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2017 Sep 21
List of occuring values
Dear all, ftable produces a list of the frequencies of all occuring values. But how about the occuring values? How can I retrieve a list of occuring values? How can I retrieve a table with both the list of occuring values and their respective frequencies? Thank you in advance, Yours, Ferri
2006 Jun 26
Rake + SQL Server + Migrations == Errors. Help?!
Hello all, I''m trying to initialize my migrations against a current database implementation. rake db:schema:dump runs without error. The resulting schema.rb is pasted below, along with my database.yml Can one of you point me in the direction of enlightenment? -- ------------------------------ Apple MacBook. Black. It''s the new White! ------------------------------ Peter
2007 Mar 13
Acts_as_ferret and auto-flush
Hi, I''m using acts_as_ferret in with a mongrel and I'' m getting locking errors that after a while result in a corrupt database. I know about the problem with different processes writing to the index but I haven''t been able to get the DRB server working properly yet. I read on this list that another solution is to set :auto_flush to true but I''m not
2007 Mar 20
Strange Results For Term Frequencies
I would like to thank all the people who have contributed to this very fine project. Great work! I''ve encountered some strange results while examining the term frequency of one of my indexed documents. The indexed terms seem to vary for the very same document depending on the presence or absence of completely unrelated operations in the code, so the resulting term frequency changes, too.
2007 Apr 14
Error on optimize leads to corrupt index?
The following exception occurred while trying optimize a large index: vendor/gems/rdig-0.3.4/lib/rdig/index.rb:46:in `optimize'': End-of- File Error occured at <except.c>:93 in xraise (EOFError) Error occured in store.c:216 - is_refill current pos = 0, file length = 0 Now, I get the following error any time I try to create a new index on the
2007 Jul 06
Ferret::FileNotFoundError - delete
Hi, we are using ferret and acts_as_ferret in a single server setup. We have 2 models that use acts_as_ferret. We are running into problems where a create or update of the models cause a ferret error Ferret::FileNotFoundError occured at <except.c>:117 in xpop_context Error occured in fs_store.c:329 - fs_open_input Where the file that needs to be opened isn''t there. The error
2007 Mar 02
Sorted empty search bug
Hello Dave, Hello all, I''ve got this error because I try to search something and sort it by name : Argument Error occured at <except.c>:93 in xraise Error occured in sort.c:551 - field_cache_get_index Cannot sort by field "name". It doesn''t exist in the index. The problem, occur when my index is empty, so the field "name" does not exists. --
2006 Oct 17
Error : End-of-File Error occured at <except.c>
Everything was working fine till last night. This morning I have many errors. I am using acts_as_ferret. Last updated around a month ago on linux. There are two different type of exceptions. I have over 12 exception emails but these are the two distince types. First exception: A EOFError occurred in home#event_info: End-of-File Error occured at <except.c>:79 in xraise Error occured in
2017 Sep 21
List of occuring values
unique(x) will give you the distinct values in x. table(x) will give you the distrinct values and their frequencies as an array with dimnames. data.frame(table(x)) will give you a 2-column data.frame with the distinct values and their frequencies. > values <- c("Small", "Large", "Large", "Large") > unique(values) [1] "Small"
2009 Jun 12
Automate a data load and merge
...ot;June01" "June02" "June03" "labels" # What does everything look like? str(June03) #''data.frame'': 992 obs. of 8 variables: # $ Item_Name : Factor w/ 992 levels "Birds","Fish",..: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... # $ Occurance : int 30 30 50 450 75 550 100 500 250 75 ... str(June01) #''data.frame'': 819 obs. of 8 variables: # $ Item_Name : Factor w/ 819 levels "Birds","Turtles",..: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... # $ Occurance : int 30 50 450 750 550 100 500 250 275 4...
2007 Apr 28
Determine how many documents a term occurs in
Is there a fast way to determine how many documents a term occurs in, besides iterating through every document with TermDocEnum? -- Best regards, Stian Gryt?yr
2007 Feb 26
Problem with large index file
Hello, Ferret created a 4.5GB> index file. $ 4534029210 2007-02-26 12:46 _el.cfs The creation of the index went smoothly. Searching through this index also works fine. However whenever I try to get the contents of an indexed document I get an error when the document number is above 621108: irb(main):080:0> searcher[621108].load IOError: IO Error occured at <except.c>:79 in xraise
2012 Mar 20
4 fitted probabilities numerically 0 or 1 occurred?
Hi all, I am doing bootstrap with logistic regression by using glm function, and I get the errors; fitted probabilities numerically 0 or 1 occurred and algorithm did not converge I have read some things about this issue in the mailing list. I can guess what was the problem. My data contains one or may be two outliers. Does the error occur due to these extreme values or
2013 Mar 26
Counting various elemnts in a vactor
Dear R forum I have a vector say as given below df = c("F", "C", "F", "B", "D", "A", "D", "D", "A", "F", "D", "F", "B",    "C") I need to find (1) how many times each element occurs? e.g. in above vector F occurs 4 times, C occurs 2 times etc. (2)
2011 Nov 09
Problem with simple random slope in gam and bam (mgcv package)
Dear useRs, This is the first time I post to this list and I would appreciate any help available. I''ve used the excellent mgcv package for a while now to investigate geographical patterns of language variation, and it has has always worked without any problems for me. The problem below occurs using R 2.14.0 (both 32 and 64 bit versions in Windows and the 64 bit version in Unix) and mgcv
2006 Jun 27
Using QueryParser vs building my own query
Hello all I finally caved in and decided I should build my own query instead of relying on QueryParser to do the job for me, but I''ve hit a strange problem.. Here''s how I build my query: #Main query query = #Build query to match types typesquery = @selected_types.each{|type| typesquery.add_query(
2007 Apr 26
EOFError (End-of-File Error occured Error)
Hi Randomly I get the following error when users search EOFError (End-of-File Error occured at <except.c>:93 in xraise Error occured in compound_io.c:137 - cmpdi_read_i Tried to read past end of file. File length is <303> and tried to read to <351> ): what could be the problem? thanks -- Posted via
2007 Mar 12
Too many open files error
Hi Dave, i just stumbled across a new error i haven''t seen before :) caught error inside loop: IO Error occured at <except.c>:93 in xraise Error occured in fs_store.c:264 - fs_new_output couldn''t create OutStream /var/www/localhost/rails/current/
2008 Jan 21
[PATCH] Remove device information when VmError occurred
Hi, I tested xm block-attach command with a wrong parameter(file:). Naturally a command error occurred. Then I retested xm block-attach command with a correct parameter(phy:). But a command error occurred again. The second command error occurred because Xend did not remove device information from when the first command error occurred. # xm block-attach vm1 file:/dev/hda4
2004 Mar 18
RE: don''t stop when error occurs
Look up ?try Regards Wayne -----Original Message----- From: pastaska1934 [] Sent: 18 March 2004 14:36 To: Subject: [R] don''t stop when error occurs hi, i''m doing some bootstraping on a data set, using kmeans for each bootstrap, i mean i do a loop(200 times) and in each loop i use kmeans. i have to count some occurences in a