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2005 Sep 21
wbinfo works for test authentication but cannot list users
...uld be greatly appreciated! I have attached the smb.conf and relevant log file output below. The log file is saved from a host that did not have the --set-auth-user configured, but the behaviour with this is the same as when one has been set. Thanks much, Tim Riley -- [global] workgroup = PEMBROKE server string = %h (Samba, Ubuntu) dns proxy = no log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m log level = winbind:10 max log size = 1000 syslog = 0 panic action = /usr/share/samba/panic-action %d security = domain password server = PHOENIX encrypt...
2003 Feb 24
fsync() and data=journal behaviour
...a feel for when the htree stuff is likely to stabilise? I see that it went into the first beta for Redhat 8.1, but was pulled later. TIA, -- David Carter Email: University Computing Service, Phone: (01223) 334502 New Museums Site, Pembroke Street, Fax: (01223) 334679 Cambridge UK. CB2 3QH.
2001 Oct 31
How safe is journalling?
...ent half way through writing to the journal, could it be left in an inconsistent state? I mean, is writing to the journal an "atomic" process? Sorry if this is a stupid question...! Jeremy -- Jeremy Sanders <> Pembroke College, Cambridge. UK Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge. UK
2001 Sep 22
wine compilation fails: 'checking X11/xpm.h - no'
Hello I am having this compilation error while running ''configure''. It fails to detect the xpm.h file which in fact is where it is supposed be. I am running RH70 and xpm&xpm-dev rpms are installed. Codeweavers FAQ offers a solution to this problem: ... "I changed ''configure''