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2003 Jul 17
univariate normal mixtures a function in R that can estimate the number of normal distributions k and the means `m_i' for the different normal distributions from a sample? Or evt. a function that can estimate the `m_i', when the number of distributions `k' is known? So far I only found a package, called `normix'. But at first sight it only provides methods to sample from such distributions and to estimate the densities; but not to fit such a distribution. Can someone indicate where I can find an elegant solution? Thank you in advance Joke Allemeersch Katholieke universiteit Leuven. Belgium.
2002 Aug 05
Re: [S] Multinomial; writes: Jacob> Could anybody please help: I simply want to generate Jacob> random samples from a multinomial distribution with Jacob> fixed n and given probability vector p. Jacob> How can I do this? I've recently written the following {for the R package "normix"}. The above is really a FAQ. I think I'd propose to adopt this (or an improvement of it) both for R and S-plus : ## This is based on rmultz2() from S-news by Alan Zaslavsky & Scott Chasalow ## {and adapted from the R package "combinat"}. ## Arg.names like rbinom();...