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2007 Nov 09
debian/patches/* for xen-unstable 16319
I've resolved the conflicts between the xen-unstable svn tree's patchset and xen-unstable 16319 (which was the tip a few days ago). The result is below, as the output of `svn diff' - so a series of interdiffs, unfortunately. Also, I noticed that after installing the resulting packages, it wasn't able to correctly select the xen-unstable tools; instead, it fell back to the default.
2016 Jan 19
Monitor Dummy Device
When i do presentation i have this workflow: I connect the beamer on my notebook so i have dualscreen. On my notebook screen i have all icons/windows i need. The things i want to show i move to the 2. desktopscreen (the beamer). If i want to be independent of the cable-end of the beamer i do this: i connect a second monitor to my notebook and i stream the screen of the 2. monitor with
2009 May 27
Xen 3.4 Hackery on Ubuntu 9.04 (aka Jaunty) Server
>Maybe it is obsolete??? Who knows...However, I found ubuntu-server-xen and installed >that instead. However, I installed, as far as I can say, all xen packages and now I''m >looking for some sort of a HowTo. Haven''t found one yet for Ubuntu Server 9.04 aka >Jaunty. Shouldn''t I need a XEN-Kernel?