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2005 Jan 14
probabilty calculation in SVM
Hi All, In package e1071 for SVM based classification, one can get a probability measure for each prediction. I like to know what is method that is used for calculating this probability. Is it calculated using logistic link function? Thanks for your help. Regards, Raj
2010 Dec 10
survival package - calculating probability to survive a given time
Dear R users, i try to calculate the probabilty to survive a given time by using the estimated survival curve by kaplan meier. What is the right way to do that? as far as is see i cannot use the predict-methods from the survival package? library(survival) set.seed(1) time <- cumsum(rexp(1000)/10) status <- rbinom(1000, 1, 0.5) ##...
2007 Jan 05
Efficient multinom probs
Dear R-helpers, I need to compute probabilties of multinomial observations, eg by doing the following: y=sample(1:3,15,1) prob=matrix(runif(45),15) prob=prob/rowSums(prob) diag(prob[,y]) However, my question is whether this is the most efficient way to do this. In the call prob[,y] a whole matrix is computed which seems a bit of a waste. Is there maybe a vectorized version of dmultinom
2009 Oct 29
correlated binary data and overall probability
..., each=5)), task=as.factor(rep(c(1:5),10))) [this format might be more appropriate:] corr2<-data.frame(ID=as.factor(rep(c(1:10),5)), tablet=as.factor(rep(c(1:5),each=10))) Now, I want to add one column 'outcome' for the binary response: * within each 'task', the probabilty of success (1) is fixed, (say rbinom(x,1,0.7)) * within each 'ID', the outcomes are correlated (say 0.8) How can I generate this column 'outcome' with the given proporties? Many thanks for hints or even code! Regards, Christian --
2017 Aug 24
rmutil parameters for Pareto distribution
...ttps://, it is clear what the parameters are for the pareto distribution: *xmin *the scale parameter and *a* the shape parameter. I am using rmutil to generate random deviates from a pareto distribution. It says in the documentation that the probabilty density of the pareto distribution The Pareto distribution has density f(y) = s (1 + y/(m (s-1)))^(-s-1)/(m (s-1)) where m is the mean parameter of the distribution and s is the dispersion Through my experimentation of using rpareto function from the library using m as the scale paramet...
2011 Aug 31
Weights using Survreg
Dear R users, I have been trying to understand what the Weights arguments is doing in the estimation of the parameters when using the Surreg function. I looked through the function's code but I am not sure if I got it or not. For example, if I inclue the Surv function in it: survreg(Surv(vector, status)~1,weights=vector2,dist="Weibull") will it try to maximize the likelihood with
2010 Mar 02
ZFS Large scale deployment model
We have a virtualized environment of T-Series where each host has either zones or LDoms. All of the virtual systems will have their own dedicated storage on ZFS (and some may also get raw LUNs). All the SAN storage is delivered in fixed sized 33GB LUNs. The question I have to the community is whether it would be better to have a pool per virtual system, or create a large pool and carve out ZFS
2014 Dec 16
[LLVMdev] Lowering switch statements with PGO
> On Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 2:26 PM, Chad Rosier <mcrosier at> > wrote: >> >> > On Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 9:57 AM, Chad Rosier <mcrosier at> >> > wrote: >> >> All, >> >> About two months ago I posted a patch that hoisted the hottest case >> >> statement from a switch statement during
2005 Mar 16
Help regarding persp
........... [,1] [,2] [1,] 0 0 [2,] 0 0 [3,] 0 0 [4,] 0 0 [5,] 0 0 [6,] 0 0 [7,] 0 0 [8,] 0 0 ................... i need to label x axis with scale from 10 to 6000 with length of 10 and y axis with 1 and 2 and z from 0 to 1(probabilty) kindly guide me...(may be i have misunderstood some concepts )... thanks in advance for the help and patience --------------------------------- [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2008 Jun 18
[FreeBSD 6.3] Zaptel stops responding
...d this opportunity to upgrade to Asterisk and Zaptel 1.4.6_5. The hardware is an OpenVox PCI card with a single FXO module. I know, it's not a $200 Sangoma, but then, we only get a few calls/day. Has someone seen this before? Any idea what happened, and what to do to recuce the probabilty that it happens again? For instance, since it's a low-use host, (I don't mind running a CRON job to stop/start the driver a couple of times a day to keep things running. Thanks for any hint.
2014 Dec 23
[LLVMdev] Lowering switch statements with PGO
...; > For example, while building the Huffman tree, propagate various > information up the tree as you build it. Then you can very easily start at > the top of the huffman tree and have all this information available to you > (e.g. "peel off the most probable cases until the relative probabilty has > some relation to the subtree case density"). > > On the other hand (more likely), you could keep the cases ordered (i.e. > not a Huffman tree) and integrate the branch probability info as the extra > data propagated up the tree (along with other stuff); e.g. the max > p...
2008 Jan 14
FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-08:01.pty
...s printed to the users terminal. If a malicious user has read access to a device node with characters in the device name that match the name of a pty, then the malicious user can read the content of the pty from another user. The malicious user can open a lot of tty''s resulting in a high probabilty of a new user obtaining the pty name of a "vulnerable" pty. NOTE WELL: If a user snoops a pty the snooped text will not be shown to the real user, which in many cases mean the real owner of the pty will be able to know the attack is taking place. IV. Workaround Do not run script(1) as...
2011 Feb 02
SVM Prediction and Plot
Hi I'm trying to predict using a model I fitted with SVM. I constructed the model (called Svm) using a training set, and now I want to use a test set (called BankTest) for prediction. The response variable is in the first column of BankTest. > SvmPred = predict(Svm, BankTest[,-1], probability=TRUE) > SvmPredRes = table(Pred = SvmPred, True = BankTest[,1]) I get this error: Error in