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2007 Oct 31
How you want BackgrounDrb to behave
...will keep the name BackgroundRb. Ok, in new API, a worker looks like this: require "net/smtp" require "guid" class NewsletterWorker < Packet::Worker set_worker_name :newsletter_worker def worker_init puts "starting the worker" end def receive_data p_data end # this is where a request from rails will be received. so implement this method # if you want to trigger your workers from rails. def receive_internal_data p_data self.send(p_data[:method],p_data[:data]) end def send_mail data end end And you can invoke a method in worker f...
2007 Nov 02
pre-release version of backgroundrb available now from svn passing large objects around. I will try to explain meat of a sample worker: class FooWorker < MetaWorker set_worker_name :foo_worker attr_accessor :count def worker_init puts "Starting Foo Worker" add_periodic_timer(4) { increment_status} end def process_request p_data p p_data end def increment_status @count ||= 0 @count += 1 register_status(@count) end end First, I intend to wrap MetaWorker within a namespace(read module), so pardon me there. So, when backgroundrb starts it reads all the workers in WORKER_ROOT(which should be RAILS_ROOT...
2007 Dec 06
Feedback on RC2
I tried to upgrade my existing application to RC2 last night. Like many, I use this mostly for running scheduled tasks. For the moment, I''ve abandoned the effort, but am looking forward to being able to use this. Feedback below: First, the reason I was looking forward to this upgrade was to use the threaded scheduler. I have an application with long-running tasks. I found that
2007 Nov 14
BackgrounDRb version 1.0RC1 available now
...T henceforth ). Generated code will look like this: class BarWorker < BackgrounDRb::MetaWorker set_worker_name :bar_worker def create # this method is called, when worker is loaded for the first time puts "starting a bar worker" end def process_request(p_data) user_input = p_data[:data] result = self.send(user_input[:method],user_input[:data]) send_response(p_data,result) end end ''create'' method gets called, when worker is loaded and created. Each worker runs in its own process and you can use ''cre...
2008 Jan 18
Query All Worker
What does the method query_all_workers() do? There is no documentation on what this method returns (1.0.1 version). Orion -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: