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2010 Jan 07
Quantreg - ''could not find function"rq"''
Hi all, I''m having some troubles with the Quantreg package. I am using R version 2.10.0, and have downloaded the most recent version of Quantreg (4.44) and SparseM (0.83 - required package). However, when I try to run an analysis (e.g. fit1<-rq(y~x, tau=0.5)) I get an error message saying that the function "rq" could not be found. I...
2005 Feb 22
Having problems with quantreg
Hi All, I''m still having significantly difficulty getting the quantreg library running in R. I''m running R on MEPIS using the debs created by Dirk Eddelbuettel and placed in apt testing. When I try to install quantreg using the install.packages() function it fails with: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lblas-3 Dirk was nice enough to send me a .d...
2006 Jun 07
R crashes on quantreg
I was trying "quantreg" package, lm1 <- lm(y~x) rq1 <- rq(y~x) plot(summary(rq1)) #then got a warning says singular value, etc. but this line can be omited plot(lm1) #crash here It happened every time on my PC, Windows XP Pro Serv. Pack 1, Pentium(4) 3.00G. [[alternative HTML version deleted]] ___________...
2012 Nov 30
quantreg installation and conflicts with R 2.15.2 files over to a new drive. I completely reinstalled R (now 2.15.2) and all my libraries to my computer (Dell Latitude running Windows 7). A few of my previous workspaces (created with R 2.14.1) can''t be restored, reporting an error similar to the one I get when I try to load "quantreg" package which requires "SparseM" (see below). So, not only will "quantreg" not load but some of my workspaces can''t be restored when being loaded (see below). Not sure about what this is about. I asked Roger Koenker, the package maintainer, but he is on t...
2004 May 31
problems with quantreg installation
Hi All: I tried to download and install "quantreg" (a package for doing quantile regression) from CRAN. When I ran install.packages ("quantreg") within an R session, I got the following error message: <----Beginning of error message ---> * Installing *source* package ''quantreg'' ... ** libs g77 -mieee-fp...
2006 Feb 05
how to extract predicted values from a quantreg fit?
Hi, I have used package quantreg to estimate a non-linear fit to the lowest part of my data points. It works great, by the way. But I''d like to extract the predicted values. The help for predict.qss1 indicates this: predict.qss1(object, newdata, ...) and states that newdata is a data frame describing the observation...
2011 Jan 11
Problems producing quantreg-Tables
Hi Folks, I''ve got a question regarding the ''quantreg'' package maintained by Roger Koenker: I tried to produce LaTeX tables using the longtable and dcolumn options as decribed in the manual, but the function latex() doesn''t seem to react on _any_ other options than ''digits'' and ''transpose''. To...
2012 Sep 14
Problem in installing "quantreg" package
Dear Sir /Madam I have a problem in installing quantreg package. I recieve this message “package ‘quantreg’ is not available (for R version 2.13.1). Thanks in adavance for the help. Regards, Ledile Mankga --------------------------------------------------------------------- Ledile Mankga Department of Botany & Plant Biotechnology University of Joh...
2007 May 21
quantreg and sparseM will not load
I have recently started using R and want to use the quantreg (and sparseM) packages. I downloaded the .tar files for each, and placed the subsequent folders into the library folder in the frameworks/R.framework/ resources/library folder with all the other packages. When I try to load either package from the package manager window I get: L...
2009 May 18
Overlay two quantreg coefficients plots
Dear R-mailing list, I would like to overlay to two quantreg coefficients plots. I have plot(summary(rq(ff~tipo,tau = 1:49/50,data=Spilldata))) plot(summary(rq(ff~tipo,tau = 1:49/50,data=Spilldata1))) Is there a possibility to display the two in the same graph? Thank you so much!!! Christian [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2013 Jun 29
Re: Quantile Regression/(package (quantreg))
Mike, Do something like: require(rms) dd <- datadist(mydatarame); options(datadist=''dd'') f <- Rq(y ~ rcs(age,4)*sex, tau=.5) # use rq function in quantreg summary(f) # inter-quartile-range differences in medians of y (b/c tau=.5) plot(Predict(f, age, sex)) # show age effect on median as a continuous variable For more help type ?summary.rms and ?Predict Frank ------------ When performing quantile regression (r package I used quantreg), the...
2007 Jan 10
2 problems with latex.table (quantreg package) - reproducible
Dear all, When using latex.table from the quantreg package, I don''t seem to be able to set table.env=FALSE: when I don''t specify caption (as I think I should, when understanding the R help rightly(?)), I get an error message, and when I do so, of course I get one, as well. The funny thing is, that a table is indeed produced in the...
2012 May 28
R quantreg anova: How to change summary se-type
...tion I want to change the Standard error method used (default: se="nid" leads to mistakes, I prefer se="ker"). Do you know how to handle this information in the anova syntax? Thank you very much Stefan -- View this message in context: Sent from the R help mailing list archive at
2003 Sep 11
Problem in installing quantreg package
I was trying to install package "quantreg" in an R session, but I got the follwing error message: ERROR: cannot write to or create directory ''/usr/lib/R/library''. Can anyone suggest what I need to do to fix it up? Swagata Nandi
2010 Jan 29
R memory issue / quantreg
Hi - I also posted this on r-sig-ecology to little fanfare, so I''m trying here. I''ve recently hit an apparent R issue that I cannot resolve (or understand, actually). I am using the quantreg package (quantile regression) to fit a vector of quantiles to a dataset, approx 200-400 observations. To accommodate some autocorrelation issues, I have to assess significance with randomization. The problem is that I consistently observe what appears to be a memory problem causing an R cra...
2018 Apr 07
Fast tau-estimator line does not appear on the plot
...ign matrix") to track this down.) Thanks for the reprex, though it is highly irregular to intersperse install.packages in code that may be run more than once. ###################### # install.packages( "robustbase" ) # install.packages( "MASS" ) # install.packages( "quantreg" ) # install.packages( "RobPer" ) library(robustbase) library(MASS) library(quantreg) library(RobPer) X <- c(5,3,2,4,7,6,9,3,7,11,1,6,4,5,6,9,4,5,34,2,1,3,12,8,9,7,4,12,19,21) Y <- c(25,24,23,19,17,14,13,14,25,13,17,25,14,13,19,25,16,16,20,21,25,19,12,11,9,28,21,10,2,8) r...
2018 Apr 06
Fast tau-estimator line does not appear on the plot"robustbase") library?(robustbase) reg=lmrob(Y ~ X) abline(reg, col="green") install.packages("MASS")? library(MASS) Huber=rlm(Y ~ X) abline(Huber,col="red") Tukey=rlm(Y ~ X,psi=psi.bisquare) abline(Tukey,col="purple") install.packages("quantreg") library(quantreg) L1=rq(Y ~ X,tau=0.5) abline(L1,col="blue") install.packages("RobPer") library(RobPer) FastTau(Y,X) fast=FastTau(Y,X) abline(unlist(fast), col="yellow") legend("topright",c("OLS",?"L1",?"Huber M-estimator&quo...
2002 Jun 02
quantreg 3.09
A new version of the quantile regression package (quantreg 3.09) is now available on CRAN. The new features include: 1. a new fitting method "fnc" for rq() which allow the call to specify linear inequality constraints on the coefficients. 2. an anova() function for rq objects that implements several F-like tests for quantile regression model...
2006 May 25
Problem with ols in quantreg package
Hello everybody! I am currently using the quantreg package on R 2.2.1. for my diploma thesis and want to create plots with plot.summary.rqs, which should work like this: Usage: plot.summary.rqs(x, nrow=3, ncol=2, alpha = 0.1, ols = TRUE, ...) Arguments: x: an object produced by rq() fitting nrow: rows in mfrow ncol: c...
2008 Jan 28
trouble installing quantreg packages
I am trying to install the "quantreg Package" on MacOSX. When I choose CRAN mirror, it gives me the error: Error in read.dcf(file = tmpf) : Line longer than buffer size In addition: There were 44 warnings (use warnings() to see them) Is there any known current problem with this package? Sincerely Arjun Adhikari -- Doctoral Ins...