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2003 Jun 24
Problems with # and extensions.
...DEBUG[1150520624]: File pbx.c, Line 1683 (ast_pbx_run): Oooh, got something to jump out with ('#')! -- Invalid extension '#' in context 'speeddial' on SIP/2111-076f CONFIG: [default] exten => 74#,1,Goto(speeddial,s,1) [speeddial] exten => s,1,Background(${MYSOUNDS}/enterspeedcode) exten => 1#,1,Background(${MYSOUNDS}/speedhelp) exten => 1#,2,Goto(s,1) exten => _[2-9]#,1,SetVar(SPEEDCODE=${EXTEN}) exten => _[2-9]#,2,Background(${MYSOUNDS}/enterspeednumber) exten => _X.#,1,SetVar(SPEEDNUMBER=${EXTEN}) exten => _X.#,2,Background...
2012 Jul 18
asterisk 1.8 on Solaris/sparc
I've got the latest asterisk 1.8 running on a Netra X1 with Solaris 10 u10. The system itself is happy and phone calls (between two parties) seem fine. Unfortunately, when a caller listens to a Playback recording, there seems to be moments of stutter - perhaps 1 second of stutter for every 10 seconds of Playback. The stutter is not consistent at the same point of the playback file. To