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2006 Jun 02
Maildir, procmail, and locks
I'm using procmail as the local delivery agent for Maildir style mailboxes. I discovered that I was able to send mail to other users but was unable to send mail to myself. Examples from verbose procmail log: **** Successful message to another user **** procmail: [24589] Fri Jun 2 15:03:34 2006 procmail: Assign...
2008 Feb 18
Strange Error
Hello Everybody, I?m trying to make a work with procmail and deliver on Fedora 7. Part of flow are the following: - procmail get the mail from Sendmail - procmail ask to deliver/dovecot if have any retriction (sizer mailbox, etc) - procmail put the mail on inbox user. I had include the following line in the promail config: | "/usr/l...
2009 Jan 16
Procmail + Dovecot
I have been trying to set up procmail but I am running into some issues with using deliver. I am running Debian Etch with Dovecot 1.1.8 compiled from the Debian Experimental source package. ##### Start .procmailrc ##### # System-wide settings for procmail SHELL="/bin/bash" SENDMAIL="/usr/sbin/sendmai...
2014 Jun 20
mail delivery question
I've built a new mail system with Centos 6.5, and I'm running fetchmail - sendmail - procmail to maildir. I have all of this working at the moment.(I know, postfix was the default, but for lots of other reasons, I switched, and that isn't an issue, I don't think). I am using dovecot as an imap server. Procmail won't update indexes during email delivery, so I'm having some p...
2008 Jan 04
Random procmail filter failures.
Hi all, I'm seeing a random issue with my procmail filters (only on email from this list) where once every so often, it will fail to filter a message. I am sorting by the to/cc email address, and this rule works on 99.9% of posts, however every now and again, I see something like this happen: From centos-bounces at Sat Jan...
2014 Nov 21
Centos 6.6 procmail trouble
I have a 6.5 machine that had everything set up and working correctly (fetchmail, sendmail w/ starttls, procmail, spamassassin) but the MB cratered. I bought a new machine, and installed Centos 6.6 and all is not well. I used the config from the previous incarnation (via backups) for fetchmail (works fine), sendmail (works fine for sending via relay and tls), but procmail now refuses to pick up the correct M...
2006 Jul 19
CentOS 4.3/postfix/procmail lock failures
Hello, What is the proper solution to the problem below the sig? For a similar issue, Phillip Guenther, procmail's maintainer, at <> suggests "chmod g+s /usr/bin/procmail", but I'm reluctant. There are also suggestions that in this configuration the packager must make...
2006 Jul 05
Procmail patch for dovecot delivery
Hello! As discussed in the previous thread about "Dovecot deliver logging problem and procmail" I have made a small patch for procmail to deliver through dovecot's deliver program (or any other delivery program). So Procmail does not write the mailboxes directly any more. So delivery is done through pipes and an external program which can deliver the files. Since dovecot's d...
2009 Feb 02
OT: procmail recipe question
I'm trying to use procmail and I'm having trouble getting it to set some headers. I have one mailing list that sets ?Newsgroups: in the header and I want to remove it. I have the following test recipe: :0 * ^Subject:.*\<testing * ^(Mime-Version:|Content-) | formail -IMime-Version: -IContent- If I understand it corre...
2011 Jan 25
flush-btrfs-1 hangs when building openwrt
Hi, Since update to 2.6.37 I can''t build openwrt on my btrfs buildroot anymore. I''m not sure if this is related to the other flush-btrfs-1 thread. plenty of diskspace is free: /dev/mapper/cruor-build 97G 68G 27G 73% /opt/build It always hangs when openwrt builds the ext4 image and runs tune2fs on it.
2009 Dec 28
Dovecot-deliver sometimes fails when message set to discard via sieve
Hi, sometimes mails that i discard via sieve gets delivered to my inbox and i can not figure out why. So i hope you can give me a hint. My setup is: I use a self compiled dovecot 1.2.4 with installed sieve and managesieve plugin. Incoming mails a processed by Postfix and the delivered to Procmail. Procmail invokes Spamassassin and discard all mails marked as spam. The other mails are passed to Dovecot deliver this way: :0 w | /opt/dovecot/libexec/dovecot/deliver For moving mails to subdirectorys this works always, but not for mails that are discard via Sieve. Examples...
2007 Dec 03
procmail/formail --> Maildir
Hello List, i switched mailformat from mbox to maildir. Now i have a little problem with procmail/formail and headermanipulation of mails. Here an example: 0 * ^From.* | (formail -t -I"procmail:") >> /var/spool/mail/xxxxxx So, i can add some different headerlines for later evaluation and the result is attached to inbox. Now i have the problem...
2017 Oct 12
Convert from mbox to Maildir
Hello everybody, I am in the process to install dovecot as an IMAP server. Currently, this system runs postfix and uses procmail for local (mbox style) delivery. Procmail ist started by postfix like this: /etc/postfix/ mailbox_command = /usr/bin/procmail ~/.forward: "|IFS=' ' && exec /usr/bin/procmail -f- || exit 75 # jw" Be...
2008 May 22
procmail --> deliver question
Hi there, I use dovecot-1.1-rc4, got imap, imaps, pop3 & pop3s working fine with the mbox format. I use sendmail-8.14.2 as an MTA, sendmail uses procmail as an LDA. I migrated to maildir format now, and pipe all my mail to deliver right now to be able to make use of the indexing etc... Problem is I run into some errors : #My .procmailrc PATH=/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin SHELL="/bin/bash" SENDMAIL...
2015 Nov 10
* Re: procmail as a content_filter with dovecot
> dovecot supports sieve, so why the need for procmail ? Because I already HAVE procmail recipes and know proemial. The point is to make what I have, work. > On Nov 9, 2015, at 22:49, Benny Pedersen <me at> wrote: > > On November 10, 2015 6:36:00 AM Vicki Brown <vlb at> wrote: > >> Can anyone help? &...
2008 Aug 05
Vacation reply with Procmail and dovecot deliver
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Giving up on the sieve plugin and switching to procmail. I found the following link: This site doesn't saying anything about needing to modify the procmail source code like here: Thos shows how to make procmail work wi...
2018 Jun 21
Imap daemons for CentOS 6 (other then cyrus-imapd)
Are there any imap daemons (besides cyrus-imapd). cyrus-imapd is appearently not compatible with postfix + procmail. I need an imap daemon that will work with a postfix + procmail system. -- Robert Heller -- 978-544-6933 Deepwoods Software -- Custom Software Services -- Linux Administration Services heller at -- Webhosting Services
2015 Nov 10
procmail as a content_filter with dovecot
I am using Mac OS X Server. OS X Server uses postfix with dovecot set as mail_transport. I want to add procmail to the mix. I cannot use the (typical) mailbox_command = procmail -a "$EXTENSION" because mailbox_transport = dovecot overrides any mailbox_command parameter and it is NOT Possible to change, remove, or otherwise vary the mailbox_transport on OS X server. I'm thinking I sho...
2008 Mar 17
problems with postfix->procmail->deliver
Hi all. I'm relatively new to Dovecot, but I really like what I'm seeing so far. I have one problem that I was hoping you could help me with though. I use Postfix for my mail server, then pass that on to procmail for filtering, and finally to deliver to put the mail in the appropriate Maildir folder. However, this isn't working. Postfix passes the mail to procmail correctly, but procmail is failing when it tries to call deliver. My system-wide procmailrc matches the lower one shown here: http:/...
2004 Feb 06
Illegal characters in message names
Hi all I've set up Dovecot to use maildir-storage according to the previous hint from Blair Zajac, and it's working perfectly. However, I still have a problem with the way procmail wants to name the received emails. The following is a slightly modified extract from my logs: procmail: [5373] Thu Feb 5 23:59:14 2004 procmail: Assigning "MAILDIR=/Users/name/Maildir/" procmail: Assigning "ORGMAIL=/Users/name/Maildir/" procma...