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2017 Dec 19
kernel: blk_cloned_rq_check_limits: over max segments limit., Device Mapper Multipath, iBFT, iSCSI COMSTAR
Hi, WARNING: Long post ahead I have an issue when starting multipathd. The kernel complains about "blk_cloned_rq_check_limits: over max segments limit". The server in question is configured for KVM hosting. It boots via iBFT to an iSCSI volume. Target is COMSTAR and underlying that is a ZFS volume (100GB). The server also has two infiniband cards providin...
2006 Apr 13
device-mapper multipath
I am attempting to get multipath working with device-mapper (CentOS 4.2 and 4.3). It works on EVERY install of mine from RH (also v4.2, 4.3), but the same multipath.conf imported to all my installs of CentOS do not work. Note that I have tested a working 4.2 configuration file from RH on CentOS 4.2 and a working 4.3 configuration...
2011 Jan 21
CentOS and Dell MD3200i / MD3220i iSCSI w/ multipath
...y. Their docs are pretty inconsistent. I've noted omissions, terminology differences, and procedural differences among the "Owner's Manual", "Deployment Guide", a professional services "Remote Services Installation Agreement" service description. Some of the multipathing guidance we've had comes from their EqualLogic line of storage servers. Questions: 1: Is there anyone out there running this configuration and are you satisfied with it? 2: We get a set of error messages on the initator at target login. These appear to be benign, and web research suggest...
2008 Apr 04
ZFS and multipath with iSCSI
We''re currently designing a ZFS fileserver environment with iSCSI based storage (for failover, cost, ease of expansion, and so on). As part of this we would like to use multipathing for extra reliability, and I am not sure how we want to configure it. Our iSCSI backend only supports multiple sessions per target, not multiple connections per session (and my understanding is that the Solaris initiator doesn''t currently support multiple connections anyways). However...
2009 Sep 27
SUMMARY : multipath using defaults rather than multipath.conf contents for some devices (?) - why ?
The reason for the behaviour observed below turned out to be that the device entry in /etc/multipath.conf was inadvertently appended *after* the devices section , rather than inside it - so that we had #devices { # device { # blah blah # } (file has a bunch of defaults commented out) # etc #} # # device { our settings } *rather than* device...
2009 Sep 26
Adding handling for Multipath storage devices
The following patches introduce support for multipath and cciss devices to the ovirt-node and node-image. Comments are appreciated. These patches assume that the 3 patches (2 node, 1 node-image) from Joey are all incorporated. Mike
2007 Jun 05
Multipath routing
Hello! I have trouble with multipath routing. Those options are enabled in kernel: [*] IP: policy routing [*] IP: equal cost multipath [*] IP: equal cost multipath with caching support (EXPERIMENTAL) <*> MULTIPATH: round robin algorithm But issuing: ip r a scope global equalize nexthop via 80.245.176....
2010 Jun 09
Multipath pools - practical for use?
Hi all, Writing up some Fedora documentation, and looking to figure out the best way of mapping multipath network(!) LUNs to pools in libvirt. ie Infiniband SRP LUNs, but would probably apply to Fibre Channel equally as well. There are two approaches I can think of easily: a) Large LUNs (ie TB+) that are mapped to a host server as disk, with each LUN being configured as an LVM pool....
2007 Apr 15
Multipath-root (mpath) problems with CentOS 5
Hi list! I have a server with dual port Qlogic iSCSI HBA. I set up the same LUN for both ports, and boot the CentOS installer with "linux mpath". Installer detects multipathing fine, and creates mpath0 device for root disk. Installation goes fine, and the system boots up and works fine after the install from the multipath root device. After install the setup is like this: LUN 0 on port 1: /dev/sda LUN 0 on port 2: /dev/sdb and those form mpath0 device, which works O...
2009 Oct 01
Repost of Patch 6/6 for ovirt-node
All other patches from the sequence remain unchanged. Repost of patch 6 based on comments from Joey to follow. Mike
2008 Nov 14
kickstart install on SAN with multipath
Using CentOS 5.1, though with a few hours work I could update to 5.2.. I can install to SAN with a single path no problem but I'd like to be able to use dm-multipath. From the kickstart docs it seems this is supported but there is no information as to what the various options mean -- multipath (optional) multipath --name= --device= --rule= -- I have a multipath.conf whi...
2012 Dec 18
dm-multipath do not autoscan partition table
Hello I am wondering if anyone este tried this. I Have few CentOS 6.2 systems that are running KVM virtual machines. As storage backend for them I use 2 iscsi targets (based on openindiana). For accessing these disks I use dm-multipath, since I use 2 separate networks for access. For these reasons I want host system to force not to scan dm-multipath disks for partitions. According to multipath.conf man there should be feature to do it defaults { find_multipaths yes user_friendly_names no # features &qu...
2005 Oct 26
multipath routing
Hi, I am tring to us ip route to load balance between two interfaces. ip route add equalize nexthop via dev neta nexthop via dev neta2 Where neta and neta2 are gre tunnels. Testing show that packets travel in a single sided manner. Do I need to use the multipath (IP_ROUTE_MULTIPATH_CACHED) module? thx jason _______________________________________________ LARTC mailing list
2008 Mar 04
Device-mapper-multipath not working correctly with GNBD devices
Hi all, I am trying to configure a failover multipath between 2 GNBD devices. I have a 4 nodes Redhat Cluster Suite (RCS) cluster. 3 of them are used for running services, 1 of them for central storage. In the future I am going to introduce another machine for central storage. The 2 storage machine are going to share/export the same disk. The idea...
2012 Aug 15
iscsi storage, LACP or Multipathing | Migration or rebuild?
Hi, I do have one iscsi storage with 4 GBit nics of which currently only one is configured with an ip and which is in productive use by one cent os 6.3 server. Doing some research brought me to the idea to use some nic bonding or multipathing for that storage, but multipathing I did about four or five years ago only once :) Furthormore I can't find the ultimate answer (may be there is not such) what will be better for us: bonding or multipathing. The storage is used for backup; it's connected to an backupserver which pulls...
2013 Sep 18
multipathing XCP 1.6
Hello, I hope to be in the right list. my question is the following. I can''t seem to get multipathing configure on XCP 1.6. In XenCenter I was able to enable "Multipath" however, in the LUN under general tab I see " multipath 1 of 1 active", the the CLI I do the following command xe --m node session it list only one session. Can someone help me please? Thanks in advance. -M...
2005 Nov 07
root file system on multipathed device and some other questions
I was playing a bit with multipathed devices (over two FC HBAs on SAN) last week (I had some hardware for limited time to play with). The support for multipathing in device mapper seems to be a bit newer thing, and I was left with couple of questions (things I haven't managed to try out while I had the hardware)... Is it possi...
2014 Feb 24
NPIV & multipath inside domU
Hopefully someone can help get multipath working inside a domU. I'm using Xen 4.2.3 on a SLES 11 dom0, and both a SLES11 domU and a CentOS 6 domU. I'm using NPIV to connect my SAN disks to my domU, and, due to the way my SAN presents the LUNs, need to use multipath inside the domU. I've tried this on both SLES11 and CentOS6...
2017 Jan 31
multipath show config different in CentOS 7?
Hello, suppose I want to use a special configuration for my IBM/1814 storage array luns, then I put something like this in multipath.conf devices { device { vendor "IBM" product "^1814" product_blacklist "Universal Xport" path_grouping_policy "group_by_prio" path_checker "rdac"...
2009 Sep 17
multipath using defaults rather than multipath.conf contents for some devices (?) - why ?
hi all We have a rh linux server connected to two HP SAN controllers, one an HSV200 (on the way out), the other an HSV400 (on the way in). (Via a Qlogic HBA). /etc/multipath.conf contains this : device { vendor "(COMPAQ|HP)" product "HSV1[01]1|HSV2[01]0|HSV300|HSV4[05]0" getuid_callout "/sbin/scsi_id -g -u -s /block/%n" prio_callout "/sbin/mpath_prio_alua /dev/%n" hard...