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2006 Aug 07
Unit testing diffculty
ok, let me show you my "products" fixtures file: ram: id: 1 title: RAM description: ECC RAM Registered, 512MB image_url: images/test.jpg price: 29.95 date_available: 2005-01-25 00:00:00 busted_arsehole: id: 2 title: Busted Arsehole description: I have an arsehole, it is-e busted image_url: images/test.jpg price: 999.95
2006 Aug 15
Is there any recent good guide on how to use ActiveLDAP? Thanks, Petr -- Posted via
2006 Aug 03
Convert currency into number
1) A user enters $100 into a textfield and submits, I need to strip off the $ sign before it gets saved to the db. 2) The name of the field is "price", why does params[:price] upon submitting have nil value? -- Posted via