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2012 Jan 30
Quantum scalar i40 tape partitions
...: 00 Id: 00 Lun: 00 Vendor: HP Model: Ultrium 5-SCSI Rev: Z58Z Type: Sequential-Access ANSI SCSI revision: 06 Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 00 Lun: 01 Vendor: QUANTUM Model: Scalar i40-i80 Rev: 135G Type: Medium Changer ANSI SCSI revision: 03 # mtx -f /dev/sg0 inquiry mtx: Request Sense: Long Report=yes mtx: Request Sense: Valid Residual=no mtx: Request Sense: Error Code=70 (Current) mtx: Request Sense: Sense Key=Illegal Request mtx: Request Sense: FileMark=no mtx: Request Sense: EOM=no mtx: Request Sense: ILI=no mtx: Request Sense: A...
2004 Nov 25
Avoiding for-loops
...of the matrix in a vector. I tried to do the job by using two for-loops but it doens't seem to be a clever way, and I'd like to know a more efficient code for a large matrix of thousands of rows and columns. Below is my code for your reference. Thanks a lot. John #################### # mtx.sym is a symmetric matrix > my.ftn <- function(size_mtx, mtx) { + my.vector <- c() + for ( i in 1:size_mtx ) { + cat(".") + for ( j in 1:size_mtx ) { + if ( upper.tri(mtx)[i,j] ) { + my.vector <- c(my.vector, mtx[i,j]) + }}} + cat("\n") + } > # if I have a matrix...
2010 Nov 07
How do I order xyplot line points?
...e blue "bedGz" category. What I would like is that categorical points are joined by lines in lexicographic order, to match ordering of labels on the x-axis. How do I modify the xyplot command so that the lines are joined in correct order? Here is the code I am using to draw my xyplot: mtx <- read.table(,, sep="\t", quote='', header=T, stringsAsFactors=T) attach(mtx)...
2008 Mar 13
Overland Arcvault 12 and sequential/random settings
My unit's firmware: library 05.03, tape d22h, shows the device as set to random mode. But mtx -f /dev/st0 status gives an error that google says the device is in sequential mode. dmesg|grep -i hp does reflect CentOS thinks the device is a sequential unit. I've tried this with Fedora 8, too, and both show the same, so it is either an issue with CentOS/Fedora RPMs, or the...
2007 Nov 16
Efficient way to compute power of a sparse matrix
Dear all, I would like to compute power of a square non symmetric matrix. This is a part of a simulation study. Matrices are quite large (e.g., 900 by 900), and contains many 0 (more than 99 %). I have try the function mtx.exp of the Biodem package: library(Biodem) m <- matrix(0, 900, 900) i <- sample(1:900, 3000, replace = T) j <- sample(1:900, 3000, replace = T) for(x in 1:3000) m[i[x],j[x]] <- runif(1) system.time(mtx.exp(m, 20)) This returns (sorry, in french): utilisateur syst?me ?c...
2008 May 14
PWGL in wine, problems
Hello, I'm new on this list. First of all, thank you to all the developers of this great project! At the moment there is only an application that keeps me on both macos and windows, its name is PWGL a free environment for computer assisted composition in openGL. ( I'm running Ubuntu 8.04 and wine 0.9.59. I have to say that I also installed
2005 Aug 17
power of a matrix
Dear all, I have a population with three age-classes, at time t=0 the population is: <- c(1,0,0) I have a transition matrix A which denotes "fertility" and "survival": A <- matrix(c(0,1,5, 0.3,0,0, 0,0.5,0), ncol=3, byrow=TRUE) To obtain the population at t=1, I calculate: A %*% To obtain the population t=2, I calculate: A %*% (A %*% ... and so
2005 Feb 18
Two-factorial Huynh-Feldt-Test
...out it. I've tried to do it in several ways, but this is the only one that gives a somewhat reasonable result. Can anyone give me a suggestion of how I could do this, where I could find information about it etc? Google doesn't help much except more SAS examples...:-( hf <- function(mtxCov,ncol,nrow) { X <- mtxCov*(nrow-1) r <- length(X[,1]) D <- 0 for (i in 1: r) D<- D+ X[i,i] D <- D/r SPm <- mean(X) SPm2 <- sum(X^2) SSrm <- 0 for (i in 1: r) SSrm<- SSrm + mean(X[i,])^2 epsilon <- (ncol^2*(D-SPm)^2) / ((ncol-1) * (SPm2 -...
2010 Aug 02
Multibyte characters in (row) names
I have an array with names which contain multibyte characters. ?When I try to write the array to a file using write.table and row.names = T I receive an error message when the first such name is encountered, saying that I have not specified the option to generate NA instead. ?I really would be satisfied if the row name in the file were exactly what is displayed when I print the array on the
2013 Jun 14
IMAP MOVE and lazy_expunge_only_last_instance
Hello! im testing lazy_expunge_only_last_instance here and it seems it works wrong with IMAP MOVE IN: 14 uid move 13 "INBOX" OUT: * OK [COPYUID 1188569061 13 34] Moved UIDs. * 5 EXPUNGE 14 OK Move completed. dovecot.log: 2013-06-14 10:56:06 imap(test13 at Info: copy from Test: box=INBOX, uid=34, msgid=<1294858169.32435.3.camel at>, size=996, from=Pavel Volkovitskiy <int at>, subject=test, flags=(\Seen) 2013-06-14 10:56:06 imap(test13 at Info: copy from Test: box=.EXPUNGED/Test, uid=9, msgid=<...
2012 May 03
Finding local maxima on a loess surface
If a run a LOESS model and then produce a smoothed surface: Is there any way to determine the coordinates of the local maxima on the surface? [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2009 Feb 24
Polycom Spectralink 8002 Configuration
...[000a] Max Number Abufs: 359 Feb 23 20:25:09 Jan 1 00:18:26.88 0090.7a0a.13f3 ( [000b] Max Number Fbufs: 33 Feb 23 20:25:11 Jan 1 00:18:29.57 0090.7a0a.13f3 ( [000c] NStat: 0014.d1c2.70fe (-30 dBm), Tx 3704, Rx 43841, BTx 2, BRx 2766, MTx 0, MRx 0, Tx Drop 3 (0.1%), Tx Retry 96 (2.7%), Rx Retry 19 (0.0%) Feb 23 20:25:16 Jan 1 00:18:33.87 0090.7a0a.13f3 ( [000d] Number Abufs: 46 Feb 23 20:25:16 Jan 1 00:18:33.87 0090.7a0a.13f3 ( [000e] Number Fbufs: 3 Feb 23 20:25:16 19...
2011 Jan 17
dsync crash
....c:823 #34 0x0804f698 in dsync_brain_sync_all (brain=0x8092140) at dsync-brain.c:887 #35 0x0804db76 in main (argc=6, argv=0x80651c0) at dsync.c:303 doveconf -n: # 2.0.9 (d8179b523116): /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf # OS: Linux 2.6.35-24-generic-pae i686 Ubuntu 10.10 auth_default_realm = auth_mechanisms = plain login digest-md5 cram-md5 apop ntlm auth_realms = disable_plaintext_auth = no first_valid_uid = 1 info_log_path = /var/log/dovecot/dovecot-main.log lda_mailbox_autocreate = yes lda_mailbox_autosubscribe = yes log_path = /var/log/dovecot&...
2005 Aug 31
Building bacula RPM from Karanbir's repo
...Karanbir's CentOS yum repo? Every time I give it a go, I'm given this error during the configure stage: checking host system type... configure: error: can not guess host type; you must specify one make[1]: Entering directory `/home/rpmbuilder/rpmbuild/BUILD/depkgs/mtx-1.2.17kes' make[1]: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop. make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/rpmbuilder/rpmbuild/BUILD/depkgs/mtx-1.2.17kes' make: *** [mtx] Error 2 error: Bad exit status from /home/rpmbuilder/rpmbuild/tmp/rpm-tmp....
2019 Feb 07
persistent generic device for tape changer
Hello, mtx and therefor amanda use generic device /dev/sg<x> for tape changer. These devices change on reboot. How to make them persistent? /dev/sch0 and /dev/sch1 seem to be persistent. /dev/tape/by-id/ shows links from WWID to generic device An UDEV rule co...
2011 Jul 01
how to apply several math/logic operations on columns/rows of a matrix
Dear R-Fans, The more I work with matrices (e.g., data.frames) the more I think it would be helpful to have functions to apply (several!) mathematical and/or logical operators column- or row-wise in a matrix. I know the function apply() and all its derivates (e.g., lapply) but I think this does not help for solving (e.g.) the following task: assume there is a 3x3 matrix: 1 2 4 4
2019 Oct 29
udev on CEntOS7 - can't get a match, looking for tips...
...o fixed... :-( Thanks, John H. Nyhuis Desk: (206)-685-8334 jnyhuis at Box 359461, 15th floor, 106 On 10/29/2019 4:03 AM, Tony Mountifield wrote: > In article <7025a0a8-1471-530d-dad0-3770e902ca31 at>, > John H Nyhuis <jnyhuis at> wrote: >> The mtx binary requires my tape library to be assigned a sg# driver, but >> the kernel periodically renumbers the sg devices. Normally, we would >> write a udev rule to manually assign a persistent name, but it looks >> like things have changed as I can't seem to get a match on CEntO...
2011 Mar 19
Output a table formatted with standard deviations below means
Is it in bad form to double post to StackOverflow and R-help? Apologies if so. Here's my task: I've got a matrix of means like so means<-matrix(1:10,nrow=2) colnames(means)<-c("a","b","c","d","e") and a matrix of standard deviations like so sds<-matrix(seq(0.1,1,by=0.1),nrow=2)
2012 Sep 10
usb port issue in 9.1-Prerelease (Possibly Cam related)
...7;src/sys/amd64/amd64/exception.S:602 From: cam_sim_free(struct cam_sim *sim, int free_devq) (kgdb) l 107 { 108 int error; 109 110 sim->refcount--; 111 if (sim->refcount > 0) { 112 error = msleep(sim, sim->mtx, PRIBIO, "simfree", 0); 113 KASSERT(error == 0, ("invalid error value for msleep(9)")); 114 } 115 116 KASSERT(sim->refcount == 0, ("sim->refcount == 0")); It almost appears as if the cam layer is trying to finalise...
2019 Oct 28
udev on CEntOS7 - can't get a match, looking for tips...
The mtx binary requires my tape library to be assigned a sg# driver, but the kernel periodically renumbers the sg devices. Normally, we would write a udev rule to manually assign a persistent name, but it looks like things have changed as I can't seem to get a match on CEntOS7. I'd appreciate...