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2006 Jun 30
Random numbers from noncentral t-distribution
Hi there: I'd thought these two versions of noncentral t-distribution are essentially the same: > qqplot(rt(1000,df=20,ncp=3),qt(runif(1000),df=20,ncp=3)) But, the scales of the x-axis and the y-axis are quite different according to the QQ-plot. Did I make any mistakes somewhere? Thanks, Long --------------------------------- Mp3·è¿ñËÑ-иèÈȸè¸ßËÙÏ [[alternative HTML version dele...
2006 Dec 10
Noncentral t & F distributions
...ta} = f_{1-alpha,1,\vu,\lambda=\delta^2}. However, this is not what is happening with the following code. The central distributions agree as they should but the noncentral distributions do not. Am I missing something or is there a bug in the code? > alpha <- 0.05 > nu <- 10 > NCP <- c(0,1,2,3) > TV <- (qt(1-alpha/2,nu,NCP))^2 > FV <- qf(1-alpha,1,nu,NCP^2) > rbind(TV,FV) [,1] [,2] [,3] [,4] TV 4.964603 12.535179 24.58013 41.71937 FV 4.964603 9.285829 18.98771 32.97855 > TV <- (qt(1-alpha/2,nu,NCP))^2 > FV <- qf(1-a...
2011 Apr 11
Samba over IPX
I would like to add my case for a wish of IPX support in Samba: We use a number of CNC tool machines whose host is pure DOS based. Don't be surprised that DOS is stilll running somewhere. It is fairly OK when we get to the field of HW and real-time control, unlike Windows and the like... These hosts use IPX to access LAN shares. IPX is here preferable to TCP/IP because of its lower
2010 Sep 01
3Com 3102 Phones
Has any advancement been made to get 3102 operational in either a SIP or H323 asterisk environment. A post back in time mentioned a downloader service. >From the posts and articles I have read, the NCP is acting like a bootp and tftp server which uploads the configuration to the phone?? Am I close? if so, where does one get the SIP image for he 3102 and 2102 phones? I had 8 donated, but they are useless without a NBX or NCP ? Any specs on how to configure linux to act like one? Thanks in adva...
2012 Feb 11
How to see a R function's code
I was wondering how do I actually see what's inside a function, say, density of t distribution, dt()? I know for some, I can type the function name inside R and the code will be displayed. But for dt(), I get > dt function (x, df, ncp, log = FALSE) { if (missing(ncp)) .Internal(dt(x, df, log)) else .Internal(dnt(x, df, ncp, log)) } <environment: namespace:stats> I am curious because I am doing rejection sampling and want to find a "bigger" distribution. [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2005 Jun 15
Chi square convolution?
Hi, I want to determine the confidence interval on the sum of two sigma's. Is there an easy way to do this in R? I guess I have to use some sort of chisquare convolution algorithm??? Thanx, Roy -- The information contained in this communication and any atta...{{dropped}}
2010 Jul 15
Warning message in summary of PGLM
Dear Sir, When requesting the summary of pglm analyses in R, I encounter repeatedly the following warning message: "Warning message: In pf(Fstat, object$k - 1, object$n - object$k, ncp = 0, lower.tail = FALSE, : full precision was not achieved in 'pnbeta'" This message appears both with the pglm estimate of Lambda and with Lambda set to 0. Could you tell me what should I correct to solve this problem? Best regards, Ana Navarrete **************************...
2005 Nov 04
NCP, nprint and ncpfs
Hi everyone, I tried to use yum to search for ncpfs-2.2.1-1.i386.rpm, but it couldn't find it. I googled and found this package is included with redhat,but i'm not sure if it's included with CentOS 4.2. Any idea where I can find and install it using yum? Thanks JC
2004 Oct 05
wbinfo -a always failing with NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD
Hello! Please help! I have been googling and experimenting for the past few days, but I can't get user authentications to work with my AD domain. Fedora Core 2 running Samba 3.0.7-2.FC2 Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition After much fuss, I was able to get it to join the domain (had to disable client signing). "wbinfo -u" and "wbinfo -g" both work fine, and I can see
2011 Dec 17
Problem with reproducing log likelihood estimated with ghyp package
...deviation equal to sqrt(2) series_2=series_1/sqrt(2)*5 #To get student t distributed variabler with standard #deviation equal to 5 I rescale the first series #When i check the first series with the ghyp package, the result coincides with #the sum of log likelihood calculated with dt(x, df, ncp, log = FALSE) fit_1=fit.tuv(series_1, silent=T, symmetric=T) fit_1 sum(log(dt(series_1,coef(fit_1)$nu,0))) #The two log likelihood estimates is approximatly equal, and the parameters are #sensible. #When I check series 2, i get a very different result. The estimate for mu and nu #is still sen...
2008 Oct 20
folded normal distribution in R
Dear R useRs, i wanted to ask if the folded normal destribution (Y = abs(X) with X normal distributed) with density and random number generator is implemented in R or in any R-related package so far? Maybe i can use the non-central chi-square distribution and rchisq(n, df=1, ncp>0) here? Thanks and best regards Andreas
2007 Aug 07
Virtualisation of Netware?
...!) on Virtualization: We have an old piece of data logging software that was written in Turbo Pascal 6 using a file I/O module tuned to Netware and so it expects its data files to be on a Netware server and will not access them locally or via an MS/Samba share - essentially, it uses direct NCP calls for parts of its data access. The logging software was replaced two years ago, but we need occasional access to the data for a minimum of 6 years and so I wondered whether I could virtualize a Netware 3.x/4.x/5.x or 6./x server under Linux (or know..). I have found...
2006 Jan 17
how can i locate the source code of a module quickly?
I have dowloaded the Source Code of R,and I want to know the process of chi-sqared test,but how can I found it? [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2011 Mar 18
akima::interp "scales of x and y are too dissimilar"
....633 To create a grid, I used "interp" from the "akima" package up until now. As mentioned in the header, I run into problems when trying the following: grid <- akima::interp(M$AM,M$Irradiance,M$PR, duplicate="mean"); Error in interp.old(x, y, z, xo = xo, yo = yo, ncp = 0, extrap = extrap, : scales of x and y are too dissimilar M$Irradiance constists mostly of 3 digit integers, whereas M$AM of decimal numbers. Now, is there another function like interp that can handle this? I could not find a clue in the doc. Should I look deeper into the doc? Maybe transfo...
2001 Mar 10
Bug in qchisq?
Hello developers and users: My system fails (the computer freezes) when I use the ncp parameter, with the lower.tail=FALSE option in the qchisq function. qchisq(0.025,31,ncp=1,lower.tail=FALSE) Thank you very much for your help. Kenneth Cabrera Universidad Nacional de Colombia ICNE Sede Medellin krcabrer at PS I am using: $platform "i386-pc-ming...
2011 Apr 06
smoothing bathymetry
Dear R Users, Using the following R-script I created the first image > require(akima) > require(spatial) > dep <- interp(long, lat, depth, xo=seq(1,990,10), yo=seq(1,990,10), + extrap=FALSE, ncp=0,duplicate = "mean", dupfun = NULL) Where "long" are x-coordinates between 1 and 1000, "lat" are y-cordinates between 1 and 1000, and depth are depth values corresponding to the x and y coor...
2001 Dec 28
Query for rsync
Hi, I have configure rsync 2.4.6-2 on redhat 7.1 but i am facing a problem while synchronizing big directory tree between two linux system over the network. Even if i mount any volume either through (nfs or ncp or samba) this sync commands stops after copying few directorys. I have tried 2.5.0 version but that too shows a message saying bits overflow and it shows that it is copying file but after completion of copying only directory structure is created with no file in it. Please suggest me a way to mak...
2010 May 16
can you recover a pool if you lose the zil (b134+)
I was messing around with a ramdisk on a pool and I forgot to remove it before I shut down the server. Now I am not able to mount the pool. I am not concerned with the data in this pool, but I would like to try to figure out how to recover it. I am running Nexenta 3.0 NCP (b134+). I have tried a couple of the commands (zpool import -f and zpool import -FX llift) root at zfs1:/export/home/gnordli# zpool import -f pool: llift id: 15946357767934802606 state: UNAVAIL status: One or more devices are missing from the system. action: The pool cannot b...
2002 Feb 07
New Book on "Linux Filesystems"
...posting to solicit feedback on my recently-published book on "Linux Filesystems". This book discusses the use, theory, and installation/integration of journaling and distributed filesystems on Linux, and also discusses what I call 'filesystem adapters' - things like Samba, the NCP tools, and netatalk, which graft together existing filesystems from multiple platforms. The book talks about the Ext3, JFS, the ReiserFS, and XFS journaling filesystems (overview, patching the kernel, administering, using, etc.). It also talks about OpenAFS and NFS.I also give some benchmark result...
2013 Nov 01
...axima Cefazolina Cefuroxima Aztreonam Cloranfenicol Vancomicina Eritromicina Clindamicina Fosfomicina Amoxicilina Imipenem Azitromicina Ampicillin/Sulbactan Para el siguiente análisis library(FactoMineR) res.pca <- PCA(table1) scale.unit=TRUE, ncp=2, graph = FALSE) res.hcpc <- HCPC(res.pca, nb.clust=0, conso=0, min=3, max=10) tuve que nombrar a las filas de esta manera rownames(table1) <- c("Ampicillin","Oxacillin","Peniclina","Ciprofloxacina","Amikacina","Gentami cina&quo...