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2010 Dec 23
has_many :through full stack help
...first time and having a ton of trouble. I would like to be able to have the user check a checkbox and fill some extra fields for data input. I have tried so many iterations borrowed from different places I found on the web, none seem to work quite right. Essentially I have two models: ''practice'' and ''system'' where a practice can have one or many systems and I have a join model called ''implementation'' where I also store some additional attributes such as who implemented the software and when. I have now rolled all my code back to the basics fol...
2010 Dec 09
Rails 3 Active Record query returns "undefined method `loaded?' for #<Array:0x126a4c>"
I am getting this error on an rspec test: undefined method `loaded?'' for #<Array:0x126a4c> When I call: Practice.includes("practice_members").all Practice has_many :practice_members PracticeMember belongs_to :practice Practice.all returns: [#<Practice id: 6, name: "Practice One", created_at: "2010-12-09 15:40:46", updated_at: "2010-12-09 15:40:46">] Practice...
2008 Oct 01
Newbie:Family Tree Maker 2009 will not execute-Ubuntu Hardy
...n anyone give me guidance on where to begin? (The answer is not going to GRAMPS because I want to solve the FTM 2009 problem) Here is what the terminal run indicates: fixme:virtual:NtAllocateVirtualMemory MEM_WRITE_WATCH type not supported fixme:shell:URL_ParseUrl failed to parse L"Microsoft.Practices.CompositeUI.WinForms" fixme:shell:URL_ParseUrl failed to parse L"Microsoft.Practices.CompositeUI" fixme:shell:URL_ParseUrl failed to parse L"Microsoft.Practices.ObjectBuilder" fixme:shell:URL_ParseUrl failed to parse L"Library" fixme:shell:URL_ParseUrl failed to...
2013 Jun 03
OCFS2 network best practice
Hi, OCFS2 document is well documented that it is best practice to isolate the network heartbeat from other traffic. Question: Is it also best practice to isolate the cluster/ocfs2 heartbeat? Please also can you explain why or why not. Regards, Vijay _______________________________________________ Ocfs2-users mailing list
2015 Jun 16
Best practices for mailbox network file storage?
Is there a current best practice for a shared filesystem backend for mailboxes (in my case, all virtual accounts)?? NFS 3/4, GFS2, GlusterFS, other?? In the case of the latter ones, is the use of Director necessary?? Any specific anti-recommendations?? Also, if it matters, I *think* I want to use BackBlaze racks for storage.?...
2009 Nov 11
software installation - good practice
Howdy, I tend to try out many open source apps/packages - games, editors to media tools. I have a bad habit of downloading and extracting source in the /var/tmp directory and then doing configure-make-install process. I am not sure of best practice (good practices) to be followed when installing any software. For example how and where to keep the src. Any comments and/or resources would be really helpful. - Thanks, CS.
2007 May 11
Quote me on that [puppet best practice]
Another point of disparity between how I see others write Puppet manifests and the Best Practice that I''ve adopted at my institution is the use of quoting. In Puppet, you can get away with not quoting values or references if there isn''t a special character or a keyword being used (e.g. package { openssh: ...} or User[agirl]). However, even though that is possible, to ma...
2003 Aug 13
Extension and phone management best practices??
Hi, I am trying to think of the best way to manage the phone to extension to user relationships in an Asterisk system so I am asking for any input on best practices from thos out there who are running live systems.. the bigger the better... It seems the common practice is to name the config for a phone by its extension number.. So extension 1234 would have its sip.conf entries under [1234].. While this seems to work it does mean you are staying with a tradi...
2020 Nov 06
How to find the root causes of compiler bugs in practice?
Hi, developers, Recently, I read two papers [1], [2] about finding the root causes of compiler bugs. However, I do not find any information in these paper about how compiler developers find the root causes of compiler bugs in practice. So I am curious whether these techniques are useful in practice. For my experience, the outputs of compilers are always used to isolate the causes of compiler bugs, such as the IR after each pass or the backtrace. I am a newbie for LLVM. So I am curious how developers of LLVM or GCC find the roo...
2006 Jun 01
Best practices?
I just saw a mail about the best practices of something or other, and I was wondering is there a place where Ruby and RoR best practices can be found? Phil J. -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2007 Apr 20
Mongrel cluster log rotation best practices
OK, maybe not even best practices, but at least, tested practices. >From my reading thus far, it is evident I shouldn''t use Rails to handle mongrel log rotation. Fine, I''m sold on that. The advice I''m seeing says that that one should use an external script to do this. So my question is, what are p...
2013 Oct 17
Access PBX from internet - best practice
Hello, I have a question about best practice (or recommended practice) for allowing SIP registrations from the Internet. This is what I was thinking of implementing: 1. Use OpenSips for the SBC, enable SRTP and TLS 2. Allow limited access to the actual Asterisk PBX (behind firewall) via OpenSips Is there anything that I am missing that...
2006 Jan 17
Rails Best Practices Page
Hey, I have been progressively learning more and more rails each day (from both a current project, reading the agile book, and this list). Does anybody think it would be beneficial to have kind of like a rails "Best Practices" page that lists some of the better ways of handling certain functions of rails (that are common in most apps) that are both more elegant, and efficient. For example a lot of people are unware of the :include part of a find, or maybe even using collection_of_partials. maybe taking the 10-2...
2013 Sep 08
best practice to have sent mail folder on dovecot imap server
I've already asked this here: folder-on-dovecot-imap-server Hi, when I add a mail account to KMail (or most other MUA I suppose) the sent mail folder is on the local machine and I don't have my sent mails on other machines. I'd like to have a sent mail folder in IMAP and I thought that there wou...
2011 Sep 12
barplot in hexagram layout
...were a clock, the blocks would be at 12, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 o'clock). Is this possible with R? I do not know java or c++ to make this with GUI, so I have been doing it in R instead and it has worked great, except now I need to change the layout just a bit. Thank you, Adele ----- In theory, practice and theory are the same. In practice, they are not - Albert Einstein -- View this message in context: Sent from the R help mailing list archive at
2007 Mar 01
IAX best practices
Hi guys, I am planning to connect two Asterisk boxes that are currently running in two different countries, using IAX. I was wondering if anyone could provide me with some links or suggestion regarding best practices in connecting two Asterisk in such way. I guess many of you have already tried this, and already have some know-how (what I should be careful about, what to avoid, etc...)? Regards, Alex
2007 May 11
Trailing commas [best practice survey]
I''m sure everyone has read and committed the Puppet Best Practice to memory by now (I joke). One of the things I''ve written in there deals with trailing commas, which I adopted from the way I used to do multiline in Perl, but I''ve noticed that most people don''t tend to do that in Puppet. Should I revise this or should we all start...
2010 Apr 23
/etc/passwd, shadow, group, hosts
Hello All, I''m new to puppet, and I''d like to know: Is there a formal best practices guide for syncing { /etc/passwd, shadow, group, hosts} across clients from the master? For instance; is it a better practice to make a hard link to these files and share the link, as opposed to just sharing the files directly via a target in fileserver.conf? Inquiring minds want to know....
2017 Feb 27
kernel update/reboot best practice question
...or some system level (say, CentOS 6) was released, then it is quite likely that there will be yet one more kernel update for the same system level 3-5 days later. As if the kernel is first patched quick and dirty, then more careful and comprehensive work is done. Not that I would disagree with this practice, to the contrary, from some prospective it makes a lot of sense to me. I wonder what best practices everybody follows: do you tolerate two reboots separated by few days, or you wait till final kernel update comes, and reboot only once then? Thanks a lot for your insights! Valeri ++++++++++++++...
2020 Jul 08
server setup best practices
Everyone, I am in the process of migrating over a samba Linux VM from an openvz based system to a vmware based system.? I am migrating over these services: apache samba rsync (daemon via xinetd) I'm trying to improve my documentation and I want to make a linux vm best practices SOP that can be used as the template for all new server setups.? Does anyone have any similar kinds of documentation that they would be willing to share (excluding confidential / credentials, etc) Chris