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2006 Jul 20
programmatical retrieval of windows event logs from linux
Am a Linux guy and trying to support security monitoring for Windows devices. Am trying to find a programmatic way of pulling security and application logs from Windows machine. OR it can be a push model where windows can generate events/traps. It should all be built-in in windows with no external tool installation. Looks like there is no NATIVE built in asynchronous event reporting from...
2010 Jun 02
Programmatically counting RSpec tests?
If I have an object `obj` that is a SpecTask, and subsequently invoke it, is there a way to programmatically determine the number of tests that were successful, failed, and pending as a result of running that SpecTask? -- John Feminella Principal Consultant, Distilled Brilliance
2006 Apr 03
How do I programmatically send a 404 error
I want to programmatically under certain conditions return a 404 (page not found) error to the browser. How can I do this from my controller? I''m assuming I need to set a header on the reponse obect. However I can''t figure out what the header name is. thanks, scott. -- Posted via http://...
2018 Jan 06
How to programmatically save a web-page using R (mimicking Command+S)
Hi, I would appreciate if someone can give me a pointer on how to save a webpage programmatically using R. For example, let say I have this webpage open in my browser: When manually I save this page, I just press Command+S (using Mac) and then this page get saved in hard-disk Now I want R...
2007 Oct 08
How to get database adapter type programmatically in rails?
Hi,all I am developing a Rails application supporting both Mysql and Oracle. I have to use Native SQL statements some place. While we know the SQL grammar is quite different for Mysql and Oracle, so I have to get database adapter type programmatically in my codes to process different native SQL statements. I haven''t found any document for this situation. After some research, I have found a way to do so like following: if ActiveRecord::Base::connection.is_a? (ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::OracleAdapter) {Process nati...
2018 Jan 06
How to programmatically save a web-page using R (mimicking Command+S)
The 'webshot' package (on CRAN) can do this. Henrik On Jan 6, 2018 05:27, "Christofer Bogaso" <bogaso.christofer at> wrote: > Hi, > > I would appreciate if someone can give me a pointer on how to save a > webpage programmatically using R. > > For example, let say I have this webpage open in my browser: > > > > When manually I save this page, I just press Command+S (using Mac) and > then this page get...
2009 Feb 25
Samba4: programmatic account creation via LDAP (unicodePwd) $charmap = Unicode::Map8->new(''latin1'') or die $!; my $unipwd = $charmap->tou(qq{"$passwd"})->byteswap()->utf16(); But that doesn''t seem to work either. I was wondering if anyone working with samba4 could recommend a way to create users programmatically. If a mechanism does not exist, perhaps someone could point me in the right direction to add the necessary hooks to samab4 to allow it. -- James R. Leu -------------- next part -------------- A non-text attachment was scrubbed... Name: not available Type: application/...
2010 May 19
Programmatic management alternatives of Xen domains
Hello all! We (my colleagues and I) want to integrate Xen into an infrastructure management platform, and would like to programmatically manage Xen domains (creating, querying, migrating, etc.). So I''ve done a small search on the "web" for a Xen API, and I''ve found the following alternatives. Alternatives (are there any other ones?): * XenApi (
2011 Nov 10
programmatic breakpoint for a guest?
...y using libxc or some other api''s to set and respond to breakpoints on a guest vm? If so are there any examples out there? The ability to single step would also be useful in my situation. Note - I''m NOT talking about connecting to a guest with a gdb client - I want to do this programmatically Thanks! -Bob _______________________________________________ Xen-devel mailing list
2008 Oct 18
Problems when programmatically defining examples
Hi, I am trying to code an application that is based on Rspec; I am programmatically building examples, and launching the runner with a custom formatter. Here are the code snippets from my app: Launching the runner: example_groups = test_expectation.example_groups_for(system_state) @output = options = Spec::Runner:...
2007 Nov 25
Set the grid.layout programmatically?
Hello all: Does anyone know if the grid layout function can be set dynamically? For example if I have a column that will be changing as new data is added monthly I would like grid to detect the new data and create another row or column for the new plot on the same window instead of adding the new layout manually. The code below shows a grid.layout of hardcoded two rows and two columns.Thanks
2009 Jun 12
Programmatically copying a graphic to the clipboard
Hi all, Is there a cross-platform way to do this? On the mac, I cando this by saving an eps file, and then using pbcopy. Is it possible on other platforms? Hadley --
2009 Mar 27
Need help on how to programmatically call an extension & test call state
I would be grateful if someone could tell me where to find the docs to get started on the following problem: A program needs to be written to place a SIP call to a certain extension on another Asterisk system, and see whether the call state ratchets up to "ringing", then drop, and take action on the results. Can anyone refer me to the appropriate starting point to read up on this?
2012 Dec 16
Bug: FXTable: programmatic deselection doesn't work as expected.
Hello Lars and company. Was working with FXTable wdiget; what I want to acomplish is that the the table is read only but full full read only, I mean: the user can''t select any cell. Well I realized that it is not possible, so I''ve tried to look for another solutions, and none of them work for me. The one which put me close to the solution was: "when the user select a cell,
2009 May 13
Cucumber + Selenium: Programmatically Starting a Test Server
Hi All, I am trying to learn BDD using the Cucumber framework, and am integrating Selenium for client side tests. I''ve been playing with refactoring my cucumber installation a bit, and have pulled the code to start the selenium server out into a profile-configuration file, similar to env.rb: # start selenium server @@browser ="localhost", 4444,
2007 Mar 29
How to restart server programmatically?
I need to be able to restart my server based on a specific database change. I''ve been trying a call to system("script/process/reaper -a graceful -d dispatch.fcgi") but that raises a transaction error which rolls back the save. I wasn''t aware that after_save would rollback. That''s potentially useful but pretty much not right now. Here''s my code:
2017 Jul 13
Help with R script
...ame: Wk3PackSubYear" [925] "FieldValue: 2017" [926] "FieldName: Wk3Code1" [927] "FieldValue: " [928] "FieldValue: K4" [929] "FieldName: Wk3Code2" [930] "FieldValue: " [931] "FieldValue: Q49" I want this to be programmatically corrected to read as follows: (All consecutive lines starting with FieldValue is cleaned to retain only one line) [922] "FieldName: Wk3PackSubMonth" [923] "FieldValue: Apr" [924] "FieldName: Wk3PackSubYear" [925] "FieldValue: 2017" [926] "Fi...
2013 Oct 30
moving to ENC - how to get all current classes and params
I''m looking to use an external node classifier (ENC) in our environment. What''s the easiest way to programmatically get currently applied classes (and class parameters) for all hosts, with the goal of dumping it into a database for later retrieval by the ENC script? Nodes are currently classified via site.pp. thanks -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Pup...
2016 Apr 04
Evaluating an expression
..."), integer(3), integer(3)) names(df)[2:3] <- paste("var",1:2,sep="") which yields aaa var1 var2 1 a 0 0 2 b 0 0 3 c 0 0 I would not relish having to paste 'integer(3)' 5000 times :( So (I figure) there must be a way to do this programmatically, something akin to exp1 <- paste(rep("integer(3)",2),collapse=',') which looks like it might work: "integer(3),integer(3)" , as in the following df <- data.frame(aaa=xxx, eval(parse(text=exp1))) but this yields Error in parse(text = exp1) : <text>:1:...
2006 Jun 11
Bus Error with Ferret 0.9.3 using the BooleanQuery api
Hey guys, I''ve been trying out ferret 0.9.3 on my powerbook this weekend and I''ve been triggering ''bus errors'' when using the Query API. If I programmatically build up strings, it works just fine. There''s some more information available in the trac ticket Is anyone successfully using the Query API on mac os x? Anything I can do to help debug this? -- Cheers Koz -- Post...