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2006 Aug 25
Quickie : unload library
Dear list, I know it must be obvious and I did my homework. (In fact I've RSiteSearched with keyword "remove AND library" but got timed out.(why?)....) How do I unload a library? I don't mean getting ride of it permanently but just to unload it for the time being. A related problem : I have some libraries loaded at startup in .First() which I have in .Rprofile. Now, I exited R
2007 Apr 25
How to identify and exclude the outliers with R?
Hello, everyone, I want to ask a simple question. If I have a set of data,and I want to identify how many outliers there are in the data.Which packages and functions can I use? Thanks. Shao chunxuan. [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2010 Mar 22
Add title to color spectrum legend in xyplot
Hi, I have a plot that is essentially the same as that in Figure 5.6 of "Lattice - Multivariate Data Visualization with R". The key difference is that I would like to add a title to top of the grey color spectrum legend, but have thus far been unsuccessful. I've tried a variety of options, but to no avail. I'm new to R, and admittedly I don't understand the
2010 Jul 29
Crash report: projection pursuit & predict
Folks, The projection pursuit regression function in the base R seems to crash when the optimization level is set to zero, i.e. the initial ridge terms are accepted without refitting. I encountered this problem in an out-of-sample prediction exercise using predict. But further investigation suggests the issue is with the ppr fit and predict just sppeds up the crash. The other optlevels seem to be
2008 May 12
RPM-style install (SLED 10.1)
I am trying to install R on a SLED 10.1 machine. R-base-2.7.0-7.1-i586.rpm fails with stas at linux-6b8s:~/RPMs> rpm -Uvh R-base-2.7.0-7.1.i586.rpm warning: R-base-2.7.0-7.1.i586.rpm: Header V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 14ec5930 error: Failed dependencies: is needed by R-base-2.7.0-7.1.i586 I tried to trick it into believing there's the library by setting
2010 Jun 08
type conversion with apply or not
Folks, i thought it should be straightforward but after a few hours poking around, I decided it's best to post my question on this list. I have a data frame consisting of a (large) number of date columns, which are read in from a csv file as character string. I want to convert them to Date type. Following is an example, where the first column is of integer type, while the rest are type
2002 Jul 11
Sorry about that-New way to run Rsync on OSX
...BCcFAfsRM6cSVksoREQSTy > > UyZgchOPFxBM4VAwEXxLcRV34mG0d0N74jUiBihEVBdjcxUiojaCQjZCVDly40R541hDORq/kHUZ > > kguOkUXiNziHAzhQ6Tef0Qx+I0bT4De4eBmWxBjaoZXVsVW7wjy7g0ZJ5T2pwzv/u/IbsKEutWId > > CGBIXVYBEYBVAahlFaBVdlmAaDQZrhBJbKVUYKlZvIIe40KLHNUuCxNnnEQg10NLUXZ/1JEg/pGN > > AUJ9sSRYzEJLsrSZxcIaukE5vbRkUpV0vQJEhlIXyHQzKSJBCVGD10Q0PNg/RwI/2TQSRmMR/PVM > > 7tMxUWN6EqECS6ICc5IxoUc0BLQyRRIXMYEkxblQFjQxaFgyCwGGCYaESeOPKBE1LBFb7dN4IZmP > > AKFPBmGEl/cjMwQVMtQkGXUQcUJRxbdDEhUnYNMcZTMY23gtqGQbLlYBI7ACJ7BYkwhFS3Q3cqM9 > > lnGXSTkqUWkA...
2020 Feb 27
[PATCH] Update the 5 year logo to 10 year logo
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2007 Aug 21
pvals.fnc unhappy about lmer objects
Dear folks (or Dear Professor Bates), I'm quite confused as to the current status of some of the available functions applicable to lmer objects. Following the examples in Baayen, Davidson, Bates (2006), my plan is to run mcmcsamp on a random effect model created by lmer in package lme4, then use the (perhaps outdated) pvals to estimate p-value. But then I couldn't find pvals anywhere.
2006 Aug 18
Also in 1.0RC7, Beginner Help with a fatal error in a first Basic Install
Thinking that the issue with libssl is an artifact of the unstable branch, I've just tried, a reproduced the problem with, v10.rc7. Thank you. Paul -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: <>
2006 Aug 20
(resolved) Re: Beginner Help with a fatal error in a first Basic Install
Hello Richard, On 8/19/06, OpenMacNews <openmacnews at> wrote: > > > dovecot: Aug 18 07:06:50 Error: IMAP(paulg): dyld: Library not loaded: > > /usr/local/ssl/lib/libssl.0.9.8.dylib > > i've had these same > can't-find-libssl-even-though-i'm-staring-right-at-it probelms in dovecot. > > after a little poking in
2006 Apr 24
Modeling inverse relationship with copula
Dear r list, I posted this on the S list last week since i'm using some of the FinMetrics functions on copula. Knowing there is a copula package in R, I figure this would be an appropriate forum to ask this question. I want to model inverse relationship between two (non-normal, non-symmetric) marginals with the gumbel copula, or with any copula. Say, x is lognormal and y is norm. Since
2006 Aug 18
Beginner Help with a fatal error in a first Basic Install
...iecing together suggestions from other on the list, and out on the web. In dovecot.conf, I have added, default_mail_env = maildir:/var/Dovecot/%d/Accounts/%1u/%u/Maildir:INDEX=/var/Dovecot/indexes/%d/%n auth default { mechanisms = plain user = pgnmail passdb passwd-file { args = /etc/imap.passwd } userdb static { args = static uid=99 gid=99 home=/var/Dovecot mail=maildir:%h/%d/Accounts/%1u/%u nice=10 } } My User+Passwd DB file is /etc/imap.passwd paulg:{PLAIN}testpass:99:99::/va...
2006 Jun 29
Biobass, SAGx, and Jonckheere-Terpstra test
Hi list, I tried to load the package SAGx and failed because it complains it's looking for the Biobass which is not there. Then I looked up the package list and Biobass is not found. I'm trying to run the Jonckheere-Terpstra test and from what I see in the R archive, SAGx is the only place it's been implemented. > library(SAGx) Loading required package: multtest Loading required