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2010 Sep 26
Network booting FreeBSD with gpxelinx almost works (fwd) a number of web pages showing how to install FreeBSD from an ISO image over the net - this is not what we want to do. We are currently using the built-in facilities of FreeBSD to boot over the net and wish to continue without a major upheaval. Our setup is described at: Daniel Feenberg NBER
2004 Jul 07
fast NA elimination ?
...thod is pretty inefficient (ok, I admit it: I use the sum() function and test whether the result is NA)---but now I have some bigger data sets. Is there a recommended method of doing NA elimination most efficiently? sincerely, /iaw --- ivo welch professor of finance and economics brown / nber / yale
2017 Jun 06
Test for the end of PostingIterator in perl?
...::Xapian in perl version 1.2, but now with xapian-bindings-1.4.4 it does not seem to. How are you supposed to tell when you have reached the end of a postlist? The above code now appears to segfault at get_docid, presumably because we went over the end of the list. Thanks, - Alex Aminoff NBER
2017 Sep 28
Weighting the author of a doc when that term can also appear as a frequent term in other docs
...ns that there is an academic controversy and one paper is a response or rebuttal to another paper. The name of the author of the first paper may appear many times in the second paper. So in light of this, how should we set our weight on the author field? Here is an example:  in which the term "Hoxby" appears 315 times, referring to several previous papers by Hoxby  in which the term "Rothstein" is used 47 times So if a user searches for "Hoxby", I would pre...
2009 Aug 23
study resources for time series?
Hi all, I am looking for study resources for (financial) time series? Hopefully I could find video lectures then it will reduce the learning curve. Thanks a lot! [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2010 Mar 18
Do colClasses in readHTMLTable (XML Package) work?
Hi, I can't get the colClasses option to work in the readHTMLTable function of the XML package. Here's a code fragment: require("XML") doc <- "" table <- getNodeSet(htmlParse(doc),"//table") [[2]] # The main table is the second one because it's embedded in the page table. xt <- readHTMLTable( table, header = c("peak&quo...
2010 Nov 03
pxelinux magic options 208
...ption code 208 will be adopted for this purpose and immediately deprecated." It also states "The magic option MAY NOT be implemented, as it has been deprecated." This leaves me quite confused. Is there a way to specify the pxelinux configuration file in the dhcpd.conf? Daniel Feenberg feenberg at
2016 May 16
Weighting recent results
...t($txt,$weight); If I wanted to allow the user the option of searching either in recency-weighted mode or not, I could index each document into 2 different databases, one with and one without. This avoids having to mess with subclassing PostingSource and C++ and all that. - Alex Aminoff NBER On 05/03/2016 08:15 AM, James Aylett wrote: > On Tue, May 03, 2016 at 07:56:19AM -0400, Alex Aminoff wrote: > >> Perhaps I am not understanding the basic concept, but I was figuring >> we would just write a subclass of PostingSource in C++ that does >> what we want...
2010 Oct 01
Network booting FreeBSD with gpxelinx almost works
>On Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 16:27, Gene Cumm <gene.cumm at> wrote: >> On Sun, Sep 26, 2010 at 11:50, Daniel Feenberg <feenberg at> wrote: >>> We have been network booting FreeBSD for some time with pxeboot. But now we >>> would like to have menu of OSs to boot and got the idea somewhere that >>> gpxelinux could do that for us. We copied gpxelinux.0 from the syslinux-4.0...
2016 May 03
Weighting recent results
...might bump that > one for 1.4.0, but it'll be a high priority to address in early 1.4.x. > > So it really depends what timescale you're looking at for getting this > implemented. We are not in a rush. The nominal deadline is to have a new search engine up and in production by NBER's centennial in 2020. - Alex
2010 Apr 14
how to draw multiple vertical bands
hi R gurus I saw some graphs with vertical band like this one: how to draw the blue band in R, can't find any clue to do this,any ideas? thanks in advance [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2016 Apr 22
Weighting recent results
...y which I sort the results. I may be able to stumble around and figure this out, but I wonder if any current xapian users have done something like this and how did it work out? We are a perl shop, but I guess I will need to figure out some C++ in order to do this? Thanks, - Alex Aminoff NBER
2016 May 09
Given a document, how do you get its ID? (perl bindings)
I am writing an indexer that will crawl our web site. Following the recommendation here: I'm using the URL as the unique ID for each document. I see how to get a document from the xapian database if I know its URL, but what I need is also to be able to find out the URL from the document. Does this mean I need to store the URL
2002 Dec 21
Part II Re: read.ssd {foreign} (Reading a permanent SAS d ataset into an R data frame)
>>>>> "Stephen" == Stephen Arthur <sarthur67 at> writes: Stephen> The SAS data set I PROC CPORTed is [9] the result is [10]. Stephen> I PROC CIMPORTed [10] back to its orginal state [9], and it Stephen> worked. Stephen> So the SAS people think that the error is not with the SAS Stephen> XPORT file, but with R trying to load a text
2017 Sep 12
perl bindings to Xapian::Query
...#47;perl5/site_perl/ line 1282. I see in where Xapian::Query attempts to call Xapianc::new_Query . Is there some other way I am supposed to do this? I should say that I am using xapian-bindings-1.4.4 which I compiled and installed myself. Thanks,  - Alex Aminoff    NBER
2002 Aug 30
Partitioning an nxp Time series matrix
Hi, I have an nxp data set of time series. For my final year project, I would like to partition this data set into a smaller number of units ( < n). Where each of the units contains time series that move closely together (i.e. in unison), and the "simmilarity" (in terms of occurence & amplitudes of peaks and troughs) between the segregated units is "low". I know