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2008 Mar 13
Overland Arcvault 12 and sequential/random settings
My unit''s firmware: library 05.03, tape d22h, shows the device as set to random mode. But mtx -f /dev/st0 status gives an error that google says the device is in sequential mode. dmesg|grep -i hp does reflect CentOS thinks the device is a sequential unit. I''ve tried this with Fedora 8, too, and both show the same, so it is either an issue with CentOS/Fedora
2007 Dec 28
Help with dump/restore
So I recently installed an Overland Arcvault 12 tape library on a server to back up /var/log/ and /home. The server is an out-of-box RHEL 5 install, with all packages selected, in an isolated lan, with no package updates. Also, this is a live server that cannot be brought down for backups, and some files may be a...
2006 May 31
Ruby on Rails Workshop in Kansas City !
...oncepts, tools and tips needed to build full-featured web applications using Ruby on Rails. The workshop is spread over three half-day sessions on June 19th, 20th, and 21st. Here are the details: Days: June 19th, 20th, 21st. Time: 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm Venue: Overland Park Community Center, Room 204, 6300W. 87th Street, Overland Park, KS 66212, USA (913) 895-6390 Fees: $150.00 (payab...
2008 Dec 21
Globbing Files in R
Dear all, For example I want to process set of files. Typically Perl''s idiom would be: __BEGIN__ @files = glob("/mydir/*.txt"); foreach my $file (@files) { # process the file } __END__ What''s the R''s way to do that? - Gundala Viswanath Jakarta - Indonesia
2007 Dec 31
Help with full and incremental dumps
I have an Overland Arcvault 12 library with a full LTO3 magazine of 400/800 GB tapes. It is connected directly to the fileserver via a SCSI card/cable. The two main directories I want to back up are /var/log, which is on one filesystem, and /home, which is on another. There are _currently_ no...
2018 Feb 18
Draft proposal for Searching R Packages
...April 1.? This sounds like lots of time, except that the key thing that is missing in this draft proposal is principal investigator(s).? Without PI(s), it won't fly. ????? Thanks, ????? Spencer Graves, PhD ????? Founder ????? ????? 7300 W. 107th St. # 506 ????? Overland Park, KS 66212 ph:? 408-655-4567
2018 Jan 27
Searching R Packages
...capabilities in R that would ultimately be funded by, e.g., The R Foundation. What do you think? Please forward this to anyone you think might be interested. ????? Best Wishes, ????? Spencer Graves, PhD ????? Founder ????? ????? 7300 W. 107th St. # 506 ????? Overland Park, KS 66212
2011 Feb 06
Fortran and long integers
Hi all, I''m hoping someone more knowledgeable in Fortran than I can chime in with opinion. I''m the maintainer of the flashClust package that implements fast hierarchical clustering. The fortran code fails when the number of clustered objects is larger than about 46300. My guess is that this is because the code uses the following construct: IOFFSET=J+(I-1)*N-(I*(I+1))/2
2008 Mar 15
Re: CentOS Digest, Vol 38, Issue 15
...y question (Rogelio) 80. Re: ext3 errors (md device related?) (Nicolas KOWALSKI) 81. Re: ext3 errors (md device related?) (Les Mikesell) 82. Re: Good version control package? (Amos Shapira) 83. Re: evince on centos5.1 (MHR) 84. Re: ext3 errors (md device related?) (Les Mikesell) 85. Re: Overland Arcvault 12 and sequential/random settings (Scott R. Ehrlich) 86. Re: Migrate Outlook Express mail to Thunderbird? (mouss) 87. Re: Migrate Outlook Express mail to Thunderbird? (Bill Campbell) 88. Re: Forward local5.* to remote syslog-ng server (Sean Carolan) 89. Incremental backup...