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2007 Jun 09
zfs reports small st_size for directories?
Why does ZFS report such small directory sizes? For example, take a maildir directory with ten entries: total 2385 drwx------ 8 17121 vmail 10 Jun 8 23:50 . drwx--x--x 14 root root 14 May 12 2006 .. drwx------ 5 17121 vmail 5 May 25 18:16 .Trash drwx------ 5 17121 staff 6 Jun 9 00:01 .testing -rw------- 1 17121 staff 0 Jun
2011 Oct 25
difficulties with MuMIn model generation with coxph
...quot; ##RCode #read in the data >data1<-read.table('MaleData500.csv', sep=',', header=T) survival<-Surv(data1$, data1$Died) #create the full (global) model, a coxph object >globemodel<-coxph(survival~ edgeden + pctroad + pctcc90+ pctcc80 + pctcrsog + ravine + canfrag + pctoldc, data=data1) #evaluate all subsets of models using dredge >exhausting<-dredge(globemodel, eval=TRUE, fixed=c("pctroad"),m.max=3, marge.ex=TRUE, rank="AICc") Error in UseMethod("logLik") : no applicable method for 'logLik' appli...
2007 Jun 08
netbsd client can mount zfs snapshot dir but it never updates
My Solaris 10 box is exporting a ZFS filesystem over NFS. I''m accessing the data with a NetBSD 3.1 client, which only supports NFS 3. Everything works except when I look at the .zfs/snapshot directory. The first time I list out the .zfs/snapshot directory, I get a correct listing of the contents. An hour later, when a snapshot has been deleted and a new one created, I still
2004 Mar 25
"net rpc vampire" case sensitivity problem
We just migrated a small network from a Win2K PDC to Samba, using "net rpc vampire" into a tdbsam backend on a Samba 3.0.2a Linux box. One of the users, let's call him Jon Harker, had the NT username "JHarker". When we ran "pdbedit -v jharker", we saw this: Unix username: JHarker NT username: JHarker Well, that looks wrong - the NT
2004 Mar 22
problem with local logon using roaming profiles
I\'ve set up a samba 3 PDC which seems to be running perfectly fine. All workstations can log in properly and roaming profiles also works as expected. One of the workstations, a laptop, is on the road from time to time and therefor I naturally disconnected it from the network and did a routine logon to the domain i had setup before releasing it into the wild again. The logon failed... I had