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2018 Mar 30
[Bug 105814] New: Frequent Xorg lockups with GT710 after rad or write faults
...MagicSysRQ works). Arguably this is similar to #104448, but I'm using "regular" glibc. There is no particular pattern to when this bug bites - the first time, I had just built icewm, rerun startx, and was evaluating the various themes. Later, I was installing firefox extension ublock-origin. As with the other bug I just raised (105813) I tried using the modesetting Xorg driver instead of nouveau, but the problem occurred again (left it compiling, came back to a frozen xscreensaver). After that I turned off xscreensaver and it has now been up for perhaps 2 hours, but will maybe go down...
2009 Feb 13
Fwd: Manager Interface Originate (ASYNC) - How to get the Originate Status
Dear All, I am originating the call directly to the SIP Provider using the maganger interface + originate (ASYNC) command. Here is the PHP-AGI Script. $call = $asm->send_request('Originate', array('Channel'=>"SIP/416XXXXXXX at ABC/n",...
2005 Mar 02
Asterisk Manager API - multi "Originate" cal ls
Hello, You can do either, you can send multiple Originate actions in a long line without waiting for a response back(although the responses do usually come back very fast) or you can open multiple connections using each one to Originate a new call. We use the multiple connection method in the astGUIclient suite because if you get a pause or lag in Mana...
2017 Jan 26
?Hi, Would someone know when to expect to have package origin-master.1.4.0 in repo centos-openshift-origin? Right now the package is available in centos-openshift-origin-testing. -Vedran
2007 Nov 30
How to originate a call from console CLI ?
Hi, I would like to originate my first call from CLI. As I'm new to this, I'm wondering if it's possible. When I type "originate" from CLI, I've got this : " There are two ways to use this command. A call can be originated between a channel and a specific application, or between a channel and...
2020 Jun 05
yum/dnf diff
...pierce at> wrote: > don't most packages create a .rpmnew file if you've modified the previous > package file ? That file is created AFTER you've made edits, and reflects only the state of the file in the latest package. So it's not clear what changed from the original package that needs to be migrated into one's current settings. As a rule I try to copy the original files to xxx.original so I can compare that to both the .rpmnew file and my working file. But I or another admin might forget to save the original. So I end up going the cpio route to extra...
2020 Feb 17
Colocar objeto Dates dentro de un vector.
...Misterios del R. SI lo averiguo os lo digo. Jaume. El sáb., 15 feb. 2020 a las 19:08, Carlos Ortega (<cof en>) escribió: > Hola, > > Una alternativa que te puede ayudar es enfocar el problema de esta otra > forma. > Puedes ir guardando tus vectores "original" en un data.frame y luego > convertirlo a fechas. > > Una vez tienes estas fechas, puedes hacer cálculos o extraer otras > variables. > > > > original<-c(2019,308,1700, 25) > > df <- data.frame( > + Year = original[1], > + DayNum = original[2], &...
2020 Feb 15
Colocar objeto Dates dentro de un vector.
Hola, Estoy encontrando un problema al intentar poner un objeto Dates en un vector o dataframe. Mi ejemplo # preliminares install.packages( lubridate ); library( lubridate ) v <- c(0, 0, 0) original<-c(2019,308,1700, 25) # c(año, día del año, hora, temperatura) esto sale así de un sensor de temperatura # convertimos los datos originales en algo que entienda R a <- years(original[1] ) d <- days(original[2]-1 ) # el -1 es un ajuste por como son los datos originales h <- hour...
2007 May 28
[LLVMdev] Problem in llvm gcc back-end
HI, While I testing some code, I found some problem on Union handling. I've wrte following test code, and it has union assignment. The code's output is from pointerToUnion: chars mystring, length 64 from original: chars mystring, length 8000 It's caused by second char member(charlength) of LongestMember. For union assignment, llvm-backend seems generates assigning each member of largest union member. (I've checked it on llvm assembly level..) But sometimes there is padding between members and it...
2010 Oct 05
CDR record for call originated from CLI originate
hello List, i am in a situation where i cannot get cdr records for call originated from CLI , i am not able to get when i used application or extension. is there any solution regarding this ,i working since last 3 days onto this. regards Dhaval -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2020 Apr 01
Re: [nbdkit PATCH] retry: Tweak error message
...onvert $nbd out.img' >> ... >> nbdkit: null[1]: debug: noextents: pread count=2097152 offset=14680064 >> nbdkit: null[1]: debug: error: pread count=2097152 offset=14680064 >> nbdkit: null[1]: error: injecting EIO error into pread >> nbdkit: null[1]: debug: retry 6: original errno = 5 >> nbdkit: null[1]: debug: could not recover after 5 retries >> >> again: >> /* Log the original errno since it will be lost when we retry. */ >> - nbdkit_debug ("retry %d: original errno = %d", data->retry+1, *err); >> +...
2018 Mar 30
[Bug 105813] New: GT710 locks up X and spams logs
...wo desktops, nothing else, running a compile in one. I had been reading mail on the second desktop, then tried to go back to the first to check progress. After waiting a little I rebooted. The system log had what I thought was a lot of output (about 50000 lines, I think), starting Mar 28 16:39:00 origin kernel: [41644.858087] nouveau 0000:26:00.0: fifo: FB_FLUSH_TIMEOUT Mar 28 16:40:02 origin kernel: [41707.692180] nouveau 0000:26:00.0: fifo: FB_FLUSH_TIMEOUT Mar 28 16:40:02 origin kernel: [41707.692215] nouveau 0000:26:00.0: fifo: CHSW_ERROR 00000001 Mar 28 16:40:02 origin kernel: [41707.692264]...
2020 Feb 24
Colocar objeto Dates dentro de un vector.
...20 a las 19:08, Carlos Ortega (< >> cof en>) >> escribió: >> >> > Hola, >> > >> > Una alternativa que te puede ayudar es enfocar el problema de esta otra >> > forma. >> > Puedes ir guardando tus vectores "original" en un data.frame y luego >> > convertirlo a fechas. >> > >> > Una vez tienes estas fechas, puedes hacer cálculos o extraer otras >> > variables. >> > >> > >> > > original<-c(2019,308,1700, 25) >> > > df <- d...
2009 Dec 23
How to send variables through AMI originate and read those variables in context?
Hello Everyone, I want to send a few numbers (variables) when doing Asterisk AMI Originate command and then have Festival read them back to customer in the context. How should this be done? Following is my not working example and also reference on AMI Originate Command: Command: Originate Channel: SIP/123 Context: TestFestival Priority: 1 Exten: 555 Variable: $numberONE, $numberT...
2018 Aug 03
[7.0.0 Release] The release branch is open; trunk is now 8.0.0
...On Fri, 3 Aug 2018 at 14:10, Martin J. O'Riordan <MartinO at> wrote: > $ git branch --list > * master > martino By default "git branch" only lists local branches. "git branch -a" will list all of them, including (for me) "remotes/origin/release_70". If you just type "git checkout release_70" git will probably automatically detect it and set the local branch up to track it. > but I don't see a v7.0.0 specific tag or branch - is it the 'prerelease_20180108' tag? There won't be any 7.0.0 tags y...
2013 Aug 22
How to get the original SIP result code
B.H. Hello, i'm using AMI Originate action (with async=true) to send outgoing calls to a SIP trunk (using asterisk-java library to connect to AMI). The problem is that in case of failed originate, OriginateResponse event is returning only the reason code which is sometimes not sufficient to determine the real cause of failure. Al...
2010 Feb 17
chan_local and Originate
Hi, I've recently upgraded from Asterisk 1.4.22 to 1.4.29, and I'm now having a problem with Originate and chan_local. I'm using the following Manager API action to originate a call: Action: originate Priority: 1 Context: trunk Callerid: 100 Channel: Local/100 at callback/n Exten: 123456789 Variable: USERFIELD=|USEREXT=123456789 WaitTime: 30 This is intended to first call...
2006 Feb 21
non simultaneous effects
Hi all, If I call this function bla: function bla() { Effect.Appear('some_element'); Effect.Appear('some_other_element'); } Both effect happen at the same time. Is there a way to stop this from happening? I mean, how can I delay the effect on 'some_other_element' from happening until the effect on 'some_element' is finished? thanks and regards, Jeroen
2010 Nov 08
Get the Uniqueid of Action Originate in the AMI
Hi to all. I'm begin a use the AMI and i have the need to get the uniqueid from the call i have generate using the Action Originate. Anyone can help me? When I generate these commands: action: Originate channel: SIP/101 application: Dial data: SIP/100,120,Ttr The only response I get when the call is answered, is this: Response: Success Message: Originate successfully queued Thanks a lots, -- Rodrigo Lang Ope...
2004 Apr 04
Problem with Manager Originate
Hi I am trying Manager interface for originate a call. This is what I get --------------- Action: Originate Exten: 555 CallerID: test <6656> Context: local Timeout: 600 Channel: SIP/8782 Priority: 1 Response: Error Message: Originate failed ---------------- What do I do wrong? Thank you Serge __________________________________...