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2017 Oct 23
A list of data frames and a list of colnames.
I have a list of file names, and a list of data frames contained in those files. mynames <- list.files() mydata <- lapply(mynames, read.delim) Every file contains two columns. > colnames(mydata[[1]]) [1] "Name" "NumReads" > colnames(mydata[[2]]) [1] "Name" "NumReads" I can set the colnames easily enough with a for loop....
2012 Sep 05
samba4 installation Error and mount: unknown filesystem type 'smbfs'
Hi, all: Two questions. Environment: Ubuntu 12.04 1) mount: unknown filesystem type ''smbfs'' With default Samba 2:3.6.3-2ubuntu2.3 installed, all the following 3 commands failed: a) $ sudo mount -t *smbfs* -o username=MYNAME,password=MYPWD //mybooklive/myfolder /media/smb/ mount: unknown filesystem type ''smbfs'' b) /media$ sudo mount -t *cifs* -o username=MYNAME,password=MYPWD //mybooklive/myfolder/ /media/smb/ mount: wrong fs type, bad option, b...
2005 May 10
Some Rails-Lighttpd questions
I followed the instructions from the ~/RailsOnDebian tutorial to set up Rails on a FreeBSD. (That tutorial is down, can it be hosted somewhere else?). Now I have some questions regarding the configuration of Lighttpd for Rails. If there are FAQs in my questions don''t hesitate to point me to the right resource... Probably a trivial one: where do I access a Rails site when it is
2009 Jun 08
Snom, Asterisk and Patton SN1400 - sending bye instead of hold
...P - A N G E R U F E N E R ]:5060 ---> BYE sip:[ TEL. CALLER ]@[ I P - A S T E R I S K ] SIP/2.0 Via: SIP/2.0/UDP [ I P - A N G E R U F E N E R ]:5060;branch=z9hG4bK-o6cb4olp9iv1;rport From: <sip:44@[ I P - A N G E R U F E N E R ]:5060;line=7anx8ofw>;tag=e8yr1936gy To: "[ MyName in the Snom ], " <"[ MyName in the Snom ], >;tag=as6fec2de7 Call-ID: 055f1d8f752fcd8b52f0f3b71f89ef36@[ MyName in the Snom ] CSeq: 2 BYE Max-Forwards: 70 Contact: <sip:44@[ I P - A N G E R U F E N E R ]:5060;line=7anx8ofw>;reg-id=1 User-Agent: snom320/7.3.14 C...
2007 Nov 16
AxCrypt - working, just
...t on the remaining problems, or suggest a workaround... I copied the files from a windows installed copy, just the executable directory containing AxCrypt.dll & exe,AxCryptM.dll,AxDecrypt.exe, Config.xml, notify.exe,Program.ico and Sigs.xml, into a directory called AxCrypt in /home/myname/.wine/drive_c/Program Files. If you put the file to be encrypted, eg ''TEST'', in the same directory, open a Terminal Window, navigate to that directory: cd ''/home/myname/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/AxCrypt'' (quotes needed b...
2003 Oct 17
ssh-agent and rdist
...ems, call them A and B. I''ve generated keys with passphrases on both, added the public key for B to ~/.ssh/authorized_hosts on A and vice versa. On either machine, I can use ssh-agent with no problems. In particular, if I run ''rdist -P /usr/bin/ssh -c testdir myname@B'' on A, no passphrase is requested. But the similar command issued on B to try to connect to rdistd on A always asks for a passphrase. This breaks parallel rdist updates. Oddly, if I manually do ''ssh -l myname A rdistd -S'' on B, rdistd starts fine. ssh_config and ss...
2006 Jun 29
Newbie: Help Please - Model Validation Error
Hi, I''d be grateful for your help. I get the error (see below) everytime I add the following into a newly generated (via scaffold) model class: validates_presence_of :myname, :mymessage, :mytel Without it, I can insert records into my database. With it, I get the error :( ERROR>> ArgumentError in AdminController#create wrong number of arguments (1 for 0) RAILS_ROOT: script/../config/.. Application Trace | Framework Trace | Full Trace /us...
2006 Aug 16
"read error" when accessing a file on mounted samba share (Linux) 3.0.23a-1.fc4.1] Server Comment --------- ------- Workgroup Master --------- ------- MYGROUP ALEXANDER all looks good. This works fine: client# mount -t cifs //server.domain/myname /mnt/test -o username=myname and ls gives a directory listing. client# ll /mnt/test/test.txt -rw-rw-r-- 1 myname myname 1669 Jun 15 16:08 /mnt/test/test.txt but: # cat /mnt/test/test.txt cat: /mnt/test/test.txt: Permission denied I'&...
2007 May 02
Samba 3.x and PCNetLink domain trusts]]]
It looks as if 2-way trusts are working between Samba and PCNL and between Samba/NT4. The one exception seems to be logging in as Samba/myname on the ENT4 PDC. I had created a ENT4/myname account. I had forgotten to add SAMBA/myname to the local users group on the ENT4 PDC before trying to the ENT4 PDC as SAMBA/myname. If I log in as SAMBA/anothername it is OK. This isn''t real show stopper since I think...
2009 Aug 01
Hi doubt in unit testing
def test_check_for_validity>"myname",:description=>"mydesc") assert end above is the method and when i run unit test it is saying as 1) Failure: test_check_for_validity(CountyTest) [/test/unit/county_test.rb:10]: <false> is not true. what does it say i cannot under stand please...
2010 Jun 30
drb problem? ringy-dingy won't answer...
...class require ''rubygems'' require ''util1'' require ''drb'' class ScriptMain currDir = Dir.pwd include Util1 include DRbUndumped def initialize( aScript, aRun, runenv, myURI, myRoot ) @myScript = aScript @myId = @myName = File.basename(, "*.rb") @usecase = @myName @myRun = aRun @myRoot = myRoot @rootDir = "#{RAILS_ROOT}" @launch = aRun.launched @runenv = runenv @myURI = myURI @runid = @optionStrg = aRun.options @myBrowser = '&...
2005 Aug 29
can a class find out it''s instance name?
Hi friends - a javascript question.... Does the prototype object add some way for a class to find out the variable name of its instance variable? Or does javascript have some built in way to do this? This is confusing to describe - but if I define a variable as some object: var myVariable= new Widget(''fdfa''); can some built-in method inside the Widget class be
2010 Jul 30
Wine crash wien diferent games, desont even start
Ok, I''m new here at the forum and I have a doubt: I tried to play Torchlight and iRO (and there is another game I tried to start but dont rememebr which one), and I followed all the instruction on the wine game review but I can''t play them, wine just starts (the window of windows desktop start with the name of "env") then nothing happends the window just close. I
2010 Jan 21
Service wont start
WindowsXPsp3 All of the installation steps worked fine, it seemed. But after I ran: tincd -n vpn even though I got: tinc.vpn service installed tinc.vpn service started when I look at my connections (using ipconfig /all), the "Media State" is "Media disconnected" for the "Ethernet adapter vpn:". Further, when I look at Services, I find tinc.vpn with Startup
2011 Nov 01
Can't work with command prompt on Windows XP
...d for properly using git and services such as GitHub ( ). Please enter your name, for example mine is: Wayne E. Seguin" and suggestion to print my name "name >" I''m printing my name and see the following text "Setting to myname error: could not lock config file Z:\alexandrov/.gitconfig: No such file or dire ctory Please enter your name, for example mine is: Wayne E. Seguin name >" I checked the global settings for git. They seems to be right and they are situated in file C:\Documents and Settings\aleksan...
2010 Apr 02
X11 (Mac) graphics problem
...was having trouble installing wine. I eventually managed to install with MacPorts. Everything was going fine until today, when the program I actually wanted to run (Dwarf Fortress 0.31.01) was finally released. I open Terminal (I can''t find wine with a right click) and cd to /Users/MYNAME/Downloads/df_31_01 (the uncompressed folder). I enter "wine dwarfort.exe (the file) and get the following message in terminal: fixme:wave:wodDsCreate DirectSound not implemented fixme:wave:wodDsCreate The (slower) DirectSound HEL mode will be used instead. fixme:wave:AudioUnit_SetVolu...
2011 Apr 04
targeting a server
hi all, i am a new user to wine for mac os x! i have to run an exe file that is targeting a server. in windows we create a shortcut and the path is like that: c:\users\myname\desktop\program.exe / i have tried to make a an app as described in Macosx|FAQs but i am getting an error message the variable winePrefix is not defiened. i have install wine with default settings. anyhow the problem is that i want to make a sortcut of an exe targeting a...
1997 Nov 05
Problems starting smbd as a daemon
...samba-1.9.17p4 on a linux 2.0.29 box, but the server work correctly only as a client. Testparm runs ok, but when i try to list the shares available on my server, this is the output: Added interface ip = bcast = nmask = Session request failed (0,0) with myname = DNS2 destname = DNS2 Unspecified error 0x0 Your server software is being unfriendly I try to start smbd and nmbd as a daemon, but only the nmbd runs. This is the error message in the log file: Added interface ip = bcast = nmask = bind failed on port...
2001 Nov 28
smbsh: /smb does not exist
Hello, I have trouble getting smbsh to work. Unfortunately I could not find sufficient documentation on the web. /smb seems to be empty: $./smbsh -W Ntdomain_1 -U myname -d 2 Password: smbsh$ ls /smb UX:ls: ERROR: Cannot access /smb: No such file or directory smbsh$ What is the problem? I have not edited any settings/password files. I have tried both Samba-2.2.2 and Samba-2.2.1 on UnixWare 7.1.1 ----------------------------...
2004 Jan 22
Bad SID under a samba member domain
...n is working well... I''ve just added a new Samba 3.0.0 (netbios name : ''FS'') in my domain ''DOMAIN'' with the net join command , and create some shared folders. But, when I create a file or a folder in a shared folder, this file or folder belongs to FS\myname instead of DOMAIN\myname. My samba domain member don''t resolve the uid/gid with the good sid, ... I try a lot of option in smb.conf, but i don''t find the answer... UID/GID and SID are in my ldap server,so why this samba domain member don''t lookup in the ldap se...