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2005 Feb 25
Problems using ADS to validate Windows Network users on a Samba3 Member Server
...d on Unix attempts to browse Samba, I see this sort of information appeating in the log (it is currently running at a log level of 4). ##----------8<-----------------------------8<------------ [2005/02/25 12:58:40, 1] smbd/sesssetup.c:reply_spnego_kerberos(250) Username BRITISH-MUSEUM\Administrator is invalid on this system [2005/02/25 12:58:40, 1] smbd/sesssetup.c:reply_spnego_kerberos(250) Username BRITISH-MUSEUM\Administrator is invalid on this system [2005/02/25 12:58:41, 1] smbd/sesssetup.c:reply_spnego_kerberos(250) Username BRITISH-MUSEUM\Admin...
2006 Apr 13
QueryParser doesn''t use StandardAnalyzer correctly?
...s. I want to search that index by passing my user query through a QueryParser instance which is also using a StandardAnalyzer. However the resultant query does not seem to be a valid term query and therefore the search produces no hits. Specifically I have a bunch of docs with the phrase "museum of art" in the source text. A query ''museum art'' gets parsed into ''+contents:museum +contents:art'' which works just fine and produces hits. A query of ''museum of art'' gets parsed into ''+contents:museum +contents: +contents:art...
2010 Nov 17
Give me all operator
Hello is there in R any operator that give you all the data of a matrix for example in matlab x(2,3) returns the 2ndth row and 3rdth column x(2,:) returns all the columns of the 2nd row. In R now I would like to print all the  CRagent[[i]][2]  CRagent[[:]][2] doesnot work of course. Other option is to make a loop with an index i that spans from 1:last element of CRagent[[]] but this is not
2006 Feb 21
validates_format_of :url, regexp?
Hey, Does anybody have a regexp for validating URLs? I found this one and am trying to adapt it: ^(((ht|f)tp(s?))\:\/\/)?(www.|[a-zA-Z].)[a-zA-Z0-9\-\.]+\.(com|edu|gov|mil|net|org|biz|info|name|museum|us|ca|uk)(\:[0-9]+)*(/($|[a-zA-Z0-9\.\,\;\?\''\\\+&%\$#\=~_\-]+))*$ ( I also found this one, but, um, well... http:...
2002 Aug 30
Old linuxbox as BwM
Hello, I''m playing with tc, htb, and other QoS features on an old pc I have. The PC runs, by now, a shrinked version of Debian Woody, with patched versions of kernel 2.4.18 and iproute in order to support HTB. What i''m wondering is if with a AMD 100Mhz (stealed from a museum ;-), 16Mbps RAM i can do bandwidth management to 20 network hosts, which connect wirelessly (not all, but mostly of these) sharing a wireless link of 800 kbps (kbit in tc grammar) and i''m simulating an external interfase of 256 kbps. The ASCII art is as follows: ____________...
2005 Apr 04
locfit and memory allocation
...<- function(m[i,c(1,....,129)],PARAMETER,cbind(Var1,...,Var129)seq(1,len=50 00),F) } Any ideas on how to avoid this memory allocation problem would be greatly appreciated. Garbage collection? (or is that too slow?) Many Thanks in Advance! Mike Mike Hickerson University of California Museum of Vertebrate Zoology 3101 Valley Life Sciences Building Berkeley, California  94720-3160  USA voice 510-642-8911 cell: 510-701-0861 fax 510-643-8238 [[alternative text/enriched version deleted]] ______________________________________________ maili...
2006 Feb 06
Evaluate output after each rep()
...;sim <- function(nn){ > for (ii in 1:nn){ > ee=rep(rbinom(6000, 200, .5), ii) > if (any(ee==100)) > } Thanks, Matt MacManes ******************************************************** Matthew D. MacManes PhD Student UC- Berkeley Department of Integrative Biology Museum of Vertebrate Zoology 3101 VLSB #3140 Berkeley, CA 94720 (510)642-7782 EMAIL: macmanes at WEBSITE:
2010 Jul 15
Warning message in summary of PGLM
...quot; This message appears both with the pglm estimate of Lambda and with Lambda set to 0. Could you tell me what should I correct to solve this problem? Best regards, Ana Navarrete ***************************************************************** Ana Navarrete Anthropological Institute and Museum Winterthurerstrasse 190 8057 Zurich Tel: +41-798693918 E-mail: a.navarrete at
2017 Jun 07
An R question
...Q/R-FAQ.html#Why-doesn_0027t-R-think-these-numbers-are-equal_003f And read the posting guide too... HTH, Ivan -- Dr. Ivan Calandra TraCEr, Laboratory for Traceology and Controlled Experiments MONREPOS Archaeological Research Centre and Museum for Human Behavioural Evolution Schloss Monrepos 56567 Neuwied, Germany +49 (0) 2631 9772-243 On 07/06/2017 16:32, li li wrote: > Hi all, > In checking my R codes, I encountered the following problem. Is there a &g...
2011 May 26
summing array elements
Hi to everybody I have an array with dimensions 2,4,3,3. Wanting to sum the matrices in the first two dimensions, I''m trying to use the "apply" function, but with no results. Have to say I''m quite new with R syntax. tx in advance marco [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2010 Dec 01
Problem in reading Excel spreadsheets
Hi folks, Win 7 64bit R 2.12.0 32bit Problem in reading Excel spreadsheets (the text file, research_databaseI.xls, was download on Internet) > data=odbcConnectExcel(file.choose()) > sqlTables(data) TABLE_CAT TABLE_SCHEM 1 C:\\Users\\satimiswin764\\Documents\\research_databaseI <NA> 2
2010 Feb 20
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2005 Sep 12
Applied Quantitative Analytics in Finance
2005 APPLIED QUANTITATIVE ANALYTICS IN FINANCE EVENT o OCTOBER 6, 2005 o LONDON Please join us at the Museum of London for a series of guru-led presentations, networking, and demonstrations by academic and business thought leaders in finance from Basel II Committee, Swiss Union of Raiffeisen Banks, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, UBS Warburg, Ingenious Media Plc. and Zurich Financi...
2010 May 28
Using a loop to define new variables
Hi, I''m a novice R user, much more used to SAS. My problem is pretty simple - basically, in a data frame, I have variables named x1,....,x10 and y1,...,y10; and I would like to create r1 = x1 / y1 etc Apologies if this is way too rudimentary - but I couldn''t find any posts online which solve this exact issue. Cheers, Andre
2007 Aug 10
OK. there I am again!
...ame as the parameter. Just to try, I changed it into something completely different, and after some time I saw it appear as a workgroup. But then I could also enter it as a domain name (on W98 stations, anyway), and I could really log in to it. Even though I now have a PDC on the domain LIEMERS-MUSEUM, and a BDC (without a PDC) on the domain LIEMERS2MUSEUM, it seems to work. So my conjecture for the moment is that the domain name equals the workgroup name. Right? Second: in my inherited smb.conf, I have a share [users]. I do not know what it is for, but if I comment it out, the workgroup LIE...
2010 Feb 25
Zero inflation model - pscl package
I have some questions regarding Zero Inflation Poisson models. I am using count data to analyze abundance trends of salamanders. However, I have surveys which differ in the amount of effort (i.e. the number of people searching and amount of time - I am using a museum database so not all surveys were conducted by me). Therefore I need to account for the effort. If change the count (response variable) then it will have decimals and not be usable in this model. So I decided to put this term into the independent variable. I am analyzing Historic vs. Current sur...
2006 Mar 23
[OT] Canada on Rails by ferry?
Hey y''all, Are any folks planning on taking the ferry from Seattle to Vancouver (via Victoria)? I''ve never done it before so I have no idea how much of an adventure it is. Flights are a $100+ less to Seattle than Vancouver so the price works out the same or a bit less. My plan is to fly to Seattle (from Savannah, GA) on Tuesday to catch the early ferry on Wednesday
2011 Feb 21
assign value to multiple objects with a given ls pattern
Dear R colleagues, This seems pretty straight forward but I have been banging my head on this for some time and can''t seem to find a solution suppose I have something like a1<-1; a2<-2; a3<-3; a4<-4; b1<-3; b2<-4 I would like to quickly assign to objects with a certain pattern, e.g., those in ls(pattern="a") a specific value, e.g., "99", without
2006 Mar 27
XML Storage?
...k). But how would I build the XML from a form and slap the whole thing into MySQL - sorry different issue than above, but again any help for this (hopefully) temporary solution would again be greatly appreciate. Andrew Macdonald New Media Officer / Agent des nouveaux m?dias Canada Aviation Museum / Mus?e de l''aviation du Canada Phone / T?l?phone : (613) 998-5689 Fax / T?l?copie : (613) 990-3655 Website: Email: -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: http://wrath.rubyonr...
2011 Jan 24
crazy loop error.
Dear R-users, This is a loop which is part of a bigger script. I managed to isolate the error in this loop and simplified it to the bare minimum and made it self-contained. a<-c(2,3,4,5,5,5,6,6,6,7) for(n in 1:10) { print(paste("n: ",n)) z1<-a[n] #make a list container ldata<-list() t=1 while(z1==a[n]) { #add dataframes to list ldata[[t]]<-paste("hello") n=n+1