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2006 Aug 25
RJS Error: Element.update is not a function
Hi, I have implemented some RJS code and I have the same exact code in 2 different places. In one place I get the error "Element.update is not a function" and the other place works fine. Any idea why this error is coming? Breaking my head. -Vinod --~--~---------~--~----~------------~-------~--~----~ You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Ruby on
2006 Sep 13
recursive methods for concatenating sets of files files, without providing explicit filenames, perhaps by importing files based on chronology, and translating each filename into a header? Please excuse my ignorance, and help cure my clunky programming (below) with more elegant code. Thanks, Warren data0 <-read.delim("t.txt", quote="", data1 <-read.delim("t (1).txt", quote="", data2 <-read.delim("t (2).txt", quote="", data3 <-read.delim("t (3).txt", quote="", data4 <-read.delim("t (4).txt&...
2011 Jun 06
Merge two columns of a data frame
I have the following data: prefix <- c("cheap", "budget") roots <- c("car insurance", "auto insurance") suffix <- c("quote", "quotes") prefix2 <- c("cheap", "budget") roots2 <- c("car insurance", "auto insurance") roots3 <- c("car insurance", "auto insurance") suffix3 <- c("quote", "quotes") df1 <-
2009 Oct 29
Unknown column 'quotes.organisation_id' in 'where clause': SELECT * FROM `quotes` WHERE (`quotes`.organisation_id = 1036)
Hi, I have a small app that needs to keep track of quotes, and organisations. An organisation can either be the unit who finally receives the goods (the end_user) or and intermediary (customer) (and in some cases both) An Organisation will (hopefully :) ) have many quotes; and a quote can belong to an organisation, either as a customer or as an end_...
2006 May 08
set forign key
hi, got a small problem below and not to sure how to overcome this using rails two tables involved with this projects and quotes each project has a field quote_id as a forign field. When a user is ready to upload a quote they are linked to quotes/new from the show project page. Once the quote is uploaded how can I then set the quote_id field with the correct key? -- Posted via
2010 Feb 12
Why double quote is preferred?
?'`' shows the following: "Single and double quotes delimit character constants. They can be used interchangeably but double quotes are *preferred* (and character constants are printed using double quotes), so single quotes are normally only used to delimit character constants containing double quotes." It is not clear to me why double quote...
2018 Jun 18
incomplete results from as.character.srcref() in some cases involving quote()
Hi, The result of as,character() on 'srcref' objects doesn't have the closing ')' in some cases involving 'quote': > e4 <- quote({2+2}) > class(attr(e4, "wholeSrcref")) [1] "srcref" > as.character(attr(e4, "wholeSrcref")) [1] "e4 <- quote({2+2}" As a result printing the object also lacks it and gives an incomplete expression: > attr(e4, "wh...
2013 Jan 25
read.csv quotes within fields
All, I have some csv files I am trying to import. I am finding that quotes inside strings are escaped in a way R doesn't expect for csv files. The problem only seems to rear its ugly head when there are an uneven number of internal quotes. I'll try to recreate the problem: # set up a matrix, using escape-quote as the internal double quote mark. x <- data.f...
2012 Jul 07
number of decimal places in a number?
Dear R users, I need a function that gets a number and returns its number of actual decimal places. For example f(3.14) should return 2, f(3.142) should return 3, f(3.1400) should also return 2 and so on. Is such function already available in R? If not, could you give me a hint how to achieve that? Many thanks in advance. -----------------------------------------------------------------
2006 Jan 20
HABTM relations
Hi, I have 3 tables with HABTM relation. USERS -> QUOTE_TO_USER <- QUOTES Table QUOTE_TO_USER has 3 attributes: quote_id, user_id, component. I have a form where I can tie multiple users to QUOTE. This is easy one, thru "user_ids" (@quote[:user_ids] = @params[:quote][:user_ids]). In this form I have all users and I just check those I...
2010 Mar 10
log2(quote(1:10)) evaluates the quoted 1:10, log() does not
This is very minor, but shouldn't log2(quote(1:10)) throw an error,the same as log() and other math functions do? It looks like log2 and log10 evaluate a call object instead of throwing a non-numeric-argument error. They do object to non-call language objects, like expressions. > log2(quote(1:10)) [1] 0.000000 1.000000 1.584963 2.0...
2010 Dec 02
Downloading quote data from yahoo finance
Hi R users,   Thanks in advance.   I am using R 2.12.0 on Windows XP.   May I request you to assist me in the following please.   1. I am getting error while downloading quote data from yahoo finance.   The example code is below (taken from tseries help):   library(tseries)   con <- url("") if(!inherits(try(open(con), silent = TRUE), "try-error")) {   close(con)   x <- get.hist.quote(instrument = "^gspc", start =...
2011 Mar 07
Teaching R: To quote, or not to quote?
Hi All, When I teach an intro workshop on R, I've been minimizing "quote confusion" by always using quotes around package names in function calls. For example: install.packages("Hmisc") update.packages("Hmisc") library("Hmisc") citation("Hmisc") search() # displays package names in quotes detach("packages:Hmisc")...
2019 May 24
Bash completion thrown by quoted option args?
Leroy Tennison writes: > I am going to take a really wild guess and say "Try replacing the outermost quotes with single quotes or escape the double quotes around the numeral 1". Your second example has double quotes within double quotes and I'm wondering if that's getting rendered as "yum --debuglevel=" 1 " install ..." (extra space added for emphasis). The...
2006 Jul 09
Has many / belongs to error with mysql
Hi, I''ve got stuck with a problem on my rails app - I''ve created a database for quotes and bookings, with a futher table "eventdetails" (details of a quote or booking) linked one-one for both tables using a polymorphic assciation. This all works, but I am now trying to link a quote to a number of bookings with a has_many and belongs_to (the foreign key is in the booki...
2013 Feb 18
quote() vs quote(expr=)
Hi all, I think there's a small buglet in quote: str(quote()) # Error in quote() : 0 arguments passed to 'quote' which requires 1 str(quote(expr = )) # symbol I bring this up because this seems like the most natural way of capturing the "missing" symbol with pure R code, compared to substitute() or bquote() or formals(plot)$x...
2011 Dec 13
how to manually enter an double quote as data feed?
I'm doing a text mining project where I have to manually enter a double quote as an element inside a vector. I tried char[10]='"'#where i enclosed the double quote in a pair of single quotes. But the result is [1] "\"". Somehow a back slash is added automatically. I also tried to enclose the double quote in a pair of double quotes. That didn...
2019 May 24
Bash completion thrown by quoted option args?
wwp writes: > Hello isdtor, > > > On Fri, 24 May 2019 09:33:55 +0100 isdtor <isdtor at> wrote: > > > Leroy Tennison writes: > > > I am going to take a really wild guess and say "Try replacing the outermost quotes with single quotes or escape the double quotes around the numeral 1". Your second example has double quotes within double quotes and I'm wondering if that's getting rendered as "yum --debuglevel=" 1 " install ..." (extra space added for emphasis). >...
2012 Mar 15
single, double or no quotes in expression
Dear all, I am confused about how to create an expression. I use a package (rsbml) which uses expressions and seems to make a difference if there is a quote around the expression or not. For example, package works with expressions such as > expression(A + B) but not with > expression("A + B") I now have a set of math expressions represented as strings, something like this: > rhs_eq<- c("0", "A + B", "B...
2018 Jul 05
write.table with quote=TRUE fails on nested data.frames
Looks like I?m bumping a lot into unexpected behaviour lately, but I think I found a bug again, but don?t have access to Bugzilla: Write.table (from core-package utils) doesn?t handle nested data.frames well, the quote arguments only marks top-level character (or-factor columns) for quoting, so this fails: df <- data.frame(a='One;Two;Three', b=I(data.frame(c="OtherVal", d='Four;Five;Six', e=4)),...