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2013 Apr 24
pglm package: fitted values and residuals
I'm using the package pglm and I'have estimated a "random probit model". I need to save in a vector the fitted values and the residuals of the model but I can not do it. I tried with the command fitted.values using the following procedure without results: library(pglm) m1_S<-pglm(Feed ~ Cons_PC_1 + im...
2013 May 10
PGLM Package: Starting Values for Within-Model
I am currently using the PGLM package and I would like to implement a within-model. Unfortunately, I do not succeed as I am not a big expert in panel regression. I am using the example data set from the PGLM package: library(pglm) data('Unions', package = 'pglm') anb <- pglm(union~wage+exper+rural, Unions,...
2010 Jul 15
Warning message in summary of PGLM
Dear Sir, When requesting the summary of pglm analyses in R, I encounter repeatedly the following warning message: "Warning message: In pf(Fstat, object$k - 1, object$n - object$k, ncp = 0, lower.tail = FALSE, : full precision was not achieved in 'pnbeta'" This message appears both with the pglm estimate of Lambda a...
2013 May 17
n in pglm() and relogit()
Dear all, How do I obtain the number of countries that my panel models estimated by pglm() and relogit() (the latter one is in the Zelig library) use? I couldn't find any information on that in the help files. Thank you very much in advance. Best wishes
2017 Mar 22
GLM con clusters
Gracias a todos por sus respuestas, perdón si no fui muy claro. Lo que intento replicar es un análisis realizado en Stata, tengo que hacer los mismos cálculos pero en el r. En Stata lo que se hizo fue: xi: logistic i.coord i.v11_sexo, vce (cluster red) *Vce (cluster clustvar) especifica que los errores estándar permiten la correlación intragrupo, relajando el requisito habitual de que las