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2020 Jan 11
Unresolved dependencies when upgrade on centOS 8
...en trying to upgrade centOS 8, what should i do to fix this? [root at ws1 ebedsat]# dnf upgrade Last metadata expiration check: 0:14:27 ago on Sat 11 Jan 2020 12:16:02 PM WIB. Error: Problem 1: cannot install the best update candidate for package kmod-iwlegacy-0.0-1.el8.elrepo.x86_64 - nothing provides kernel >= 4.18.0-147.el8 needed by kmod-iwlegacy-0.0-2.el8_1.elrepo.x86_64 - nothing provides kernel(__pci_register_driver) = 0xe85eaefe needed by kmod-iwlegacy-0.0-2.el8_1.elrepo.x86_64 - nothing provides kernel(pci_unregister_driver) = 0x4883cfc3 needed by kmod-iwlegacy-0.0-2.el8_1.elrep...
2006 Sep 28
What does "State group failed" mean?
One one of my new vmware guests... puppetd -v spits out a bunch of err & warnings about "State group failed"... what does this mean? <snip> info: Caching configuration at /var/lib/puppet/localconfig.yaml err: Could not create root: Could not find a default provider for group warning: file=/etc/yum.repos.d/: State group failed: Could not find a default provider for group err: Could not create root: Could not find a default provider for group warning: file=/etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-gadmin: State group failed: Could not find...
2009 Feb 09
Mapstraction v2 architecture demo - work in progress
...'s not actually working yet, I thought I''d give you a first glance. The core mapstraction stuff is about 1800 lines with the Google implementation code adding another 500. Original mapstraction is 5353 lines so we''re looking at 5800 for this version if you were to include all provider implementations but that''s not the point. The key bits are the helper methods and classes in mxn.js, take a look in the other two files to see how they''re used. Have a look and let me know any thoughts. I''ll try and get it working ASAP but I just wanted to get this ou...
2005 Mar 24
Native Bridging drops call on release
Has anyone experienced a dropped call when bridging? I get an "OK, ready to transfer" from both channels, but when asterisk releases the call, it is dropped immediately by the upstream provider. I've tested against another provider and it works fine, and it also works fine across two different providers, including TO and FROM the one that's acting buggy. Here's a diagram of the my QA testing, where A and B are two IAX2 VoIP service providers: A > A = OK A > B = O...
2006 Nov 27
Incoming calls don't arrive for correct number
I have an asterisk box registering 100 numbers on a voip provider. Numers are: 2546.1000 to 2546.1099 My problem is that every incoming call arrived to number 2546.1099 that is the last number to register on voip provider. The correct is call arrive in destination number. See this exaple: I call to 2546.1000. -- Executing Dial("SIP/25461099-08738060&qu...
2008 Dec 31
custom package provider troubles
I have written a custom package provider for the pkgutil utility on Solaris 10. Pkgutil replaces pkg-get which is not deprecated. All I did was modify the Blastwave provider to use pkgutil instead of pkg- get. I''ve tried two approaches to get the provider on to the client. First, I created a plugin. I created a modu...
2012 Jul 31
Custom Package Provider Issue
I''m running into a weird issue with a custom package provider for PEAR. I''m using the provider I found here<>and the provider itself works fine. I''ve got it stored on the Puppet master under /etc/puppet/modules/...
2006 Oct 14
Problem with two providers:Need to route packets on the interface on which they arrives.
2008 Nov 10
Weird custom type behaviour
...he daemonized puppet, it results in this error: Mon Nov 10 03:50:48 +0000 2008 //Node[ams-proxy-2]/quagga/Quagga::Daemon[zebra]/Quagga_service[zebra] (err): Failed to retrieve current state of resource: No ability to determine if quagga_service exists It seems like this is the provider failing to respond to exists? but that, as far as I can tell, should be provided by parsedfile. Help? Thanks, -Thom --~--~---------~--~----~------------~-------~--~----~ You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Puppet Users" group. To post to this grou...
2015 Oct 13
[PATCH 0/4] rpm: Choose providers better (RHBZ#1266918).
Fix for
2013 May 01
multiple provider for incoming
Matt, At some point you need to consider how much is too much... I run a call center with more then 125 commissioned phone sales reps and more than 60 customer service reps. We run dual servers, fiber from one provider and 6 bonded T1's from another provider. We purchase our so trunks from a wholesale company who is a major provider to resellers. Being so, their network is extremely reliable. However, late last week an upstream/downstream provider had am outage which affected some of our DIDs but not ot...
2006 Sep 11
User provider
Is it possible to override the provider parameter when describing a user? My Ruby skills are quite limited, but it appears that provider is always chosen based on the operating system. I would like to build a user provider that will be almost identical to the objectadd one, but uses cpu[1] to add users and groups to an ldap directo...
2015 Oct 13
[PATCH v2] rpm: Choose providers better (RHBZ#1266918).
This is v2 of the 4/4 patch from the original series. Changes: - memoize the function this time - check packages are installed using rpm_package_of_string However I didn't combine the two case together, because the code is a bit simpler with them separate. Rich.
2009 Aug 25
DTMF duplicated when Waitexten
Hello, I have a problem of DTMF duplication. I receive call from my provider with SIP protocol. These calls pass through an interactive voice menu, using the application Waitexten to enter a client code. The menu works fine, but sometimes I have DTMF duplication that prevent proper code entry. All DTMF come twice. my sip.conf ----------- [general] context=default a...
2020 Apr 06
Outgoing PJSIP using Kamailio
Hello, We have a provider which is using Kamailio as front end. Our asterisk 13/chan_sip server has no problem to register and pass/receive calls form this provider. Now we want to move to asterisk 16/pjsip and face problem. Registration is OK but when we pass a call our INVITE never receive answer from th...
2015 Oct 13
[PATCH 4/4] rpm: Choose providers better (RHBZ#1266918).
In the referenced bug, a customer had installed a web browser called 'palemoon'. The RPM of this web browser provides and requires various core libraries, such as: Provides: # normally provided by 'nss' Requires: # normally provided by 'firefox' Our previous algorithm -- inherited from the days when we used to run 'rpm' commands -- takes every...
2011 Mar 03
SIP Provider Recommendation in US
I am becoming frustrated with our current VOIP provider. Does anyone have any suggestions for a provider that supports asterisk well and provides solid service? has a husge list of providers, but it is impossible to tell the fly-by-night operations from the reputable providers. --Brent -------------- next part -------------- An HTML a...
2011 Jan 10
Multi-provider halp
Hi to the list, I configured a multi-provider setup with /etc/shorewall/providers: Orange 1 1 main eth1 track,balance=1 eth0 Free 2 2 main eth2 track,balance=3 eth0 and /etc/shorewall/tcrules: 2:P
2006 Oct 17
lots of registrations, sip problem
Hello, I've got a problem with connection to my SIP provider. In general, everything works, but I get lots of these messages: Oct 17 19:10:06 DEBUG[29707]: chan_sip.c:11148 handle_request: That's odd... Got a response on a call we dont know about. Cseq 42710 Cmd SIP/2.0 Oct 17 19:10:06 DEBUG[29707]: chan_sip.c:11148 handle_request: That&...
2010 Apr 18
problems originating an outgoing IAX2 call
Dear all i'm trying to originate an outgoing call with the command originate, from Asterisk's CLI i'm typing: CLI> originate IAX2/my-iax-provider/number2call application wait 10 [Apr 18 19:31:12] DEBUG[32331]: chan_iax2.c:4000 create_addr: prepending 40 to prefs -- Call accepted by (format ilbc) -- Format for call is ilbc -- Hungup 'IAX2/my-iax-provider-5647' ... and nothing happend.... the hangu...