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2009 Jun 10
License quandry in the Fedora sub-space of all R packages
...dora view of the world. I extract those in the troublesome subset up top in this email, and note the complete list of my packaging delendency tree after my signature Let me take a moment, by the way, and commend the fine work of Pierre-YvesChibon [pingou -at- fedoraproject -dot- org] and the R2spec package which he has devised and worked on. It made much of my effort possible. Thanks !! I also have adopted the ''tarball release flattening'' approach recommended on the Fedora R mailing list earlier this month, and will probably make a run through the RawHide packagings s...
2013 Mar 27
R 3.0; want to try again?
So with a major new version of R coming along, it seems like a reasonable point at which to try to pick up the "Let''s make a CRAN repo for the red-hat-like folks!" task again. The last time I tried to download Pierre-Yves'' package, I couldn''t get it to run in RHEL5.8; I went down a rabbit hole trying to make changes for my own use. Eventually, I simply