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2010 Jan 03
Interpreting coefficient in selection and outcome Heckman models in sampleSelection
...example, age might have a positive effect on probability of selection, but then a negative effect on the outcome variable. i.e. Model<-selection(participation~age, frequency~age, ...) Documentation elsewhere describes one method for doing this in Stata based on Sigelman and Zeng: - see page 16. I'd like to replicate this in r, but wanted to check I'm not reinventing the wheel, before doing so. Any help is much appreciated. Best regards Mark [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2006 Aug 25
horizontal direct product
...when x and y are two by two but this won't generalize with larger matrices. Any ideas about whether this can be done with existing R functions in a general way short of writing my own function? Thanks Luke Luke Keele Department of Political Science Ohio State University [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2003 Sep 17
Date on x-axis of xyplot
...}, ) ) What am I missing? Thanks! Charles /****************************************** ** Charles H. Franklin ** Professor, Political Science ** University of Wisconsin, Madison ** 1050 Bascom Mall ** Madison, WI 53706 ** 608-263-2022 Office ** 608-265-2663 Fax ** mailto:franklin at (best) ** mailto:chfrankl at (alt) ** ******************************************/
2011 Jun 07
Cleveland dot plots
I would rather use cleveland dot plots than bar charts to display my study results. I have not been able to find (or figure out) an R package that is capable of producing the publication quality dot charts Im looking for. I have either not been able to get error bars (lattice), cannot order the data display properly (latticeExtra), or cannot make adjustments to axes. Does anyone have a quick