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2010 May 04
select tag with unique values from db
Hi. I just want to ask some help regarding my simple project. i''m a rails newbie and right now, quite stuck with this. I have this select_tag in my rhtml.. <%= select_tag ''search[outcome]'', options_for_select(["", "qp1", "qp2", "Not Processed"], (params[:search] && params[:search][:outcome])) %> it works fine. But now, I want to get the distinct values of my options_for_select from my database table, green. how can i do this in my controller and view? thanks. -- Posted via...
2005 Nov 29
Constraints in Quadprog
I'm having difficulty figuring out how to implement the following set of constraints in Quadprog: 1). x1+x2+x3+x4=a1 2). x1+x2+x5+x6=a2 3). x1+x3+x5+x7=a3 4). x1+x2=b1 5). x1+x3=b2 6). x1+x5=b3 for the problem: MIN (x1-c1)2+(x2-c2)2+...+(x8-c8)2. As far a I understand, "solve.QP(Dmat, dvec, Amat, bvec, meq=0, factorized=FALSE)" reads contraints using an element-by-element