90 then test90.dll is made but the export table is empty and therefore in R the functions cannot be loaded. Any idea? Can it be that Rcmd gives further flags to the compiler/linker? Any hints appreciated Meinhard Ploner South Tyrol (Italy) PS The fo...
2003 Jun 25
Rcmd SHLIB on Windows
...ow for the analysis in R. It consists of an R script (autolog.R) that calls a compiled Fortran script (combo.o). I am supposed to use "dyn.load' to load the fortran script. To do this in R I realize that I need to create a dll for combo.o and that this is supposed to be done using "Rcmd SHLIB combo.f". This is where I run into problems. I have read the "readmepackages.txt", and done all that I believe applies to me: installed PERL, MingGW (fortran compiler), Prof. Ripley's Tools package and set PATH environment variable for all. Then when I ran "Rcmd SHL...
2013 Nov 12
What graphics device settings are used by Rcmd check ?
I'm on Windows 7. When I do Rcmd check pkg, I get this error from a .Rd file: Error in : plot region too large Using the windows() and pdf() devices in interactive mode, the code in the .Rd file works just fine. I'm wondering if the graphics device settings are the culprit and am trying to find the settings used b...
2001 Jan 25
rcmd build
I''m having trouble building a package (named reap) under R1.2.1 Windows2000. I successfully ran d:\R\src\library rcmd check reap but when I run d:\R\src\library rcmd build reap I get the message: Please set TMPDIR to a valid temporary directory I''ve tried setting TMPDIR to d:/temp via: 1) My Computer properties environment variables, 2) at the command line, 3) in Rprofile, and 4) in .Renviron with...
2005 Sep 19
pam and sasl2-sample-server failure
...eshooting pam. Any PAM wizzes out there that can help? I saw a unrelated post talking about something needing to be in the pam sasl group. Had no idea what that meant. sasl ins't a user, or group. I setup and try saslauthd -m /var/run/saslauthd -a pam -d sasl2-sample-server -s rcmd -p 8000 sasl2-sample-client -s rcmd -p 8000 -m LOGIN If I set "-a shadow" it works. So I assume I have saslauthd working at least. But, if I set "-a pam" as listed above, it fails I believe it may be a PAM issue, could be sasl, but I'm hoping maybe someone will...