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2006 Feb 06
Evaluate output after each rep()
Hi R-Help, I'm trying a develop a test simulation where i evaluate the probability of not getting a value of 100 from the function rbinom(6000, 200, .5) [indeed, a very small probability]. At the end of each rep, I would like to evaluate the output, continue with the loop if the output contains the value 100, stop if the output lacks a 100. How do I get R to evaluate the output after
2011 Jan 01
[LLVMdev] "nmake check" doesn't work for MSVC
...h(item) > File "M:\Development\Source\LLVM\utils\lit\lit\", line 183, in search > cache[path] = res = search1(path) > File "M:\Development\Source\LLVM\utils\lit\lit\", line 174, in search1 > cfg = TestingConfig.frompath(cfgpath, None, litConfig, mustExist = True) > File "M:\Development\Source\LLVM\utils\lit\lit\", line 44, in frompath > exec f in cfg_globals > File "M:\Development\x64-msvc\llvm\test\", line 19, in <module> > lit.load_config(config, "M:/Development/...
2009 Dec 16
What is the fastest way to see what are in an RData file?
Currently, I load the RData file then ls() and str(). But loading the file takes too long if the file is big. Most of the time, I only interested what the variables are in the the file and the attributes of the variables (like if it is a data.frame, matrix, what are the colnames/rownames, etc.) I'm wondering if there is any facility in R to help me avoid loading the whole file.