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2013 Mar 12
[Bug 2078] New: Documentation claims ~.ssh/config must not be accessible by others when actually it must not be readable Bug ID: 2078 Summary: Documentation claims ~.ssh/config must not be accessible by others when actually it must not be readable Classification: Unclassified Product: Portable OpenSSH Version: 5.9p1 Hardware: Other OS: Linux Status: NEW Severity: minor Priority: P5 Component:...
2013 Nov 01
zimbra test
...(I''m new to centos). While installing zimbra it said there was a conflict on port 25. So I found out that postfix is the default mta on centos. I then did sudo yum remove postfix and followed the prompts for removing it, but in doing so it removed chrome that I had installed and several other packages that seem to be important. Some of these were cron, some lsb packages, and some others. Why does removing postfix remove these others. cron and the others are dependent on having postfix? Seems odd if they are. Thanks, -wes
2004 Nov 22
setfacl fails for some user names and not others
...r, when I put the domain part into uppercase the command worked - i.e. > setfacl -m u:REMOTE-DOM+jbloggs:r-x . I then tried a few more - some failed, and some worked. Looking at the output from ''getent passwd'', some usernames on the remote domain were completely lowercase, others completley uppercase and others mixed case (mostly along the lines of ''JBloggs'' or ''WebMaster'' etc) I tried various names (long/short, upper/lower/mixed-case) but could not see why some names failed and others worked. I then tried > wbinfo -n...
2006 Mar 28
(slightly OT) Reporting tools (Jasper, DataVision, etc.)
..., and they''re running Mac OS X. We''ll be spending a bit of time integrating whatever report writer we choose, we think, so we don''t expect anything to be fully integrated with Ruby or Rails ... we just want to start with a good base. So, is Jasper the best? Are there others that look good? Here''s a short list I''ve compiled: * iReport/Jasper * DataVision * OpenRPT (only works with PosgreSQL currently) There are others, but I haven''t found any others that work on Mac OS X and have a designer tool that looks like an end user could lear...
2004 Aug 05
TC-ng questions/problems
...> ) if ip_src == || ip_src ==; class ( <$uploadGKS> ) if ip_src == ; class ( <$upload83> ) if ip_src:24 == ; class ( <$upload84> ) if ip_src:24 == ; class ( <$others> ) if 1 ; htb () { class ( rate 18Mbps, ceil 18Mbps ) { $uploadRouter = class ( rate 18Mbps, ceil 18Mbps ); $uploadGKS = class ( rate 10Mbps, ceil 10Mbps ) ; $upload83 = class ( rate 5Mbps, ceil 5Mbps ) ; $upload8...
2007 Jan 17
[ActsAsFerret] Globalize integration
...the language code as a suffix to the index and switches between indexes when the active locale changes). Since this introduces an optional external dependency and as I''ve had to touch the code up in a few files, I''m still trying to think of the best way to make this available to others. If others think this is worthwile, I''d be interested in adding this as something optional to acts_as_ferret. P.S. Currently, I''ve added the option like so: class Foo acts_as_ferret :single_index => true, :store_class_name => true, :lo...
2005 Sep 06
one extension goes straight to voicemail, others don't
i have one extension going straight to voicemail, while others that are configured identically don''t, so i don''t think it''s an overall config problem. nor do i think it''s a callerID problem. maybe it''s an enduser operation that i can''t find documentation on? che*CLI> -- Starting simple switch o...
2009 Oct 30
Any pioneers who've configured passenger to support some apps running in 1.8.x others in 1.9?
Passenger configuration selects which ruby executable to use via a global configuration variable (at least for Apache, I assume it''s the same for Nginx). I''m in a situation where I''ve got at least one rails app I''d like to run on 1.9 while others remain on 1.8. This is for my development machine running OS X 10.6. Normally I just use the Passenger PrefPane, which makes a very comfy setup. With the current state of Passenger, I think doing this would involve generating a separate 1.9 version of the Passenger Apache module and some how ins...
2007 Jun 25
iptables rule (MAC filtering)
...outer for LAN subnet: ------------------------------------ | eth0 (external) | | eth1 (internal) | ------------------------------------ | LAN clients ( I want to allow http acces only for two LAN boxes; an only http access, which means that others protocols as smtp, pop3, imap and so on will be permited. The rest of LAN boxes will be redirected to a local http service ( I think the best way is creating a iptables rules based on MAC address. So, the rules I''ve made are: iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -s 192...
2018 Jan 12
application of R
...computers that depend on existing algorithms applied in new ways, or with new algorithms that are not implemented by commercial software. Often such people have no desire to provide step-by-step support of their tools for every user of their code indefinitely, so developing commercial software for others is less useful to them than having access to existing software that can be adapted. They often find that allowing others access to their code is a reasonable trade for being able to re-use the work of others before them. You might read the book "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" for more d...
2006 May 26
test just testing please ignore... -- "I have learned that you should''nt compare yourself to others - they are more screwed up than you think." ...unknown "In the 60''s, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal." ..unknown _____________________________ Terry Remsik remsikt-Re5JQEeQqe8A...
2007 Jul 15
I will be unsubscribing
Greetings all, As you have noticed, I have been largely absent from the wxruby team for quite a while now. Fortunately, others have taken charge and continued to move wxruby forward. It''s still a great project, but I just can''t participate right now. I will be unsubscribing from both the dev and users mailing lists in a couple days. Because I will be packing for a long trip overseas for the next few...
2006 May 02
useful bit of code (hopefully)
Hi, I often find myself using bits of code like this inside ActiveRecord, perhaps it''s useful for others, or others can improve on it: ########### # fix user input before validating it before_validation :sanitize_input # santize input before actual validation is called # this uses the little methods defined below def sanitize_input trim %w(adres postcode woonplaats email naam telefoon mobiel)...
2007 Nov 18
helper methods starting with should
Hi all, As an experiment in playing nice with others, we''ve added the ability in rspec''s trunk to do this: class ThingExamples < Spec::ExampleGroup def should_do_stuff ... end end This is how rspec 0.1 worked, and for people already comfortable with the classes/methods approach of Test::Unit, it is a more comfort...
2006 Jun 11
mySQL paginate syntax question for complex SQL. (over 117 views in rubyonrailsforum and no answer, others confused..)
I have this code in my controller and i cannot seem to figure out how to get it to paginate correctly.. Is there a trick to do something like this? There are a few others at that are having the same issue. Any incite would be great, thanks in advance! (over 117 views and no answer in rubyonrailsforum???) def display_location if params[:search] && params[:search].size > 0 @listing_pages, @listings = paginate (:listings...
2006 Jun 30
best practice: raise an exception or return false
just wondering how others deal with invalid/illegal operations on their models? until now, I''ve simply been returning true or false depending on wether or not the operation succeeded, but that doesn''t tell the calling function why the operation failed (if it failed). I could use custom exceptions...
2006 Apr 13
One model won''t work like the others, generating weird error
..._teams) #elsif params[:id] == "nc" # @team_rosters = get_rosters(nc_teams) #else # @team_rosters = get_rosters(ac_teams) # @team_rosters << get_rosters(nc_teams) #end end end It chokes on the Team.find line, spewing out the above-mentioned error. Two other models that are in use work just fine. Any thoughts? Suggestions? This is driving me nucking futs. -- Posted via
2006 Apr 13
Re: One model won''t work like the others, generating weird e
Rails assumes tables that have a column called type are using a single inheritance pattern. For example, if you had a model called Article and then had a model called News and another called Feature that both inherit from Article. You can use a single table to represent both child types data. The type column tells rails which model should be used to create the object. sean -----Original Message----- From: "Chris Hartjes" <> To: rails@lists.r...
2006 Mar 14
[Xen-ia64-devel] RE: RE: Linux PG_arch_1 conflict
>From: Isaku Yamahata >Sent: 2006年3月14日 10:12 >> > > Comments, Keir (or others)? >> > >> > Sounds like the proper fix. I''ll leave it to Christian and others >> > involved in the Linux upstreaming effort to have the final word. >> >> Comments, Christian (or others)? Any chance this will get into >> 3.0.2? Certainly it sh...
2007 Feb 16
New ruby/rails + others forum
I have setted up a new forum rails/ruby + php + + others. Hopefully to attract more people to join the community. I am lazy right now, but suggestions are always welcome. -- Posted via --~--~---------~--~----~------------~-------~--~----~ You received...