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2020 May 01
paste(character(0), collapse="", recycle0=FALSE) should be ""
Without 'collapse', 'paste' pastes (concatenates) its arguments elementwise (separated by 'sep', " " by default). New in R devel and R patched, specifying recycle0 = FALSE makes mixing zero-length and nonzero-length arguments results in length zero. The result of paste(n, "th", sep = "&q...
2003 Apr 02
Combining the components of a character vector
Dear Help, Suppose I have a character vector. x <- c("Bob", "loves", "Sally") I want to combine it into a single string: "Bob loves Sally" . paste(x) yields: paste(x) [1] "Bob" "loves" "Sally" The following function combines the character vector into a string in the way that I want, but it seems somewhat inelegant. paste.vector <- function(x, ...) { output <- NULL for (i in 1:length(x)) output <-...
2010 Oct 29
quiry on paste() function
Hi all, I want to club different objects (character type) to a single one and using paste() function that can be done happily. However the problem with paste function is the separator field is unique for all underlying objects. If I put separator as "-" then this will come in between all underlying objects which are to be clubbed.   Therefore I am wondering whether there is a...
2009 Aug 25
Filling in empty arrays/lists from using "paste" function
..., TA2 <- c(,,,,uu=TA2.uu*)* etc for TA3~TA5. Although these generate the output I desire, I would like to use a single statement for producing 5 different arrays (instead of 5 different statements) I have tried the following codes, however the last statement (paste("T", substring(i,3,4), sep="") <- c(bb ......) gives error message reading "Error in paste("T", substring(i, 3, 4), sep = "") <- c(bb = paste(paste("T", : target of assignment expands to non-language object" for (i in unique(a$id))...
2011 Apr 22
Parametrized object name in Save statement
...ript from command line as Rscript file_name.R argument for this example Rscript rpart_code.R Kyphosis #/bin/R args <- commandArgs(TRUE) # Read the argument require(rpart, quietly = TRUE) #for this example lets use the kyphosis data in the rpart package args <- "Kyphosis" X<-paste(args," ~.", sep ="") # create model formula call. X = "Kyphosis ~." assign(paste("cart_",args, sep =""),rpart(X, method="class", data=kyphosis)) #NOW MY TROUBLE. I have an rpart object but cannot save it under a file name that incorpo...
2006 Mar 06
how to make plotmath expression work together with paste
Recent questions about using plotmath have renewed my interest in this question I want to have expressions take values of variables from the environment. I am able to use expressions, and I am able to use paste to put text and values of variables into plots. But the two things just won't work together. Here is some example code that shows what I mean. plot(NA,xlim=c(0,100),ylim=c(0,100)) #show plot math works text(16, 22, expression(slope == frac(partialdiff * f(hat(theta)), partialdiff * h...
2004 Sep 06
substitution in expression
I have been struggling with this problem for a while and I hope someone could help me. Or if someone could point me to a section in the manual I would be grateful. x <- "my" plot(1:10, main=expression(paste( x, Delta, "values" ))) Q : How do I get the title to say "my (triangle symbol) values" ? The following trial-and-error produced mainly errors : plot(1:10, main=expression(paste( get(x), Delta, "values" ))) plot(1:10, main=expression(paste( substitute(x), Delta...
2012 Feb 28
update.formula has 512 char buffer?
Hello, I am trying to "paste" together a formula to use in the mob function of party. This means the formula will be of the form y ~ x1+ ...+xM | z1+..zN. I am doing some preliminary fits of y ~ x1+ ...+xM, then want to add the conditional part of the equation using update(). Here's the test code: var1 <- 1:78 x...
2011 Apr 11
whats the package that allows copy and paste between windows
What is the package that allows copy and paste between windows? I think I need to yum reinstall it. after the 5.6 update I get the copy button when I right click - (for example in thunderbird) put when I then goto a console window and try to right click and paste the paste is grey-ed or ghosted. Is there a package that controls the clip boa...
2020 Oct 30
SSH client and bracketed paste mode
Hello list, Using a terminal with bracketed paste mode (see [0], [1]), I am not able to paste text while being in the "~C" command line mode. The reason for that is, that while being in that special mode, openssh-client attempts to interpret the special bracketed paste start escape sequence, which does not work: root at localhost:~# s...
2012 Sep 17
Using paste to create and evaluate a variable expression
Is it possible to use "paste" to write out an expression and evaluate it? Suppose I want to add two vectors X1 and X2, defined as follows: X1 <- 1:6 X2 <- 6:1 If I write the following it looks like what I want but is a character: noquote(paste(paste("X", 1, sep = ""), paste("X", 2, s...
2020 May 15
paste(character(0), collapse="", recycle0=FALSE) should be ""
Totally agree with that. H. On 5/15/20 10:34, William Dunlap via R-devel wrote: > I agree: paste(collapse="something", ...) should always return a single > character string, regardless of the value of recycle0. This would be > similar to when there are no non-NULL arguments to paste; collapse="." > gives a single empty string and collapse=NULL gives a zero long c...
2007 Nov 05
R2HTML package and Open Office: text only pasted
I am trying to use R2HTML (just downloaded from CRAN) to paste R (2.6.0) results output via the clipboard to OpenOffice Writer and Calc (version 2.3on WinXPPro) Pasting into Excel gives a formatted table of results (as expected), but pasting into Calc simply pastes the HTML code. Trying paste special only gives an option to paste unformatted text. Equally...
2013 Jul 02
cache most-recent dispatch
Hi, S4 method dispatch can be very slow. Would it be reasonable to cache the most recent dispatch, anticipating the next invocation will be on the same type? This would be very helpful in loops. fun0 <- function(x) sapply(x, paste, collapse="+") fun1 <- function(x) { paste <- selectMethod(paste, class(x[[1]])) sapply(x, paste, collapse="+") } lst <- split(rep(LETTERS, 100), rep(1:1300, 2)) library(microbenchmark) microbenchmark(fun0(lst), times=10) ## Unit: milli...
2020 May 02
paste(character(0), collapse="", recycle0=FALSE) should be ""
>>>>> suharto anggono--- via R-devel >>>>> on Fri, 1 May 2020 03:05:37 +0000 (UTC) writes: > Without 'collapse', 'paste' pastes (concatenates) its arguments elementwise (separated by 'sep', " " by default). New in R devel and R patched, specifying recycle0 = FALSE makes mixing zero-length and nonzero-length arguments results in length zero. That's not intended. (It's what should only...
2003 Aug 07
plotmath under windows (PR#3672)
...It does not occur in the pt rintout when a graphic is saved to a postscript file under Windows. The problem came to light when using plotmath to label a plot with latitudes containing degree symbols. If expression(40 * degree) is used it is written on the default line for labels. If expression(paste(40 * degree, " S") is used it displced closer to the axis. Pasting any character (except "") has this effect. The following code illustrates the problem. par(mfrow =c(3,2)) # plotmath not used plot(seq(-41, -40, 0.5), c(0, 1, 0), type = "n", xlab = "latitude&...
2003 Jul 23
paste and NAs
I understand how R treats NAs but in the situation below it would be nice to have a na.skip argument to paste so it does not convert the NAs to "NA"s and simply skips those elements of the vector for pasting. > x [1] "2.13" "2.3" NA NA "2.83" NA > paste(x, "0", sep="") [1] "2.130" "2.30" "NA0"...
2020 May 15
paste(character(0), collapse="", recycle0=FALSE) should be ""
There is still the situation where **both** 'sep' and 'collapse' are specified: > paste(integer(0), "nth", sep="", collapse=",") [1] "nth" In that case 'recycle0' should **not** be ignored i.e. paste(integer(0), "nth", sep="", collapse=",", recycle0=TRUE) should return the empty string (and not cha...
2008 Jun 18
paste data
Hello, I need a command. I have a lot of data in different dataframes(auto.0a, auto.0b, auto.0c, auto.5Na,...), that has similar names. I could print the names all at once wih a loop with the command paste(), see below: plot<-c("0a","0b","0c","5Na","5Nb","5Nc","PKa","PKb","PKc","5NPKa","5NPKb", "5NPKc","10NPKa","10NPKb","10NPKc","20NPKa"...
2019 Nov 08
C8: Wayland Session / Cut and Paste
On Thu, Nov 07, 2019 at 05:50:24PM -0500, Lamar Owen wrote: > On 11/7/19 3:13 PM, Leon Fauster via CentOS wrote: > >Is this the normal behavior now? Cutting text in gedit and pasting > >it into the terminal needs that the source application stays > >running? > I've run into this behavior for a while, for several CentOS > versions, depending upon the application. there are also (at least in X) two ways to cut and paste: 1. select with mouse then paste w...