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2007 Sep 26
How to set VMX trap on a perticular Memory Page
I am trying to locate the code (xen hypervisor or dom0) where xen is configuring to hide the physical phages (MMIO or other physical pages) from domain(s). This way CPU generates pagefault when domain tries to access them, which causes VMExit to occur. In otherwords, there may be some where we must be registering pages to hide from domain. ????? I do know where it gets handled
2007 Oct 19
Tc Filter - Port Ranges Calculate Mask Value
Hi, I need to support port ranges in tc filter rules. I know how to formulate the rule but , I am not able to understand how to calculate the mask value for a perticular range so as to segregate the port values that lie within this range . I got the following sample "tc filter add dev eth1 parent 1:1 protocol ip prio 10 u32 match ip sport 0x1ae0 0x1ff0 flowid 1:10 This rule will match all ports from 6880 to 6895. " This rule correctly matches port rang...
2005 Nov 23
How to add a logon Script in Windows 2003 Domain
...t.. in windows 2003 Domain... i need to know where i have to place my script.. (in which folder..... full path as example) also how to setup that in ADS... there is many restricted users in my domain... but i need to run a internal Time syncrinization script for every user.. while they login with a perticular time server in my network only.. the script is ready with me.. all i need to know.. how i can setup this in my ADS Thank you in advance.. Jerrynikki
2006 Oct 12
routing between two isp
I have three ethernet card and two of them connected to diffrent ISP and has diffrent gateways. And one ethernet card is connected to local lan. I have installed iptables and configured the firwall to work as nat gateway for the users. Now I want to route only mail traffic to the perticular ISP and which I am not able to do it. I have done iproute configuration what ever lartc said. But still I am able to access internet only through one ISP. can someone tell me how can I load blance between two ISPs connected to single machine. Thanks Imthiyaz -------------------------------------...
2003 May 23
Hi, The CBQ config file shud be some thing like this. DEVICE=eth0,10Mbit,1Mbit RATE=50Kbit WEIGHT=5Kbit Shall i hardcode the DEVICE BW as 10/100 Mbit or Shall i use any other tool like ethtool for getting this. ethtool gives Speed: 10Mbps If so, how about, if i use some other Interfaces other than eth0, like ppp0 or some other? C''d anybody can give a suggestion over this? thanks
2006 May 11
/public content security
Hello all, I have a question regarding the security of my new web zine. The idea is that I have editors that can log into the site, and then upload comics in the form of a jpg. The way that I have this set up right now is that the jpg is submitted through a form and then placed into the authors sub directory in public/comics/. The record of the jpg is stored in a
2005 Aug 23
Winbind UID/GID mismatch!!
Hi the list (again) Got a pretty major issue now Did the samba link to AD on a couple of redhat es3 servers using samba 3.0.14a Everything seems ok Except when I do a getent passwd username Server 3 getent passwd ross ross:x:10006:10000:ross:/home/ACADEMIC/ross:/bin/false Server 2 getent passwd ross
2004 Aug 25
Tricky problem of public proxy server
Hello All, I have installed Shorewall 2.0.7 and configured , I am using masq to share internet for users. I have problem of perticular sites . I blocked site IP address. and succeeded but i have problem of Public proxy addresses , some user use anonymous proxy Ip and get thru it and use blocked sites. I blocked Public proxy adresses but it lot of them( I mean more than one public proxy servers) I fed up blocking IP addresses , s...
2008 Feb 10
Error while using fitdistr() function or goodfit() function
...Ns produced 2: In pnbinom(q, size, prob, lower.tail, log.p) : NaNs produced Again, I hope this helps. Sincerely, Jason Q. McClintic Aswad Gurjar wrote: > Hello, > > Thanks for help.But I am facing different problem. > > I have 421 readings of time and no of requests coming at perticular time.Basically I have data with interval of one minute and corresponding no of requests.It is discrete in nature.I am collecting data from 9AM to 4PM.But some of readings are coming as 0.When I plotted histogram of data I could not get shape of any standard distribution.Now,my aim is to find distri...
2006 Jan 14
Active record confusion to setup an application where users are interconnected. For example, each user will have multiple friends and each user can be friend of multiple people. Now, I just have one User table with fields ( id, name, information ). How do I use ActiveRecord in such a way that I get all friends of a perticular user by giving User.find(1).friends ? Thanks a lot, Pratik -- Posted via
2009 Jan 27
hangup problem(for spa400)
Hi all, I have asterisk connected to my voice application server. Asterisk is connected and registering to a linksys spa400 box. I am running an application on a perticular extention (141). Here is a snip from my extensions.conf... exten => spa400,s,MyApp(/etc/asterisk/MyAppConfig.conf) exten => spa400,s+1,Hangup when an incoming call comes,It is accepted properly,And the application executes successfully,Also I see SIP BYE going to spa400 and g...
2010 Dec 05
Windows ACL's on SAMBA file server
I have a Samba 3.5 server running on Ubuntu 10.10 I''m have it the server on my Windows 2003 Domain but am having trouble setting up the ACL''s. I can set some of my ACL''s for users but it doesn''t alwasy stick and apparently giving a user the modify right automatically gives them Full user rigths. This is probably related but it refuses to let me give any of
2018 Apr 23
Conditional analysis before inliner
I probably wouldn't worry about the cost of LoopInfo; it's relatively cheap to compute.  But if you're really concerned, you can run your pass after a pass which preserves LoopInfo (so it's free because it was already computed).  Or you can stick your code into an existing pass which requires LoopInfo anyway, like LoopIdiomRecognize. -Eli On 4/23/2018 3:37 PM, Anom
2006 May 11
crating a ajax datagrid
hi, Im looking to build a live data grid, where you can add delete rows using dhtml. and was just wondering if anyone is aware of any plugin''s taht may help me. Ive found this example but if anyone is aware of any other plugin''s please let me know thanks scott -- Posted via
2009 Jan 06
zfs list improvements?
To improve the performance of scripts that manipulate zfs snapshots and the zfs snapshot service in perticular there needs to be a way to list all the snapshots for a given object and only the snapshots for that object. There are two RFEs filed that cover this: : ''zfs list'' should have an option to only present direct de...