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2010 Apr 06
rebased openSUSE Xen dom0 Patches
I''ve uploaded updated 2.6.31 and 2.6.32 rebased openSUSE Xen dom0 patches and ebuilds to Notable change is that both include the online resize feature recently posted to xen-devel. Andy _______________________________________________ Xen-users mailing list
2019 Dec 12
Dovecot 2.3 repo for CentOS 8.
On 09/12/2019 17:25, Aki Tuomi via dovecot wrote: >> On 09/12/2019 17:20 Reio Remma via dovecot <dovecot at> wrote: >> >> >> Hello! >> >> Are there any plans for an official Dovecot repo for CentOS 8? >> >> Thanks, >> Reio > (sorry for duplicate, user error in earlier one...) > > Yes. There are
2014 Oct 25
[LLVMdev] Indirect call site profiling
...track the frequently taken target addresses and their call frequencies. The acquired data has uses in optimization of indirect function call heavy applications. Our initial findings show that using the profile data in optimizations would help improve the performance of some of the spec benchmarks notably. We have a proof of concept implementation, which we plan to put it up for review. However, I’d like to inquire prior if there are any plans or ongoing work done in the community to enable indirect call target profiling support or not. Please inform if cfe-dev is a better candidate for posting PGO...
2017 Jan 23
Upcoming removal of std::auto_ptr (in C++1z)
The upcoming C++1z (probably C++17) standard will not contain several things - most notably auto_ptr. Soon, libc++ will not be providing auto_ptr by default when building in C++1z mode. You'll be able to get it back with a "-D_LIBCPP_ENABLE_CXX17_REMOVED_AUTO_PTR" on your command line, or "#define _LIBCPP_ENABLE_CXX17_REMOVED_AUTO_PTR" before including any libc++...
2014 Oct 26
[LLVMdev] Indirect call site profiling
...r call frequencies. >> >> The acquired data has uses in optimization of indirect function call >> heavy applications. Our initial findings show that using the profile >> data >> in optimizations would help improve the performance of some of the spec >> benchmarks notably. > > Can you quantify "notably?" Also, do you profile on one set of inputs > and then test the optimization on another set of inputs (e.g., the test > and train runs)? I can't give numbers, but we do collect data from train runs. >> We have a proof of concept imp...
2006 Feb 02
rake test_units slow on startup
Hi Running ''rake test_units'' using the simple example from the intro video is very slow on my computer. While the tests claim to execute in 0.17 secs, the startup time ad 5.3 seconds to the overall job. On the video, these tasks ran in about 1 second. (Maybe David was doing the tests on a dual proc mac or did some video editing, who knows.) But, I don''t think it should
2006 Dec 11
Index help on Polymorphic Associations
Hello, I''m a newbie to aaf and rails and I hope anyone can help me with this. I have the following Models: class Project < ActiveRecord::Base acts_as_authorizable acts_as_audited :except => [:created_by, :updated_by ], :user_class_name => ''AuthenticatedSystem'', :user_method => ''current_user'' acts_as_ferret :fields => {:name =>
2015 Mar 23
quota setup assistance (postfix+dovecot+mysql)
Hello list, I have been struggling with establishing a working installation of dovecot with mySQL quota support. I have not been able to find a guide or tutorial that works for the current revisions of software I have at my disposal. Most notably, the error I see in the mail log is as follows : Mar 23 00:55:31 host dovecot: lmtp(328): Debug: Module loaded: /usr/lib/dovecot/modules/ Mar 23 00:55:31 host dovecot: lmtp(328): Error: dlopen(/usr/lib/dovecot/modules/lib11_imap_quota_pl...
2018 Nov 02
Plan for 1.40
I feel it's been many months since we had a stable release and we've added some significant new features in that time, notably support for v2v to OpenStack. If you have anything that you'd like to get in before 1.40 then let me know by following up. On my list are just two items: * virt-v2v documentation refactoring Preliminary patch posted here:
2014 Aug 12
[LLVMdev] Plans for the Apple supported Darwin buildbot cluster
There as been a bit of talk about zorg recently, so I thought this would be a good time to share our plans for the darwin buildbots that live here: <> To be clear, those are not these buildbots: <> We
2006 May 18
Request Routing Plugin ( :requirements => { :subdomain => ''thing'' } finally works)
Hi All, Just a quick note to say that I''ve released an intial version of the request routing plugin which essentially allows you to use various request object properties as requirements in routes. Most notably you can do: map.connect "thing", :controller => ''main'', :requirements => { :subdomain => ''whatever'' } ..just like the wiki claims you can do but you can''t :) It exposes several other request methods as well like domain, port, method...
2012 Sep 03
Calcular la media de filas en un data.frame
Estimada comunidad, no encuentro como calcular el promedio de las filas de un data.frame, ya que R por defecto aplica las funciones en sentido vertical me da la impresion ... podrian ayudarme ?? muchas gracias, Saludos, Eric. -- Nota: las tildes se han omitido para evitar conflictos con algunos lectores de correo. Frases notables: * SATYÂT NÂSTI PARO DHARMAH (No hay religion mas elevada
2017 Nov 10
[R-pkgs] Release of ess 0.0.1
...>> includes some R code, And I wouldn?t wonder if they would like to include >> it in a package?). As a matter of fact, we (the ESS core developers) have e-chatted about this and came to the conclusion that we could get along fine with an unrelated R package called 'ess', notably as the acronym also makes sense for the European Social Survey. We'd like to ask the 'ess' package authors to add something like the following to their ess/DESCRIPTION file: This package ess is named to match the European Social Survey (ESS). It is unrelated to the Emacs Speak...
2020 Jun 16
RFC: Adding support for the z/OS platform to LLVM and clang
...lang to operate as if the source was UTF-8 and so require no > > changes downstream. Feedback on this plan is welcome from the Clang > > community. > > Would it be correct to assume that this EBCDIC -> UTF-8 mapping would > > be as prescribed by UTF-EBCDIC / IBM CDRA, notably for the control > > characters that do not map exactly? > > Notably, if the execution encoding is EBCDIC, is '0x06' equivalent to > > '0086', etc? > > > > The question "Is Unicode sufficient to represent all characters > > present in the inpu...
2014 Aug 13
[LLVMdev] Plans for the Apple supported Darwin buildbot cluster
Yes! That would be really great! > On Aug 13, 2014, at 3:09 AM, David Chisnall <David.Chisnall at> wrote: > >> On 12 Aug 2014, at 19:34, Chris Matthews <chris.matthews at> wrote: >> >> The most notable change will be a switch from Buildbot to Jenkins. > > We're currently running LLVM test builds in Jenkins and I have patched
2006 May 11
Engines 1.1.2
I''ve just pushed out a new bug-fix release for the Engines plugin. Most notably, it''s now super careful (to the point of paranoia) about ensuring that the right version of Rails is loaded, and should no longer cause any issues where it ignores vendor/rails. Full CHANGELOG is here:
2014 Aug 12
[LLVMdev] Explicit template instantiations in libc++
Most of libc++ doesn't have explicit template instantiations, which leads to a pretty significant build time and code size cost when using libc++, since a large number of common templates will be emitted by the compiler and coalesced by the linker. Notably, in include/__config, we have: #ifndef _LIBCPP_EXTERN_TEMPLATE #define _LIBCPP_EXTERN_TEMPLATE(...) #endif whereas before r189601 this was: #define _LIBCPP_EXTERN_TEMPLATE(...) extern template __VA_ARGS__; This was apparently done to fix
2005 Nov 17
[DOC] Update item on FAQ
It''s not quite clear how to go about this so hopefully whoever maintains the FAQ is on this list. As part of closing bug #156, it would be nice to add a sentence on item 4.8 (The initrd that came with my distro does not...) to include the following sentences: "Some distros (notably SLES9) have a mkinitrd that adds garbage to the end of the initrd. These initrds will not work with Xen. To correct this problem, you should gunzip the initrd, and then gzip it again." Thanks, Anthony Liguori _______________________________________________ Xen-devel mailing list Xen-dev...
2019 Nov 15
C++11 Move for LLVM/Clang
Greetings all, I've been working more on the gcc side with multi-threading it and researching that. However in my time there it seems that both projects can really take advantage of certain C++11 features, most notably std::move, r values, auto and perhaps stronger pointer/floating types. It seems that clang/LLVM are in the same boat and it would help mostly with IR passes or backends and I would like some thoughts if people want to do this, Nick
2008 Jul 17
[LLVMdev] Embedding LLVM
I am evaluating LLVM for my project to drive an embedded language. Does anybody have any pointers on where to start? Most notably: 1) How to interface to it? 2) How submit a program for an execution? 3) How to plug in a GC, or use an existing one? I am pretty sure that these topics were thoroughly discussed and documented, but I cannot find anything on the net. Any relevant links are appreciated. Thanks, Eugene PS: I...